Saturday, 30 January 2010

Second Direction ''Four Corners''

Second Direction

''Four Corners''
( Spinning Wheel Records, Reissue, 2002 )
Original Record Trend Records, Germany, 1976
Catalog # TLP-004

01 Freeland
02 Storm Flute
03 Peace
04 Praeludium No.3
05 Steamer
06 Flying Carpet Ride
07 Blue Dilemma
08 Four Corners

Notes & Personnel Info:
Second Direction: Fritz Munzer (saxophone, flute)
Karl Heinz Merkel (electric piano, keyboards)
Gerhard Spirka (bass)
Val Hargreaves (drums).
Additional personnel: Jorg Gebhard (congas).
Recorded at Bauer Studios, Ludwigsburg, Germany in 1976.

A funky fusion classic! Second Direction are certainly not a household name -- but this well-grooving German combo has a great sound that mixes Latin rhythms with modal electric playing, very much in the mode of some of the best MPS work of the time, or of some of the jazzier groups on the Glucklich series of compilations. This album's their one real legacy -- and despite it's lost status, it's got a tight feel that's held up very well over the years! Drums are tight, keyboards are spacey and groovy, and there's some soulful solos on sax and flute that give the record an honest open finish. Ttiles include "Steamer", "Blue Dilemma", "Peace", "Storm Flute", and "Freeland".
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By Pier

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Leon Spencer Jr. ''Sneak Preview!''

Leon Spencer Jr.

''Sneak Preview!''
( LP Prestige Records, 1971 )
Catalog # PR 10011

First Gravy
Sneak Preview!
Message From The Meters
Someday My Prince Will Come
The Slide

Personnel & Notes:
Virgil Jones (tp)
Grover Washington Jr. (ts)
Leon Spencer Jr. (org)
Melvin Sparks (g)
Idris Muhammad (d)
Buddy Caldwell (cga)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, December 7, 1970

Read more here.

Forget the preview, because Leon Spencer is already the main attraction on this key early album for Prestige! The date may well be one of the organist's greatest -- and is a lean, mean session cut with that stretched out funky style that Prestige was really laying down at the time -- open-ended tunes that take off from the Lou Donaldson late 60s style at Blue Note, with plenty of room for all players to do their thing! Idris Muhammad plays plenty of funky drums on the record, alongside trumpet from Virgil Jones, tenor from Grover Washington Jr, and guitar from Melvin Sparks -- plus some kicking conga at the bottom from Buddy Caldwell. Spencer's sound on the Hammond is full and mighty -- burning up from the get-go with a round, wall of sound sort of approach. The vibe is quite similar to Melvin Sparks' albums from the same time for Prestige -- and titles include "The Slide", "Sneak Preview", "Message From the Meters", and "First Gravy".
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By Andy

Tony Kofi Quartet ''The Silent Truth''

Tony Kofi Quartet

''The Silent Truth''
( Specific Jazz Records, 2008 )
Catalog # SPEC008

First Breath
If I Spoke My Mind
Inner Truth
Bishop's Move

Tony Kofi: alto, soprano and baritone saxophones
Jonathan Gee: piano
Ben Hazleton: double-bass
Winston Clifford: drums.

More Notes:
Tony live at East Side Jazz Club
Release Date: 31st March 2008
“Urgent, accessible, heartfelt contemporary jazz”
- The Guardian
“Kofi has a remarkable talent for adopting a familiar jazz idiom
and finding new and exciting things to say in it”
- The Observer
Read more here (Jazz Reloaded)

Saxophonist Tony Kofi is that increasingly rare thing on the British jazz scene, a player who didn't spend three years "learning" the music at an academic institution, but who discovered it, and developed his gift for it, mostly on the bandstand. True, Kofi did once spend a year at Berklee College of Music on a full scholarship, but the bulk of his learning curve came earlier, in workshops and on gigs in his hometown, Nottingham, and later, in the real-world finishing schools of the London-based Jazz Warriors and Tomorrow's Warriors.
As he tells it, Kofi came to the alto saxophone, his main instrument, via a near miracle. Having left school, he was working as an apprentice carpenter on a building site. One day, he fell three floors through the empty shell of the building. He should have died, but didn't—and on the way down his mind flashed on a brilliantly illuminated alto. Kofi knew that, if he survived, the alto was his destiny.
The Silent Truth is Kofi's third album as leader, following Plays Monk (All Is Know) (Specific Jazz, 2004), which featured the same quartet on a set of Thelonious Monk compositions, and Future Passed (Specific Jazz, 2006), a brilliant, irresistible celebration of late 1950s/early 1960s saxophone/organ groove combos.
This time, Kofi's urgent, testifying alto—played in a heavily vocalized style peopled by the likes of Charlie Parker, Lou Donaldson, Cannonball Adderley, Earl Bostic and Dudu Pukwana—is featured on a set of band originals generally, but not exclusively, inspired by the more visceral end of the hard bop of the 1960s. The exceptions are pianist Jonathan Gee's acerbic "Disharmony" and lovely Pat Metheny-esque ballad "Cicada," and bassist Ben Hazleton's pretty "Oont," on which Kofi plays soprano.
Most of the tempos are up, as established with the swinging funk of Kofi's opening "Giants," in which his riffing, multi-tracked horns trade hard-driving fours with drummer Winston Clifford. But even when the pace is more measured, as on "Cicada," "Oont" and the intimate, after-hours vibe of Kofi's "First Breath," it feels like everything could boil over at a moment's notice. Kofi solos with his trademark soulful lyricism, and gives plenty of solo time to the outstanding Gee, here most frequently in Horace Silver/Bobby Timmons/Les McCann sanctified funk mode.
If the parameters, as on Kofi's previous albums, are mostly retro, the impact of the music is again wholly of today. Kofi deals not so much with the past as with the eternal truths of jazz music—swing, in-the-moment lyricism, the lust for life—and he continues to find compelling ways to express them. His albums are heartfelt, unpretentious explosions of joy, and precisely what the doctor ordered.
By Chris May (All About Jazz)

Not available on the free blog edition.

By Andy

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Mongo Santamaria "Our Man In Havana"

Mongo Santamaria
( Fantasy Records, 1993 )
Catalog # F 24729

Personnel on selections #1 - 10 :
Mongo Santamaria - Congas, Drums
El Fine, Armandito - Trumpets
Julio - FlutePaquito - Piano
Niño Rivera - Tres
Pepito, Bol - Bass
Willie Bobo - Bongos, Timbales
Yeyito - Bongos, Triangle
Gustavito - Guiro
Cheo Junco, Armando Raymact - Vocals

Personnel on selections #11 - 20 :
Mongo Santamaria - Congas, Drums
Luis Santamaria - Vocals (on #11, #15)
Merceditas Valdés - Vocals (#12-14, 17)
Macucho - Vocal on #19)
Mario Arenas, Carlos Embale - Vocal on #18
Finco, Carlos Embale - Vocals (on #16 and #20)
Willie Bobo - Bongos, Timbales

Other musicians on #11 - 15 include :
Marina, Alfredo, Adriano, PapoMario, Joseito, Jesus, Babino, Romiro, Romay playing Bata Drums,Bell (Agogo), and Large Net-Covered Rattles (Shekere)

