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Raphael Wressnig & Enrico Crivellaro Organ Trio ''Mosquito Bite''

Raphael Wressnig & Enrico Crivellaro Organ Trio

''Mosquito Bite''
( ZYX-Music Records, 2006 )

01 Speedin´(E.Crivellaro/R. Wressnig)
02 Mosquito Bite (E. Crivellaro/R. Wressnig/L. Knöfler)
03 Wally´s March (E. Crivellaro/R. Wressnig)
04 Boom Bello (R. Wressnig)
05 West 43rd St. Blues (E. Crivellaro)
06 Cherokee (R. Wressnig/W. Hackl)
07 Frankie Lee Goes Uptown (E. Crivellaro)
08 Banana Boogaloo (R. Wressnig/E. Crivellaro)
09 A-Level (Jimmy Dludlu)
10 Sugar (Stanley Turrentine)

Personnel & Notes:
Raphael Wressnig - Hammond B3 organ
Enrico Crivellaro - guitar
Lukas Knöfler - drums
Released: 2006 in A, D, F, GB, Benelux, CH, USA
Special guest:
Scott Steen (trumpet on #3,#9)

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