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Various Artists ''Sex-O-Rama Vol.1''

Various Artists

''Sex-O-Rama Vol.1''
(Music From Classic Adult Films/Soundtrack)
( LP Oglio Records , 1997 )
Catalog # OGL 89105-2

1 Debbie Does Dallas - The Shower Scene 3:32
2 I Like To Watch - It's Your Day 3:56
3 Taboo - Hello Mother 4:35
4 Behind The Green Door - Ravishing Marilyn 3:36
5 Sex World - Green Door Fantasy 4:08
6 The Jade Pussycat - Introducing Johnny Wadd 3:31
7 The Legend Of Lady Blue - The Examination 4:05
8 Eruption - Driving Ms. Bovee 3:22
9 Seka's Fantasies - Funkgasm 4:03
10 The Opening Of Misty Beethoven - Napoleon 3:28
11 Amanda By Night - Main Title 4:14
12 Deep Throat - Main Title 4:03

Artwork By [Art Direction] - Lisa Sutton
Engineer - Adam Pike (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12)
Executive Producer - Carl Caprioglio
Other [Based On An Idea By] - Scott Allen
Other [Cover Model] - Jenna Jameson
Other [Liner Notes] - Robert Rimmer , Scott Allen
Photography - Brad Armstrong
Producer - Carvin Knowles (tracks: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12) , Michael Byer , Wesley Nagy (tracks: 3, 7)

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, 12, recorded at Sound Asylum Studio, Pasadena, CA
Tracks 3, 7 recorded at Virtual Music, Palos Verdes, CA.

Take it from a ravenous porn fan, this album rocks! Brings back those vaseline memories of my bachelor days. Whether you're an out-of-the-closet perv, or still hiding in the basement to do your thang, you will enjoy every last one of these funkified tunes. Bust this album out at a party and watch the faces of your guests explode with laughter. See just how many of your church going stiff collared friends remember the tunes from some of the 1970s and early 80s most famoust smut flics.
Sure to turn any Babtist convention into a wild orgy in no time flat! Just turn it up and turn down the lights and watch the action unfold. Highly recommended!!!

By Celo

Various Artists ''Sex-O-Rama Vol.2''

Various Artists

''Sex-O-Rama Vol.2''
(Music From Classic Adult Films/Soundtrack)
( LP Oglio Records, 1998 )
Catalog # OGL 89108-2

1 - Blow Me Down
2 - Stiffed
3 - Seduction
4 - Sexercise
5 - Love Muscle
6 - Pearl Necklace
7 - Big Top
8 - Private Dick
9 - Hard Times
10 - The Money Shot
11 - Bottoms Up
12 - Doctor Sex

Engineer - Adam Pike
Producer - Michael Byer
Written-By, Producer - Carvin Knowles

This LP represents the classic porn sound of the '70s. This music was recorded in 1998 inspired by the infamous sound that helped define an era of adult film.

By Celo

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boillat Thérace Quintet "The Best Selection"

Boillat Thérace Quintet

"The Best Selection"
( LP KS Music Records, Switzerland, 2001 )
Catalog # KSLP 01

A1 - Gibraltar 6:20
A2 - Straight Life 6:30
A3 - Prompt 5:53
B1 - 1224 5:26
B2 - Cenovis 6:36
B3 - Blue Bossa 6:45

Personnel & Credits:
Bass - Frédéric Pecoud , Roger Vaucher
Compiled By - Karim Belkedah , Mauro Bozzi
Drums - Eric Wespi
Engineer - Jean Ristori (tracks: A2, B1, B2) , Paul DeLisle (tracks: A1, A3, B3)
Percussion, Saxophone [Tenor] - Rogelio Garcia
Piano, Electric Piano [Rhodes] - Jean-François Boillat
Saxophone [Alto, Tenor], Flute - Raymond Thérace
Trumpet, Flugelhorn - Benny Bailey

Questo LP contiene una selezione dei brani migliori dal 1974 al 75.