Other musicians on #16 - 20 include :
Fuico, Joseito, Alfredo, Julio, andOliverio playing Two Tumba Drums (Quinto and Llamador) and Sticks (Palos)

Recorded in early 1960

Tracklisting :
01 Jamaicuba
02 Manila
03 He Guapacha
04 Cha Cha Rock
05 Vengan Pollos
06 Barandanga
07 Linda Guajira
08 Vamos A Gozar
09 Miss Patti Cha Cha
10 Viva La Felicidad

* Mongo Santamaria - Our Man In Havana (Fantasy LP 3302,
LP 8045,F 24729, FCD 24729-2)

11 Tele Mina For Chango (God Of Thunder)
12 Olla De For Olla (Wife Of Chango)
13 Yemaya Olodo For Olla (Mother Of Chango)
14 Yeye-O For Ochun (Counterpart Of Venus)
15 Wolenche For Chango (God Of Thunder)
16 Agua Limpia (Guaguanco)
17 Ochun Mene (Columbia)
18 Mexico (Guaguanco)
19 Manana Son Manana (Columbia)
20 Complicaciones (Guaguanco)

* Mongo Santamaria - Bembé (Fantasy LP 3311, LP 8055)
= Mongo Santamaria - Our Man In Havana (Fantasy F 24729, FCD 24729-2)

Review :
The two records that make up Our Man in Havana (the other date was originally called Bembe) were recorded in 1960 during a visit to Cuba by Mongo Santamaria and Willie Bobo. The first set is superb, featuring an unusual mixture of instruments for a Cuban band: two trumpets, flute, piano, tres (Nino Rivera), bass, timbales, bongos, guiro, conga, and two vocalists. The playing by the local musicians is of high quality, and the ten selections are quite enjoyable. Unfortunately though, that project is combined with the cuts from Bembe, which are in a very different style. The latter project has the music performed entirely by vocalists, other than the percussion of Santamaria and Bobo. Consisting of folk melodies and religious songs, with the emphasis totally on the chanting and singing, the music is intriguing from a historical standpoint but the jazz content is nil on this emotional date (which has Merceditas Valdes taking the vocal on four numbers). So, overall, this reissue is definitely a mixed bag.
By Scott Yanow [AMG]

By Rob

Bay City Rollers ''Don't Stop The Music'' 12''

Bay City Rollers

''Don't Stop The Music'' 12''

( 12'' Disco Mix, Arista Records, Canada, 1977 )
Catalog # 75600

Don't Stop The Music 6:00

Special Disco Mix by George Cucuzzella, Dominique Zgarka & Gramham Powers (Canadian Record Pool)
Format:Vinyl, 12"

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Len Boone ''Love Won't Be Denied'' 12''

Len Boone

''Love Won't Be Denied'' 12''
( 12'' Disco Single, Chrysalis Records, 1978 )
Catalog # CDS-2229

Love Won't Be Denied 6:51

Producer - Roger Watson
Written-By - Len Boone

Format:Vinyl, 12"

By Andy

Wings ''Goodnight Tonight'' 12''


''Goodnight Tonight'' 12''
( 12'' Disco Mix, Columbia Records, 1979 )
Catalog # 23-10940

Goodnight Tonight (Long Version) 7:25

Producer - Paul McCartney
Written-By - McCartney

Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 1/3 RPM

Monday, 25 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Shaft Era'' (Part 3) - (Compilation - The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Shaft Era''
(Part 3) - (Compilation - The Tracks)

The Last Word - Funky & Some
Magnum - It's The Music That Makes Us Do It
Isaac Hayes - Type Thang 7''
Pamoja - Oooh Baby
Alder Ray Mathis - Take Me Baby 7''
Chambers Brothers - Funky
Carl Sherlock Holmes - The Pot's Hot 7''
Don Ellis (& Sam Falzone) - Go Back Home
Louis Chachere - The Hen (Part1)
The Bar-Kays - Humpin'
Landlords & Tenants - Back Up (Part2)
Wayne McGhie & The Sounds Of Joy - Dirty Funk
Tom Scott And The L.A. Express - Sneakin' In The Back
Fred Wesley & The New JB's - Rockin' Funky Watergate
Detroit Emeralds - You're Getting A Little Too Smart
Dennis Coffey - Big City Funk
Roy Ayers - The Boogie Back
Young Holt Unl.- Yes We Can Can
Jimmy McGriff - Ain't It Funky Now
Mel Brown - Good Stuff

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

Podcast available here.

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Skylight ''Skylight''


( LP EMI Records, Australia, 1974 )
Catalog # EMI EMA-302

Get It Happening
What's Happening To You
Learn To Love
Let's Get Outta Here (parts 1&2)
Can I Get A Light
Gotta Get Away
What's Going On
The Ghetto

Skylight were an Australian soul/rock band who notably appeared at the first "Reefer Caberet" in Melbourne, with The Dingoes and a young Skyhooks - at the time of this album's release. Those who were there surely can't remember it! Features Sunil De Silva, who went on to become one of the world's great Latin percussionists.

By Pier

Saturday, 23 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Shaft Era'' (Part 2) - The Tracks (Compilation)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Shaft Era''
(Part 2) - The Tracks (Compilation)

1. Original Radio Spot Shaft
2. Isaac Hayes - Shaft (Short Instrumental)
3. The Nite Liters - Down And Dirty
4. The Motown Magic Disco Machine - Let's Go Back To Day One
5. Undisputed Truth - Help Yourself
6. James Brown - Coldblooded (Undubbed Version)
7. Lonnie Smith - Keep On Lovin'
8. Eddy Senay - Cameo
9. Earth, Wind & Fire - Fan The Fire
10. Southern Energy Ensemble - See Funk
11. Rick James - Below The Funk (Pass the J)
12. Crown Heights Affair - The Rock Is Hot
13. The Motown Magic Disco Machine - Scratchin'
14. Isaac Hayes - Shaft (Original OST Version)
15. David 'Fathead' Newman - Front Money
16. Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels (The Chase)
17. The Trammps - Oh Waa Hey

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

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Friday, 22 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ''Remember The Shaft Era'' (The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

''Remember The Shaft Era''
(The Tracks)

1. Johnny Pate – You Can’t Even Walk In The Park
2. Johnny Pate – Shaft In Africa (Addis)
3. The Three Pieces – Concrete Jungle
4. Idris Muhammad – Hey Pocky A-Way
5. Junior Parker – Outside Man
6. Funk Inc. – Goodbye, So Long
7. The United Family – Some-A-Dis Some – A – Dat
8. Sonny Stitt – Tornado
9. Billy Cobham – Solo-Panhandler
10. Patrice Rushen – Hang It Up 12”
11. Joe Thomas – I’m Gone And I’m Glad
12. Sonny Stitt – Slick Eddie
13. Monk Higgins – Libra’s Way
14. Yusef Lateef – Raymond Winchester
15. The Jazz Crusaders – Tough Talk
16. The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

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Wednesday, 20 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ''From Brazzaville To Hackensack'' (The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

''From Brazzaville To Hackensack''
(A personal obsession into a jazz trip?)
(The Tracks)

