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Bruno Spoerri "Glückskugel"

Bruno Spoerri

(LP Finders Keepers Records, 2006)
Catalog # FKR006LP

A1 - Glückskugel - Title (Ball Of Luck)
Drums - Walter Keiser
A2 - Glückskugel - The Race
A3 - Oederlin
A4 - Les Electroniciens
Drums - Thomas Moeckel
Electric Guitar - Martin A. Grütter
A5 - Soft Art Theme
B1 - Lilith - Singing In The Dark
Vocals - Barbara Fuchs
B2 - Lilith - The Dance
Bass - Thomas Heidepriem
Drums - Curt Treier
Guitar - Thomas Moeckel
Piano - Renato Anselmi
B3 - Lilith - On The Way
B4 - Drillin'
B5 - Wer Gwünnt? (Who Wins?)
Music By - Rhythm Section Of The Radio Zürich Band

All compositions originally from 1971-1980
A1 - 1978. Swiss TV rejected these tracks for a new TV-show as being too modern! The melody lines are played with a Lyricon I (multitracked), ARP Odyssey and EMS Synthi 100
A2 - 1978. Another Unused track from the same show. They wanted a very nervous rhythmic sound to enhance the tension - and then of course it was too rhythmic...
A3 - 1972. PR-Disc for an Iron-Foundry company EMS Synthi-100, tape loops with sounds from the factory.
A4 - Les Electroniciens - the original recording!(originally: Konzert für el. Fahrschalter, Hubhyrdraulik, el. Gitarre & Synthesizer) 1971, a PR-disc for the company Lansing-Bagnall. The strange noises are the real sounds of the machine, realised with the Synthi-100, 2 two-track tape machines.
A5 - 1980 Documentary Film about an art exhibition in Zurich (dir, Ettore Cella, prod. André Amsler for Tope Film) realised with the Synthie 100 and prepared piano.
B1 - 1978, Experimental film by Swiss filmmaker Kurt Aeschbacher (one evening of a striptease dancer).
B2 - played by the band, overdubbed with saxophone, lyricon and synthis.
B3 - from the same film music: the music accompanies the trip from the homeoutside Zurich to the cabaret - a lot of traffic, noises and anticipation.
B4 - (originally: Konzert für SIG-Pressluftwerkzeuge) 1971, one of my first electronic works for an art exhibition. I did this track in one long night session in our living room and drove my familly almost crazy with it. It was played then in a trade exhibition in Basle, until everybody complained about the noise...realised with 2 two-track Revox tape machines (one with a loop), 1 Nagra mono tape recorder, the VCS-3 and an early Japanese Keio drum machine.
B5 - 1972, Title music for a very successful Swiss TV-quiz, realised with the Synthi 100 and the rhythm section of the Radio Zürich Band.

Finders Keepers present the first ever collection of musical works of Bruno Spoerri, the mythical character who used to work with members of legendary Krautrockers CAN and composed music for engineering companies and made motivational music for industrial sites and factories utilising concrete techniques, primitive sampling techniques and contemporary experimental psych-rock and funk musicians.
Bruno also composed embryonic pre-Nintendo sprite-themes for the Germanic equivalents of It's A Knock Out and various Takeshi's Castle style fantasy sporting events - as well as educational robot sex films and art school cinematic anomalies.
Packed with rare and previously unseen photographs and detailed liners by Bruno, and following the success of Jazzman Records long deleted and HIGHLY collectable 7" reissue a few years ago, this unique collection of Bruno's vast, and largely unheard until today, body of work is sure to go on to similar critical and commercial success!
Re-mastered by Bruno Spoerri from the original reels taken from his own personal library.

By Celo

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