More info here (Discogs)

By Celo

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Barbara & Ernie "Prelude To"

Barbara & Ernie

"Prelude To"
( LP Cotillion Records, 1971 )
Catalog # SD 9044

A1 - Play With Fire 3:31
A2 - Somebody To Love 4:40
Written-By - Darby Slick
A3 - Prelude 3:32
A4 - Listen To Your Heart 5:15
B1 - For You 3:37
B2 - Searching The Circle 4:31
B3 - My Love And I 3:00
B4 - Do You Know 3:12
B5 - Satisfied 3:44

Personnel & Credits:
Arranged By - Barbara Massey , Ernie Calabria
Bass - Chuck Rainey (tracks: B3) , Bill Salter
Choir - Myrna Summers & The Interdenominational Singers (tracks: B5)
Congas, Percussion - Ralph MacDonald
Drums - Grady Tate , Ray Lucas (tracks: B3)
Electric Piano - Joe Beck (tracks: B3)
Guitar - Sam Brown
Orchestrated By - Eumir Deodato
Organ - Richard Tee (tracks: B5)
Piano - Keith Jarrett (tracks: B5)
Vocals, Guitar [Acoustic, Classical, 12 String Electric],
Sitar [Electric], Bass - Ernie Calabria
Vocals, Piano, Electric Piano, Autoharp - Barbara Massey
Written-By - Barbara Massey (tracks: A1, A3 to B5) ,
Ernie Calabria (tracks: A1, A3 to B5)

A folk funk classic from the early 70s and a weird little record that has a sound that's unlike anything else we can think of! The arrangements are quite soulful, almost funky at times with a righteous undercurrent that reminds us of Richard Evans or Charles Stepney at Cadet Records. But the vocals by singer Barbara Massey have a flanged-out quality that's clearly overdubbed, creating a double-voiced sound that's almost a bit like Brasil 66! This mix of modes is really great completely unique, and sublime throughout with a vibe that was years ahead of its time, and which is finally beginning to get some recognition these many years later. Arrangements are by the pair, but Deodato also had a hand in the record too and the core combo of musicians includes Grady Tate on drums, Ralph McDonald on percussion, and Sam Brown on guitar alongside more guitars from Ernie and keyboards and piano from Barbara. Tracks include "Searching the Circle", "Do You Know", "For You", "Play With Fire", "My Love & I", "Satisfied", and "Prelude" plus a wild remake of "Somebody to Love"!
From Dusty Groove America

By Celo

Barclay James Harvest "Once Again"

Barclay James Harvest

"Once Again"
( LP Harvest Records, 1971 )
Catalog # SHVL 788

A1 - She Said
Written-By - Lees
A2 - Happy Old World
Written-By - Wolstenholme
A3 - Song For Dying
Written-By - Barclay James Harvest
A4 - Galadriel
Written-By - Lees
B1 - Mocking Bird
Written-By - Barclay James Harvest
B2 - Vanessa Simmons
Written-By - John Lees
B3 - Ball And Chain
Written-By - Barclay James Harvest
B4 - Lady Loves
Jew's Harp - Alan Parsons
Written-By - Barclay James Harvest

Personnel & Credits:
Conductor - Robert Godfrey
Engineer - Peter Bown
Leader [Orchestra] - Gavin Wright
Producer - Norman Smith

Released on a yellow/green Harvest label without EMI logo in a fold-out cover. The second pressing has such a logo.

The band's follow-up still finds it working very much in the vein of orchestral rock, largely driven by Stewart Wooly Wolstenholme's keyboards and the presence of the London Symphony Orchestra. The reach of the music exceeds the grasp of the lyrics, though — they lack the cold oracularity of Peter Sinfield or the allusive cleverness of Peter Gabriel. Still, there's some fine compositions here. "She Said" turns upon a keening opening Mellotron riff to develop into a slow-four dirge. "Song for Dying" shows off the band's fine ability at vocal harmonies, while the later concert standard, "Mocking Bird," shows a dramatic evolution from pensive acoustic guitar to a full-blown orchestral attack.
By Paul Collins
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By Celo

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Various Artists "Sesame Street Fever"

Various Artists

"Sesame Street Fever"
( LP, Children's Television Workshop, 1978 )
Catalog # CTW 79005