1. Wilson Das Neves E Seu Conjunto - Brazzaville
2. Bobbi Humphrey - Uno Esta
3. Gene Harris - Old Funky Gene's
4. Harold Batiste - Alviette Is Her Name
5. Herbie Hancock - Dolphin Dance
6. Booker Ervin - Take The A Train
7. Hank Mobley - Remember
8. John Jenkins With Kenny Burrell - Blues For Two
9. Kenny Burrell - Midnight Blue
10. Roy Haynes, Phineas Newborn Jr., Paul Chambers - Reflection
11. Johnny Lytle Trio - Blue Vibes
12. Kenny Burrell With Art Blakey - Oh, Lady Be Good
13. Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Hackensack
14. Thelonious Monk - Hackensack

Compilation (Separate tracks)
Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

Podcast available here.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Mongo Santamaria ''Afro-Roots''

Mongo Santamaria

( Prestige Records, 1989 )
Catalog # PR 24018

Personnel & Tracklisting :
Mongo Santamaria (cga, bgo, per)
Francisco Aguabella, Modesto Duran, Carlos Vidal (cga, per)
Willie Bobo (tim)
Pablo Mozo (cowbell, sticks, triangle, per)
Mercedes Hernandez, Israel Del Pino (vo)
December, 1958
Ye Ye
Timbales Y Bongo
Conga Pa Gozar

* Mongo Santamaria Y Sus Ritmos Afro-Cubanos: Yambu (Fantasy LP 3267,
LP 8012, OJC 276, OJCCD 276-2)
* Mongo Santamaria - Afro Roots (Prestige PR 24018)

Paul Horn (fl)
Emil Richards (vib)
Al McKibbon (b)
Armando Peraza, Mongo Santamaria (cga, bgo, per)
Francisco Aguabella, Modesto Duran, Carlos Vidal (cga, per)
Willie Bobo (tim)
Juan Cheda, Jerry Rivera (per, vo)
Jose Gamboa (tres, per, vo)
May, 1959
Afro Blue
Meta Rumba
Chano Pozo
Los Conguitos
Monte Adentro

* Mongo Santamaria - Mongo (Fantasy LP 3291, LP 8032)
* Mongo Santamaria - Afro Roots (Prestige PR 24018)

Jose "Chombo" Silva (ts)
Cal Tjader (vib)
Vince Guaraldi (p)
Al McKibbon (b)
Mongo Santamaria (cga, bgo)
Willie Bobo (tim)

May, 1959
* Mongo Santamaria - Mongo (Fantasy LP 3291, LP 8032)
* Mongo Santamaria - Afro Roots (Prestige PR 24018)

Review :
A reissue of a mid-'70s repackaging of Mongo Santamaria's first two Fantasy albums, 1958's Yambu and 1959's Mongo, Afro-Roots is superb Latin jazz. Although these were Santamaria's first albums as a leader, the conga player had already worked with Pérez Prado, Tito Puente, and Cal Tjader, giving him absolutely impeccable Latin jazz credentials to go along with his obviously amazing chops. Considering that these albums were recorded for a general jazz audience and the tight, concise arrangements don't allow Santamaria room to stretch out as he did in concert (most of the songs are in the two- to three-minute range), Afro-Roots is still an impressively genuine album; although the '50s were the age of Martin Denny-style exotica kitsch, most of these tracks are extremely traditional Cuban music. Some, like "Bata" and "Timbales y Bongo," are simply hypnotic solos on the titular instruments, while others are traditional Afro-Cuban folk songs and chants. The delightful original "Afro Blue," which quickly became a Latin jazz standard, almost sounds out of place in this setting.
By Stewart Mason [AMG]

By Rob

Teddy Pendergrass ''Teddy Pendergrass''

Teddy Pendergrass

''Teddy Pendergrass''

( LP Philadelphia International Records, 1977 )
Catalog # PZ 34390

You Can't Hide From Yourself 4:06
Somebody Told Me 5:13
Be Sure 5:17
And If I Had 4:23
I Don't Love You Anymore 3:59
The Whole Town's Laughing At Me 4:28
Easy, Easy, Got To Take It Easy 4:55
The More I Get, The More I Want 4:27

Personnel & Credits:
Arranged By - Bobby Martin (tracks: A1, A4 to B4) , Jack Faith (tracks: A2, A3)
Artwork By [Album Design] - Ed Lee
Bass - James Williams , Michael "Sugar Bear" Foreman
Congas, Bongos - Larry Washington
Drums - Charles Collins, Karl Chambers, Keith Benson
Engineer - Jay Mark, Jim Gallagher, Joe Tarsia
Engineer [Assistant] - Arthur Stoppe, Darrell Rogers, Jim Dougherty, Peter Humphreys
Guitar - Dennis Harris, Roland Chambers
Keyboards - Dexter Wansel, Ron Kersey, Victor Carstarphen
Photography - Frank Laffitte
Producer - Kenneth Gamble & Leon Huff (tracks: A1, A3, A4, B1) John Whitehead, Gene McFadden (tracks: A2, B3, B4), Sherman Marshall (tracks: B2), Victor Carstarphen (tracks: A2, B3, B4)
Strings, Horns - MFSB

A4 formerly entitled "Someone To Love Me".
Recorded at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, Pa.
Mastered at Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs, Philadelphia, Pa.
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

Covers here.

"You Can't Hide From Yourself" and "The More I Get, The More I Want" are such wonderful songs that will rock any party. Great voice, melody with a uplifting peak-time Disco/Soul vibe. Words aren't enough to describe these songs and it's impossible for me to imagine that anybody would not adore them. Music like this isn't made anymore, thats why this is such a essential release. Highly Recommended!
By Another Swede (Discogs)

What huge Disco masterpiece is "You Can't Hide From Yourself". Definitely a 'must-have-it' kind. It's easy to realize that the seventies brought most of the greatest vocals of the contemporary dance music, and the ones of Teddy Pendergrass are situated among them, no doubt about it. This is a singer that shall be remembered not only for his solo career, but also for what he did on Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes - times when Soul and the other styles of dance music were often seen together.
By Alain Patrick (Discogs)

By Andy

Kenny Burrell With Art Blakey ''On View At The Five Spot Cafe''

Kenny Burrell With Art Blakey

''On View At The Five Spot Cafe''
( LP Blue Note Records, 1959 )
Catalog # BLP 4021
Here as CDP 7 46538 2 (Re-Issue)

1 Birk's Works 9:48
2 Lady Be Good 9:59
3 Lover Man 8:23
4 Swingin' 9:52
5 Hallelujah 11:43
6 Beef Stew Blues 4:35
7 If You Could See Me Now 5:29
8 36-23-36 3:49

Personnel & Credits:
Bass - Ben Tucker
Drums - Art Blakey
Guitar - Kenny Burrell
Piano - Bobby Timmons (tracks: 1 to 4) , Roland Hanna (tracks: 5 to 8)
Producer - Alfred Lion
Recorded By - Rudy Van Gelder
Reissue Producer - Michael Cuscuna
Saxophone [Tenor] - Tina Brooks (tracks: 1 to 4)

Recorded on August 25, 1959 at "Five Spot Cafe", NYC;
originally released as BLP 4021.
Tracks 4, 6, and 7 do not appear on the original LP configuration.
** Also issued on Blue Note BST 84021

Kenny Burrell and Art Blakey played together infrequently during their careers, so this meeting of jazz minds is a welcome occasion. A rather short set issued here from club dates at the Five Spot Cafe in New York City must have meant there were other nights of recordings that did not make it for public consumption, or that Burrell simply sat in. Then again, this is not Blakey's Jazz Messengers circa 1959, but more the Tina Brooks quartet featuring Blakey, with a rotating piano chair featuring either Bobby Timmons or Roland Hanna. No matter the configuration, this is come-what-may jazz that has no pressurized content, but rather a relaxed atmosphere allowing the music to breathe organically and come alive naturally. This loose but tight feeling comes to the fore right away on Dizzy Gillespie's "Birk's Works," a rather polite version as Burrell and Brooks toss out their discriminating versions of the melody. Incorrectly identified as "Lady Be Good," this is actually an adaptation reworked by Thelonious Monk titled "Hackensack." It's a fast jam kicked off by a signature Blakey solo, where the bandmembers fly by the seat of their pants and good feelings are fostered through the simple and solid tenor work of Brooks. Though not penned by Duke Ellington, the elegance he displayed and Burrell has always revered is quite evident during the ballad "Lover Man." There's a distinct difference between these tracks featuring Timmons and the others where Hanna is involved. The quick "Hallelujah," kicked off by a signature Blakey solo, balances soul and the pianist's more obtuse voicings. "36-23-36" is clearly a fantasy of the ideal female proportions, a short blues groove with Burrell and Hanna tracking the woman from opposite ends. The reissue version has some additional material but not enough to comprise a complete session -- maybe someday. Randy Weston's "Beef Stew Blues," Ray Brown's obscure "Swingin'," and the classic Tadd Dameron ballad "If You Could See Me Now" further illuminate how good this group could have been had it turned into a working unit. As the dawn of the 1960s saw new-breed jazz being fomented, Burrell, Blakey, and company proved you could still swing and remain melodic while creating new sonic vistas. This recording is easily recommended to all.
By Michael G. Nastos (AMG)

By Pier

Houston Person ''The Nearness Of You''

Houston Person

''The Nearness Of You''
( LP Muse Records, 1978 )
Catalog # MR5178

A1 Pretty Please
A2 Please Mr. Person
A3 I Hope I Can Love Again
B1 Freddie The Freeloader
B2 The Nearness OF You
B3 Mean To Me

Personnel & Credits:
Mervin Bronson Bass
Charles Earland Organ
Etta Jones Vocals
Virgil Jones Trumpet
Lawrence Killian Percussion
Houston Person Sax (Tenor)
Sonny Phillips Piano (Electric)
Melvin Sparks Guitar
Grady Tate Drums

Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

A surprising charmer from Houston Person -- a record that steps off nicely from his more fully arranged sets on Mercury, and which serves up the same sort of a groove with a looser indie feel! The album kicks off with the wonderful 8 minute stepper "Pretty Please" -- a snapping midtempo groove with a sweet slick feel -- served up by a group that includes Melvin Sparks, Charles Earland, Virgil Jones, and Grady Tate doing some excellent work on drums. Sonny Phillips electrifies the tune with just the right amount of electric piano -- making the track a wonderful soulful dancer. Etta Jones joins the group for the catchy "Please Mr Person" -- taking them back into an older soul jazz mode, which continues in a nicely laidback vein on tracks that include "Mean To Me", "Freddie Freeloader", and "I Hope I Can Love Again".
© 1996-2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

The soulful and always-swinging tenor Houston Person is in typically fine form on this enjoyable LP (not yet reissued on CD). Joined by trumpeter Virgil Jones, guitarist Melvin Sparks, organist Charles Earland, Sonny Phillips on electric piano, bassist Mervyn Bronson, drummer Grady Tate and percussionist Lawrence Killian, Person explores such numbers as "Freddie the Freeloader" and "Mean to Me." Singer Etta Jones pops by for one song, the blues "Please Mr. Person" (based on "Please Mr. Johnson" by the Buddy Johnson band of the 1940s). A fun date.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Courtesy of Lupo

Monday, 18 January 2010

Kevin Hays ''Seventh Sense''

Kevin Hays

''Seventh Sense''
( Blue Note Records, 1994 )
Catalog # B2-89679

1. Take the D Flat Train
2. Seventh Sense
3. Three Pillars
4. My Man's Gone Now
5. Interlude
6. Space Acres
7. Little B's Poem
8. East of the Sun
9. Makyo
10. Black Narcissus

Personnel & Credits:
Brian Blade Drums
Seamus Blake Sax (Tenor)
Magda Dajani Stylist
Kevin Hays Piano
David Hughes Photography
Steve Nelson Vibraphone
Patrick Roques Art Direction, Design
John Scofield Producer
Allan Tucker Mastering
Doug Wiess Bass

A talented pianist, Kevin Hays grew up in Connecticut and started lessons when he was seven. He made his recording debut with Nick Brignola; toured with the Harper Brothers (1989-1990); and worked with Joshua Redman, Benny Golson, Donald Harrison, Roy Haynes, and Joe Henderson, among others. Kevin Hays recorded three albums with Bob Belden, and in 1994 cut his first record as a leader, Seventh Sense (Blue Note).
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Pianist Kevin Hays' style mixes together the influences of Bill Evans and McCoy Tyner and he helps define the modern mainstream on this Blue Note disc. The quintet set also features plenty of solo space from vibraphonist Steve Nelson and the excellent tenorman Seamus Blake. Opening with three Hays originals and also including Hindermith's "Interlude" (which finds the group sounding a little like the Modern Jazz Quartet) and such standards as "My Man's Gone Now" and "East of the Sun," the music pays tribute to the past without becoming predictable or overly derivative. It's a fine release.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Andy's note:
Blue Notes off cassette tape marked DJ promotion copy only.

By Andy

Bill Stewart ''Snide Remarks''

Bill Stewart

''Snide Remarks''
( Blue Note Records, 1995 )
Catalog # 32489

1. Snide Remarks
2. Soul's Harbor
3. Mayberry
4. 7.5
5. Shadow of the Spire
6. Crosstalk
7. Space Acres
8. Fred and Ginger
9. 4:30 A.M.

Personnel & Credits:
David Baker Engineer
Bob Belden Producer
Bill Carrothers Piano
John Ephland Liner Notes
Larry Grenadier Bass
Eddie Henderson Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Joe Lovano Sax (Tenor)
Bill Stewart Arranger, Composer, Drums, Producer

Drummer Bill Stewart, best-known for his association with John Scofield, had a very impressive recording debut as a leader with Snide Remarks in 1995, a date featuring Scofield and Joe Lovano. Stewart first started on drums when he was seven and from an early age he listened steadily to jazz. At William Patterson College during 1986-1988, Stewart studied with Dave Samuels, Harold Mabern, Rufus Reid, and Joe Lovano. He made his first recording with tenor man Scott Kreitzer, cut a pair of best-selling albums with Maceo Parker, freelanced a bit, and then spent five years with Scofield's band. Telepathy appeared in 1997.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Drummer Bill Stewart, formerly with John Scofield, composed all nine selections on his Blue Note disc. Rhythmically they are generally quite tricky with "Fred and Ginger" in 5/4 time and "7.5" not named after an earthquake but the fact that each chorus is 72 bars long (or in 30/4 time). The weak point to this music is that Stewart, though expert at setting moods (which range from hyper to melancholy), is not a gifted melodist; certainly none of the themes on this set could be considered memorable. However it is the strong musicianship and solowork (particularly by the great tenor Joe Lovano and trumpeter Eddie Henderson) that make this a worthy set. Stewart's quirky modern mainstream structures really challenge the players and they prove up to the task.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Andy's note:
Blue Notes off cassette tape marked DJ promotion copy only.