A1. "Sesame Street Fever" by Robin Gibb, The Count, Big Bird, Ernie, Cookie Monster
A2. "Doin' The Pigeon" - Bert & The Girls (prempted by a short hidden track that features Bert and Ernie debating the dance craze)
A3. "Rubber Duckie" - Ernie & His Rubber Duckie
B1. "Trash" - Robin Gibb
B2. "C Is For Cookie" - Cookie Monster & The Girls (preceded by a conversation between Cookie Monster and Robin Gibb)
B3. "Has Anybody Seen My Dog?" - Marty & Grover

Personnel & Credits:
Arranged By, Conductor - David Horowitz, Dick Lieb, Joe Raposo, Leon Pendarvis
Bass - Herb Bushler
Cello - Jesse Levy , Kermit Moore
Co-producer, Engineer - Michael Delugg
Congas - Jimmy Maelen
Drums - Richard Crooks
Guitar - Cliff Morris , Jack Cavari , Jeff Layton
Keyboards - David Horowitz , Pat Rebillot
Mixed By, Edited By - Joe Raposo , Michael Delugg
Percussion - George Devons
Producer - Joe Raposo
Reeds - Lou Marini
Saxophone [Baritone] - Dave Tofani
Strings - Gene Orloff , Gerald Tarack, Harold Kohon, Joe Malin,
Matt Raimondi, Paul Gershman
Trombone - Alan Raph
Trumpet - Joe Shepley

Sesame Street Fever is a concept album made by the cast of Sesame Street in 1978. It follows the characters as a love of disco sweeps Sesame Street.
The album heavily parodies the Saturday Night Fever album, and features Grover on the cover where John Travolta should be, and Ernie, Bert and Cookie Monster in the place of the Bee Gees.
Bee Gee Robin Gibb also appears on the album, and according to the LP's liner notes, "appears courtesy of his children - Melissa and Spencer Gibb"
From Wikipedia

By Celo

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Captain Rock ''The Return Of Capt. Rock'' 12''

Captain Rock

''The Return Of Capt. Rock'' 12''
( 12'' Disco Single, NIA Records, 1983 )
Catalog # NI 1236

A The Return Of Capt. Rock 8:23
B The Return Of Capt. Rock (Instrumental) 6:30

Producer, Arranged By - The Fantastic Aleems
Written-By - Dr. Jeckyll & Mr. Hyde, T. Aleem, T. Aleem

Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 1/3 RPM
First Pressing On White Promo 1983 Label is Titled
"The Return Of Captain Rock",
The 2nd Pressing On The Gold 1983 Label is Titled
"The Return Of Capt. Rock"
The 3rd Pressing On The Beige 1983 Label is Titled
"The Return Of Capt. Rock"
The 4th Pressing On The Green 1984 Label is Titled
"Return Of Capt. Rock"
Produced and arranged for Aleem Productions.
Published by West Kenya Music - ASCAP.
(P) 1983 NIA Records

Silver Convention "Madhouse"

Silver Convention

( LP Midland International Records, 1976 )
Catalog # BKL1-1824

A1 - The World Is A Madhouse 7:10
A2 - Plastic People 3:35
A3 - I'm Not A Slot Machine 3:22
A4 - Fancy Party 4:55
B1 - Dancing In The Aisles 5:29
B2 - Everybody's Talking 'Bout Love 3:31
B3 - Magic Mountain 5:56
B4 - Midnight Lady 4:22
B5 - Land Of Make Believe 3:41

Personnel & Credits:
Bass - Gary Unwin
Congas - Elmer Louis
Drums, Percussion - Martin Harrison
Keyboards - Silvester Levay
Producer - Michael Kunze, Silvester Levay
Strings - Fritz Sonnleitner
Vocals - Penny McLean, Ramona Wolf, Rhonda Heath
Written By - Silvester Levay, Michael Kunze

Madhouse is a 1976 album by German euro-disco group Silver Convention, which at the time consisted of vocalists Penny McLean, Ramona Wolf, and Rhonda Heath, along with producer-songwriters Michael Kunze (aka Stephan Prager) and Sylvester Levay. The album is considered to be "funkier" than their previous releases". The album proved to be a moderate success, gaining considerable play at disco clubs at the time, but charted lower than Silver Convention's previous two releases, reaching number 65 on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, and number 47 on the Billboard Black Albums chart. The album has since been released on iTunes in several countries.
From Wikipedia