By Andy

Pat Martino ''We'll Be Together Again''

Pat Martino

''We'll Be Together Again''
( LP Muse Records, 1976 )
Catalog # MR 5090

Open Road (Olee / Variations and Song / Open Road)
We'll Be Together Again
You Don't Know What Love Is
Send In The Clowns
Willow Weep For Me

Personnel & Credits:
Amy DiDonato Production Coordination
Nancy Dwyer Graphic Design
Ed Freeman Producer, Design, Cover Photo, Original Cover Photography
David Gahr Photography
Gil Goldstein Piano (Electric)
Eddie Korvin Engineer
Pat Martino Guitar, Liner Notes
Page Simon Graphic Design

A real beauty, We'll Be Together Again pairs the outstanding jazz guitarist Pat Martino with electric pianist Gil Goldstein for a song cycle that explores ballads and more meditative / contemplative material. It's a perfect union that surprisingly never waivers throughout 45 minutes from maintaining its listener's attention or interest. Goldstein, especially, is the ideal tonal colorist. Although he solos occasionally, the keyboardist more often creates perfect aural envelopes for Martino's deft and lovely explorations on guitar. There is also an appealing stylistic consistency here absent from the pair's 1976 follow-up, Starbright (Warner Bros.). And the choice to stick with an electric piano throughout is inspired. Martino has always sounded great paired with the much maligned keyboard (check out 1970's Desperado on Prestige or 1972's Live! or, best of all, 1974's Consciousness ).
For the most part, the program sticks to familiar jazz terrain. But even Martino breathes genuine originality into war horses like "Dreamsville" and, most notably, the cheesy "Send in the Clowns." Martino's dynamic opening suite "Open Roads," and the standard "Willow Weep For Me" are the disc's best tracks—and while they threaten to set Martino's fingers flying, the pair explore this musical terrain with great care and sensitive passion.
By Douglas Payne (All About Jazz)

When We'll Be Together Again was recorded in 1976, a 31-year-old Pat Martino was four years away from being operated on for the brain aneurysm that would wipe out his memory. The Philadelphia guitarist was also very much at the height of his creative powers -- a fact that's hard to miss on this excellent session, which 32 Jazz reissued in 1998. Forming an intimate duo with electric pianist Gil Goldstein, Martino is at his most introspective on sparse interpretations of the standards "You Don't Know What Love Is" and "Willow Weep for Me" as well as Henry Mancini's "Dreamsville," J.J. Johnson's "Lament," and Stephen Sondheim's "Send in the Clowns." Martino's lyricism was never more personal than it is on this album, which was first released by Muse and was out of print for many years. Thankfully, We'll Be Together Again finally came out when 32 Jazz reissued it in 1998.
By Alex Henderson (AMG)

By Pier

Harold Land Quintet ''Harold Land In New York - Eastward Ho!''

Harold Land Quintet

''Harold Land In New York - Eastward Ho!''
( LP Jazzland/Riverside Records, 1960 )
Catalog # JLP 33

On A Little Street In Singapore
Okay Blues
So In Love
Triple Trouble

Personnel & Notes:
Kenny Dorham (tp)
Harold Land (ts)
Amos Trice (p)
Clarence Jones (b)
Joe Peters (d)
Orrin Keepnews Producer
Ray Fowler Engineer
Chris Albertson Liner Notes
Recorded in NYC, July 5, 1960
* Also on Jazzland JLP 933; Fantasy OJC 493, OJCCD 493-2

Tenor saxophonist Harold Land and trumpeter Kenny Dorham make for a potent front line on this reissue, a superior hard bop set. With an obscure and quietly boppish rhythm section (pianist Amos Trice, bassist Clarence Jones, and drummer Joe Peters) giving suitable backup, Land and Dorham stretch out on five selections, most notably Cole Porter's "So in Love," "On a Little Street in Singapore," and Land's "O.K. Blues," which was dedicated to producer Orrin Keepnews. A fine effort that serves as a strong example of Harold Land's early work.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

By Pier

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Bobby Timmons Trio ''In Person''

The Bobby Timmons Trio

''In Person''
( LP Riverside Records, 1961 )
Catalog # RLP 391

Autumn Leaves
So Tired
Dat Dere (Theme)
They Didn't Believe Me
Dat Dere (Live)
Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise
I Didn't Know What Time It Was
Dat Dere (Theme - Alternate)

Personnel & Notes:
Bobby Timmons (p)
Ron Carter (b)
Albert Heath (d)
Ken Deardoff Design
Phil DeLancie Mastering, Digital Remastering
Ray Fowler Engineer
Joe Goldberg Liner Notes
Orrin Keepnews Producer
Recorded at "Village Vanguard", NYC, October 1, 1961
*Also on Riverside RS 9391; Fantasy OJC 364, OJCCD 364-2

Timmons showed with this live release (New York 1961) that he was more than just the composer of popular jazz hits. His funky, soulful sound is on display, but so is a deft, lyrical touch. He also leads a tightly-knit group that included two young players who went on to great jazz accomplishments: Ron Carter on bass and Al "Tootie" Heath on drums.
Timmons achieved notoriety at a very young age with compositions that were extremely popular, at least by jazz standards: "Moanin'"; "Dis Here"; and "Dat Dere," which is included in this set. He brought together strains of R&B and church music with catchy, insistent melodies and memorable hooks. It's said that the pianist, who died quite young and battled alcoholism, was greatly frustrated by the constraints that the popularity of his "hits" brought on his playing.
Be that as it may, when you listen to "Dat Dere" on this set, you understand why people demanded to hear it. It blends a throbbing vamp together with a deceptively simple-sounding line extremely effectively. Timmons plays brightly and soulfully, and his sound contains no hint of affectation, of trying to be hip and earthy for mere effect.
For my money, just as effective -- and affecting -- is his composition "So Tired," which is set up by some cooking drums and bass. Timmons has again written a strong melodic line on this tune with a fine bridge. He demonstrates a fleet touch, and a strong affinity with his bandmates.
The album also displays Timmons' touch with a ballad, "I Didn't Know What Time It Was," and his familiarity with and ability to interpret standards with his rendition of "Softly As in a Morning Sunrise" and "Autumn Leaves."
Timmons was a badly underrated pianist, not because he's unknown, but because many listeners associate him only with the three aforementioned compositions. Check this album out for a better insight into his pianistic capabilities. You know a guy that Cannonball Adderly and Art Blakey wanted to hold onto as long as possible had plenty of music in him.
By Tyler Smith (Amazon)