By Celo

Silver Convention "Save Me"

Silver Convention

"Save Me"
( LP Midland International Records, 1975 )
Catalog # BKL1-1129

A1 Save Me 4:25
A2 I Like It 4:42
A3 Fly, Robin, Fly 5:31
A4 Another Girl 3:54
B1 Heart Of Stone 3:54
Written-By - Unwin, Forsey
B2 Chains Of Love 4:05
B3 Son Of A Gun 3:52
B4 Tiger Baby 4:18
B5 Please Don't Change 4:54

Personnel & Credits:
Arranged By, Composed By - Sylvester Levay
Artwork By [Art Direction, Photography] - Hal Wilson
Engineer [Recording] - Mal Luker, Zeke Lund
Producer - Michael Kunze
Written-By - Prager (tracks: A2 to B5) , Levay

A Butterfly Production
Public performance clearance - ASCAP
All songs published by Midsong Music, Inc.
Recorded in Munich, Germany
TMK by Midland International Records, Inc.
From back cover: (C) 1975, RCA Records
From label: (C) 1974 (P) 1975 Midland International Records, Inc.
Manufactured and distributed by RCA Records

Save Me is the debut album of Silver Convention, a disco group consisting of three female vocalists (Linda G. Thompson, Penny McLean and Ramona Wulf) and two producers/songwriters (Sylvester Levay and Michael Kunze). The first track recorded for the album was "Another Girl", with an earlier track called "Save Me" also being included, even though the recording was recorded before the then-current line up of the group had been formed. The album was released in 1975, becoming a dance-floor hit. Although commercial success was mixed, the album did hit number ten on the Billboard Pop Albums chart, and number one on the Billboard Black Albums chart even though only one member of the group at the time was black.
From Wikipedia

By Celo

Friday, 23 April 2010

Various Artists "Funkytown, Budapest"

Various Artists

"Funkytown, Budapest"
( LP Blek Label, Hungary )

1 - Bergendy - Turning Off My Nervous 4:58
2 - General (9) - Pull Out A Disc! 4:49
3 - Locomotiv GT - Boogie-Land 3:51
4 - Skorpio - The King With Shred-Legs 3:48
5 - Locomotiv GT - Let Me Be 3:53
6 - Mini (3) - Blackmachine 5:02
7 - Demjen Ferenc - Breathe Fresh Air! 4:12
8 - Kovacs Kati - Teach The Children! 2:37
9 - General (9) - Words? Why On Earth? 3:43
10 - Deseo Csaba - Funky Violin 2:54
11 - Piramis - In The Shadows Of Lighting Pyramid 10:02
12 - Mini (3) - Rocketman 4:31
13 - Locomotiv GT - Devotion 5:03
14 - Gabor Szabo - Femme Fatale 8:13

1st Hungarian funk compilation from the 70's.
Compiled, researched, conceived and produced by T.J. Spencer & Humpty Dumpty.

By Celo

Great Gift!

But grab these quickly!

From Katz, that said:

It's all here-Shell out your 7 Euro and DL this quickly instaead of spacing it.Have many other CD's to put up but this struck me first.Let me know if you want to post I just ask you re-load because if everything falls apart on me may not be able to keep up my account so download and enjoy and just upload if you want to use on your blog. (around on LP but had an impossible to find CD.AWESOME.And in mid 80's he's still kicking ass) ("Still Sensitive" 1995 revisit to Spirit Sensitive-Beautiful-I should upload some of those Shepp Venus ballad sessions-very similar) (killer 5tet of Sonny Clark.Normally I love this pure bop player in a trio but this and CD called Hot House are phenomenal) (amazing 1960 a European Masterpiece of American Hard Bop Tunes) (Tubby goes Latin) that is 320CBR MP3 but if you want it in FLAC (great sound on this CD) (these past two are quasi third stream masterpieces-great Dolphy) (solo guitar) (greasy funky tenor battle with awesome band-guitar is great) (one of projects formed by my hero Nathan Davis-incredible small big band cast) (duet of Pee Wee Ellis and Horace Parlan!!!!!!!!) (Have to be in my top 100 or 25 maybe) (ditto) (Duke 2nd only to Duke) (great piano and bass-lovely) (great Israeli American blend) (this kid is maybe best kept secret on Continent-great-like updated Miles from mid 60's (B-3 backing Tenor the way it should be done.Earland (The Mighty Burner) comps and does not just blow everybody off the session with being over bearing or too loud-like clinic on good B-3)