By Pier

Saturday, 16 January 2010

MFS Radio Presents: ”We Are The Fans!” (B3 Organ & Other Jazzy Sounds) (The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

”We Are The Fans!”
(B3 Organ & Other Jazzy Sounds)
(The Tracks) – Compilation (Various Artists)

1. Paul Bryant – Burnin’
2. Baby Face Willette – Roll ‘Em Pete
3. Jack McDuff – Pressure Gauge
4. Odell Brown & The Organ-Izers – Raising The Roof
5. Charles Kynard – Rock Steady
6. George Semper – Shortnin Bread
7. Sam Lazar – Scootin’
8. Willis ‘Gator Tail’ Jackson – Bar Wars
9. Phil Upchurch – Crosstown Traffic
10. Nathan Davis – Stick Buddy
11. Leon Ferguson & The Groove Ton – Stockin’
12. Rufus Harley – Malika
13. Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes – Misty (LP Version)
14. Charles Kynard – Zebra Walk
15. Charles Earland – Sing A Simple Song
16. Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel (Live)
17. Jimmy Ponder – Mean Streets-No Bridges
18. Lou Donaldson – Who’s Making Love?

Selected & Organ-Ized By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

Radio podcast available here.

Barry White ''Barry White The Man''

Barry White

''Barry White The Man''
( LP 20th Century Fox Records, 1978 )
Catalog # T-571

A1 Look At Her 7:40
A2 Your Sweetness Is My Weakness 8:04
A3 Sha La La Means I Love You 8:00
B1 September When I First Met You 6:57
B2 It's Only Love Doing Its Thing 4:04
B3 Just The Way You Are 7:09
B4 Early Years 6:50

Personnel & Credits:
Ronald Coleman Orchestra
Paul Elmore Engineer
Gribbitt! Design
Mitchell Kanner Redesign
Frank Kejmar Engineer
Gary N. Mayo Remastering
Emmett North, Jr. Guitar
John Roberts Orchestra
Barry White Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Liner Notes, Cover Art Concept

Format:Vinyl, LP

1977's Barry White Sings to Someone You Love put him back on the right side of the charts. He shed the pomposity that landed him in the cutout bins by as early as 1976. In contrast to this albums' predecessor, Barry White Sings for Someone You Love, there's more of a balance between the dance tracks and ballads. "Look at Her," "You're Sweetness Is My Weakness," and "Sha La La Means I Love You" all employ Latin flourishes and tough horn charts. Although his Latin seemed closer to Ricky Ricardo than Tito Puente, White's good spirits and the crack backing band make it all worthwhile. The sensual "It's Only Love Doing Its Thing" does its business in under five minutes with White saying, "Let me put my hand right there/Lord have mercy." On the ballads he seems a little more reflective than usual. As they somewhat diminished Barry White Sings for Someone You Love, the ballads enrich The Man. On his cover of Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are," he gives the lyrics complete seriousness and somehow makes them bittersweet. "Early Years" has a flamenco-styled guitar and an autumnal arrangement. The track gives him to a depth beyond "relationships," even though it was clear from his disconsolate delivery that his reminiscing didn't exactly make him feel any better. With such rich and varied songs, The Man might be the only album one might need from Barry White, but it will make you seek out even more of his catalogue.
By Jason Elias (AMG)

By Pier

Info: Recent 12” Inch Singles Re-Uploads

Check the re-uploads:

Loleatta Holloway
”Catch Me On The Rebound” 12”
bw/The Salsoul Orchestra ”Catch Me On The Rebound (Instrumental)” 12” Promo 12” Inch

Love Committee ”Just As Long As I Got You” 12” (Original 12” Inch Disco Single) Gold Mind/Salsoul Records 1978 (A Walter Gibbons Mix)

Love Committee ”Just As Long As I Got You” 12” Joey Negro Remix

Tyrone Thomas & The Whole Darn Family ”Seven Minutes Of Funk” 12” Soul Records 1976 (Original Take & With The Bongos)

Links in comments.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Raphael Wressnig Video

Raphael Wressnig, Hammond B3 organ Alex Schulz, guitar Sax Gordon, sax Lukas Knoepfler, drums

Download here:

It's a 22min video of a concert given in Wien/Austria
in 2006. Files size: 222 MB.
screenshot attached.

See here

Courtesy of Lupo

Joe Henderson Sextet ''The Kicker''

Joe Henderson Sextet

''The Kicker''
( LP Milestone Records, 1967 )
Catalog # MSP 9008

Tracklisting, Personnel & Notes:
Mike Lawrence (tp)
Grachan Moncur III (tb)
Joe Henderson (ts)
Kenny Barron (p)
Ron Carter (b)
Louis Hayes (d)
Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, NYC, August 10, 1967
The Kicker
Chelsea Bridge
Without A Song
Mo' Joe

Joe Henderson (ts)
Kenny Barron (p)
Ron Carter (b)
Louis Hayes (d)
same location, date
O Amor Em Paz
** Also issued on Fantasy OJC 465, OJCCD 465-2

Add Notes:
Charles Stewart Cover Art
Orrin Keepnews Producer
Phil DeLancie Digital Remastering
Elvin Campbell Engineer

Joe Henderson's first recording for Milestone was very much a continuation of the adventurous acoustic music he had recorded previously for Blue Note. For those listeners who do not wish to invest in the tenor saxophonist's "complete" eight-digital set Milestone box, this single LP is a good place to start in investigating his middle period music. Henderson is featured in a sextet with trumpeter Mike Lawrence, trombonist Grachan Moncur III, pianist Kenny Barron, bassist Ron Carter and drummer Louis Hayes on a well-rounded set highlighted by "Mamacita," "Chelsea Bridge," "If," "Without a Song" and "Nardis."
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

By Pier

Johnny Griffin ''The Little Giant''

Johnny Griffin

''The Little Giant''
( LP Riverside Records, 1959 )
Catalog # RLP 12-304

Olive Refractions
The Message
63rd Street Theme
Venus And The Moon
Lonely One

Personnel & Notes:
Blue Mitchell (tp)
Julian Priester (tb)
Johnny Griffin (ts)
Wynton Kelly (p)
Sam Jones (b)
Albert Heath (d)
Lawrence Shustak Photography
Harris Lewine Design
Orrin Keepnews Producer, Liner Notes
Jack Higgins Engineer
Paul Bacon Design
Ken Braren Design
Kirk Felton Remastering
Recorded in NYC, August 4 & 5, 1959
** Also issued on Riverside RLP 1149; Jazzland JLP 93, JLP 993; Fantasy OJC 136, OJCCD 136-2

This double LP, which includes highlights from four of tenor saxophonist Johnny Griffin's Riverside sets, has been largely superseded by the digital revolution. Three of the four albums (Johnny Griffin Sextet, Way Out, and The Little Giant, but not The Kerry Dancers) have since been reissued in full. This was a fine sampler for the period, featuring Griffin in trios and quintets with the likes of trumpeters Donald Byrd and Blue Mitchell, trombonist Julian Priester, baritonist Pepper Adams, and pianists Kenny Drew, Wynton Kelly and Barry Harris, but get the complete records instead.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

By Pier

Gabor Szabo ”Keep Smilin”’ 12” & Joneses ”Sugar Pie Guy” 12” Re-Uploaded

Gabor Szabo
”Keep Smilin”’ 12” UK
Mercury Records, 1976
”Sugar Pie Guy” 12” UK
Mercury Records, 1974

Ripped by Pretoria (Funky Disposition blog)
Original post (10/02/2008) here.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Teddy Pendergrass ''Best Of Teddy Pendergrass''

Teddy Pendergrass

''Best Of Teddy Pendergrass''

( Compilation BCI Music, 2002 )
Catalog # 40387

1.Come Go with Me - Teddy Pendergrass
2.Turn Off the Lights - Teddy Pendergrass
3.When Somebody Loves You Back - Teddy Pendergrass
4.You're My Latest, My Greatest Inspiration - Teddy Pendergrass
5.Love T.K.O. - Teddy Pendergrass
6.I Can't Live Without Your Love - Teddy Pendergrass
7.Only You - Teddy Pendergrass
8.Can't We Try - Teddy Pendergrass
9.Whole Town's Laughing at Me, The - Teddy Pendergrass
10.Close the Door - Teddy Pendergrass
11.And if I Had - Teddy Pendergrass
12.It Don't Hurt Now - Teddy Pendergrass

This budget compilation is somewhat skimpy at 12 tracks, but those twelve tracks are killers. Teddy Pendergrass's biggest charting hits--"Close the Door" and "Turn Off the Lights," among them--are included, and the whole plays not only like a sampler of Pendergrass's brightest moments, but like a primer on late-1970s/early-'80s "quiet storm" soul.

Teddy Pendergrass started singing gospel music in Philadelphia churches, becoming an ordained minister at ten years old. While attending public school, he sang in the citywide McIntyre Elementary School Choir and in the All-City Stetson Junior High School Choir. A self-taught drummer, Pendergrass had a teen pop vocal group when he was 15.
By his late teens, Pendergrass was a drummer for local vocal group the Cadillacs. In the late '60s, the Cadillacs merged with another more-established group, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes. In 1970, when the Blue Notes broke up, Melvin, now aware of Pendergrass' vocal prowess, asked him to take the lead singer spot. It's no secret that Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff wanted Marvin Junior of the Dells for their Philadelphia International Records roster. Since the Dells were signed to Chess, they were unavailable. When the gruff'n'ready vocals of Pendergrass came their way, they eagerly signed the group.
Beginning with "I Miss You," a steady stream of hit singles flowed from the collaboration of Pendergrass and Gamble & Huff: "If You Don't Know Me By Now," "The Love I Lost," "Bad Luck," "Wake Up Everybody" (number one R&B for two weeks in 1976), and two gold albums, To Be True and Wake Up Everybody.
Unfortunately, the more success the group had, the more friction developed between Melvin and Pendergrass. Despite the revised billing of the group, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes featuring Theodore Pendergrass, Pendergrass felt that he wasn't getting enough recognition. Around 1976, Pendergrass left Melvin's Blue Notes and formed his own Blue Notes, featuring Teddy Pendergrass. Briefly, there was some confusion as to which Blue Notes were which. The resolution came when Pendergrass disbanded his Blue Notes in favor of a solo career and Melvin's group signed a recording contract with Source Records, distributed through ABC Records, scoring a hit with "I Want to Be Your Lover."
Pendergrass signed a new contract with Philadelphia International Records in late 1976/early 1977. He burst back on the scene with Teddy Pendergrass, a platinum solo debut that included the top-notch singles "I Don't Love You Anymore," "You Can't Hide From Yourself," and "The More I Get the More I Want." Around this time, Pendergrass began to institute his infamous "Ladies Only" concerts. His next three albums went gold or platinum: Life Is a Song Worth Singing (1978), Teddy (1979), and Teddy Live (Coast to Coast). The hit single "Close the Door" was used in the film Soup for One, where Pendergrass had a small role.
The singer received several Grammy nominations during 1977 and 1978, Billboard's 1977 Pop Album New Artist Award, an American Music Award for best R&B performer of 1978, and awards from Ebony magazine and the NAACP. He was also in consideration for the lead in the movie biopic The Otis Redding Story. The '70s ended, but Pendergrass kept racking up the hits. TP, his fifth solo album, went platinum in the summer of 1980 off the singles "Turn Off the Lights," "Come Go With Me," "Shout and Scream," "It's You I Love," and "Can't We Try." It's Time for Love gave Pendergrass another gold album in summer 1981, which included the hit singles "Love TKO" and "I Can't Live Without Your Love."
A 1982 car accident left Pendergrass paralyzed from the waist down and wheelchair bound. After almost a year of physical therapy and counseling, Pendergrass returned to the recording scene, signing a contract with Elektra/Asylum in 1983. His ninth solo album, his Elektra/Asylum debut, Love Language went gold the spring of 1984. Philadelphia International issued two albums of unreleased tracks, This One's for You (1982) and Heaven Only Knows (1983). Other albums included Workin' It Back (1985), Joy (1988, whose title track went to number one R&B for two weeks), and Little More Magic (1993). The latter half of '90s found Pendergrass recording for the Surefire/Wind Up label. Truly Blessed (the name of an 1991 Elektra album) is the title of the autobiography Pendergrass co-authored with Patricia Romanowski.
By Ed Hogan (AMG)

Courtesy of Robert59

Info: Soul Singer Teddy Pendergrass Dies...

Soul Singer Teddy Pendergrass Dies in Pa. at 59

Teddy Pendergrass has passed away at the age of 59 on January 13th. Reps say he passed away due to a rare illness related to his spinal injury. In 1982 Pendergrass was involved in a car crash that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Pendergrass also went in for treatment for colon cancer 8 months ago and was said to have had a “difficult recovery”.

More info here:

Kenny Burrell '''Round Midnight''

Kenny Burrell

'''Round Midnight''
( LP Fantasy Records, 1972 )
Catalog # F 9417

A Streetcar Named Desire
Make Someone Happy
'Round Midnight
I Think It's Going To Rain Today
Since I Fell For You
I'm Gonna Laugh You Right Out Of My Life
Blues In The Night

Personnel, Credits & Notes:
Richard Wyands, Joe Sample: piano, keyboards
Kenny Burrell: guitar
Reggie Johnson: bass
Lenny McBrowne, Paul Humphrey: drums
Tony Lane Artwork, Photography
Kenny Burrell Producer
Harry Abraham Producer
Phil DeLancie Remastering
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA, 1972
** Also on Fantasy OJCCD 990-2 (1988)

This is a typically tasteful Kenny Burrell record (also reissued) with the guitarist mostly emphasizing ballads. Five of the seven songs (which include "Make Someone Happy," "Since I Fell for You" and the theme from "A Streetcar Named Desire") find Burrell assisted by pianist Richard Wyands (who also played electric piano), bassist Reggie Johnson and drummer Lenny McBrowne. "'Round Midnight" is played by Burrell with pianist Joe Sample, bassist Johnson and drummer Paul Humphrey while "Blues in the Night" is an unaccompanied guitar solo. Although the music overall is well-played, no real sparks fly and the results often border on being sleepy.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

By Pier

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Kenny Burrell ''K.B. Blues''

Kenny Burrell

''K.B. Blues''
( LP Blue Note Records, 1957 )
Catalog # GXF 3052

1.Nica's Dream (Horace Silver)
2.Out for Blood (Kenny Burrell)
3.K.B. Blues (Kenny Burrell)
4.D.B. Blues (Lester Young)
5.K.B. Blues [Alternate Take] (Kenny Burrell)

Personnel & Notes:
Louis Hayes (Drums)
Hank Mobley (Sax (Tenor))
Horace Silver (Piano)
Doug Watkins (Bass)
Kenny Burrell (Guitar)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio,
Hackensack, NJ, February 10, 1957
** Also issued on Blue Note (J) GXK 8154

Worth searching for. Burrell with funky pianist Horace Silver and Hank Mobley on tenor sax. As you might guess, the tunes are mostly blues.
By Michael Erlewine (AMG)

By Pier

The Amazing Buddy Rich "Time Being" (Re-Upload)

The Amazing Buddy Rich

"Time Being"
( LP Blue Bird/RCA Records, 1987 )
Catalog # 6459

1 - Paul's Tune 6:13
2 - Chelsea Bridge 5:03
3 - Straight,No Chaser 4:10
4 - Dancing Men 6:10
5 - Little Train 6:21
6 - Two Bass Hit 3:59
7 - Time Being 12:43
8 - Best Coast 3:58
9 - Space Shuttle 4:20
10 - Sassy Strut 6.05

Personnel & Credits:
Bob Auger Engineer
Steve Backer Executive Producer
Lin Biviano Trumpet
Joe Calo Flute, Sax (Baritone), Sax (Soprano)
Candido Camero Conga
Richard Centalonza Sax (Baritone)
Eric Culver Trombone
Bob Daugherty Bass
Joel DeBartolo Bass
John DeFlon Trumpet
Tony DiMaggio Trombone
Bob Dogan Piano
Don Englert Flute, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Brian A. Grivna Flute, Sax (Alto)
Bill Holman Arranger
Greg Hopkins Trumpet
Alan Kaplan Trombone
Paul Kondziela Bass, Arranger
Phil Kraus Percussion
John La Barbera Arranger
Pat La Barbera Flute, Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
John Leys Trombone (Bass)
George McFetridge Piano
Ed Michel Reissue Producer
Jimmy Mosher Flute, Sax (Alto), Sax (Soprano)
Walter Namuth Guitar
Wayne Naus Trumpet
Bruce Paulson Trombone
Bob Peterson Piano
Herbie Phillips Arranger
Bill Reichenbach Jr. Trombone (Bass)
Buddy Rich Drums
Bob Simpson Engineer
David Spinozza Guitar
Jeff Stout Trumpet
Phil Wilson Arranger
Mike Zwerin Liner Notes

This Buddy Rich LP stands out as the most listened to by me. The solos are amazing. "Time Being" is in my opinion the best song on the album with the greatest drum solo I have ever heard!! Buddy is a living, breathing metronome. I would compare the solo to a machine gun toward the end. Very aggressive drumming. My heart races when I hear the track. I would say every "real" Buddy Rich fan must own this title, and a new comer to the world of the amazing Buddy should be introduced through this LP.

Original post by Celo (05/09/2009)

In FLAC format here:

By Pier

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

MFS Radio Podcast Presents: ''My Radio Sounds Good'' (100% Pure Jazz) - The Compilation

MFS Radio Podcast Presents:

''My Radio Sounds Good''
(100% Pure Jazz) - The Compilation

1. Thornel Schwartz With Bill Leslie - Soul Cookin'
2. Kenny Burrell - All Night Long
3. Johnny Griffin & Eddie Lockjaw Davis - In Walked Bud
4. Papa John De Francesco - Walking Uptown
5. Kenny Burrell - Do What You Gotta Do
6. Red Garland - Birk's Works
7. Wayne Shorter - Black Nile
8. Booker Ervin - Down In The Dumps
9. Sam Lazar - Soul Merchant
10. Billy Larkin & The Delegates- The Honeydripper
11. Jimmy McGriff - Stump Juice (7'' Version)
12. Pony Pointdexter - Gumbo Filet
13. Jimmy Forrest - Soul Street
14. The Harold Land/Blue Mitchell Quintet - Inner Voice

Selected By JP
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

Radio program available here or here.

Alessandro Magnanini "Someway Still I Do"

Alessandro Magnanini

( Schema Records, 2009 )

01. Open Up Your Eyes (feat. Jenny B.)
02. Living’ My Life (feat. Liam McKahey)
03. So Long, Goodbye (feat. Jenny B.)
04. Secret Lover (feat. Jenny B.)
05. Greeting From Here
06. But Not For You (feat. Liam McKahey)
07. Someway Still I Do (feat. Liam McKahey)
08. Stay Into My Life (feat. Renata Tosi)
09. L’Estate E’ Qua (feat. Rosalia De Souza)
10. Suddenly
11. Something Fine (feat. Stefania Rava)
12. Blind Date Blues

Reviews :
New from Italy’s Schema label is the debut album from Alessandro Magnanini, entitled Someway I Still Do. If you previously enjoyed the music of Mario Biondi’s A Handful Of Soul album, then you will enjoy this as it follows the same vein. Magnanini is the songwriter responsible for “This Is Who You Are” and “No Mercy For Me” (both from Biondi’s A Handful Of Soul). Magnanini utilized the great pop productions from the past for his main sources of inspiration, where the melodies are predominately easy listening in style, but with a cool jazz approach. The melodies are uniquely identified along with arrangements by Claus Ogerman, among others, and are reminiscent of those that you may have heard in the style of Astrud Gilberto, the orchestral atmospheric arrangements of Shirley Bassey, and the playful evocative sounds of Henry Mancini. Alessandro Magnanini has enlisted the talents of beautiful and dreamy voices to convey his message, and they are Liam McKahey, Jenny B., Stefania Rava, Rosalia De Souza, and Renata Tosi. The entire album is comprised of original compositions which make up this imaginary soundtrack. It’s definitely worth a listen.

A real rising star on Schema Records -- composer Alessandro Magnanini, best known for his hit with Mario Biondi -- stepping out here in a beautiful album of his own original music! There's a fresh feel here that really opens up a new chapter at Schema -- still a bit of their old jazz/bossa vibe, but with a more expansive quality too -- one that embraces bits of Bacharach, snaps of 60s soundtracks, and gentler jazzier passages too -- all put together by a group that features key talents from the contemporary Italian scene -- like vocalists Rosalia De Souza and Stefania Rava, trumpeter Fabrizio Bosso, and other instrumentalists on vibes, piano, tenor, and trombone. Most instrumentation is live -- scored nicely, but not enough so that it loses the spontaneity of jazz -- and other vocals are by Jenny B and Liam McKahey. The work is really beautiful -- still mostly upbeat, but hardly just the stuff of dancefloor grooving too -- key proof that Maganini's a big talent to watch in years to come.

Not available on the free blog edition

By Rob

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