Live late 60's early 70's Les-Funky fun.Great version of a few pop standards like "Goin' Out Of My Head" or "Love For Sale"

Not available on the blog free edition (obvious!)...only for the MFS private members!


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Horst Jankowski Quartet "Jankowskinetik"

Horst Jankowski Quartet


( LP MPS Records, Germany, 1970 )
Catalog # MPS 15273 ST

A1 - Zeroccasion 4:12
Written By - Götz Wendlandt , Horst Jankowski
A2 - Satin Doll 2:50
Written By - Billy Strayhorn , Duke Ellington
A3 - Falling In Love With You 4:15
Written By - Lorenz Hart , Richard Rodgers
A4 - I've Got You Under My Skin 3:50
Written By - Cole Porter
A5 - Lady Eve 3:30
Written By - Horst Jankowski
B1 - Speech Craft 5:55
Written By - Hans Wenzel
B2 - Out'n Ground 2:40
Written By - Ack Van Rooyen
B3 - No Troubles At All 4:45
Written By - Götz Wendlandt , Horst Jankowski
B4 - Black Flower 5:15
Written By - Horst Jankowski
B5 - Please Don't Talk About Me 3:45
Written By - Sam H. Stept , Sidney Clare

Personnel & Credits:
Bass - Götz Wendlandt
Drums - Branislav Kovacev
Guitar - Hans Wenzel
Piano - Horst Jankowski
Producer, Recorded By, Engineer - Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer

Recorded at MPS Studios, Villingen, April 6-8, 1970
Originally released as MPS 15 273 in 1970.
Reissue is part oft the "MPS - Most Perfect Sound Edition". The original master tapes where transferred to digital with dCs 904 (192 kHz/24) Bit. Remastered at Emil Berliner Studios, Hannover-Langenhagen.
Artwork by Stefan Kassel (

Born in Berlin, Jankowski studied at the Berlin Music Conservatory and played jazz in Germany in the 1950s, serving as bandleader for singer Caterina Valente. Jankowski's fame as a composer of easy listening pop peaked in 1965 with his tune "Eine Schwarzwaldfahrt", released in English as "A Walk in the Black Forest". The tune became a pop hit, reaching on the US Adult Contemporary chart, on the US Billboard Hot 100, and in the UK Singles Chart. It sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc. The track was featured on the BBC's review of the 1960s music scene, Pop Go The Sixties, broadcast on BBC One and ZDF, on January 1, 1970. The Genius of Jankowski album, released in 1965, was also a million seller.
Jankowski went on to score a string of successful albums, but moved on in the 1970s to concentrate more on jazz, including covers of pop and rock hits. Between 1989 and 1994 Jankowski composed and performed easy listening music for Sonoton, Germany.
Jankowski died of lung cancer in 1998, at the age of 62.
From Wikipedia

By Celo

The Greenwood, Archer & Pine Street Band (aka Gap Band) ''I-Yike-It'' 7''

The Greenwood, Archer & Pine Street Band (aka Gap Band)

''I-Yike-It'' 7''
( 7'' Shelter Records, 1974, Promo )
Catalog # SR-40295

A I-Yike-It (2:46)
B I-Yike-It (2:46)

Produced by Buddy Jones
Arrangements by The Gap Band

Promo not for sale
From Shelter LP ''Magician Holiday'' SR-2111
Distributed by MCA Records

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Fred Wesley & The JB's ''Same Beat'' (Full Length)

Fred Wesley & The JB's

''Same Beat'' (Full Length)
( 7'' People Records, 1973 )
Catalog # PE 632

A Same Beat (Part 1) 3:20
B1 Same Beat (Part 2) 5:00
B2 Same Beat (Part 3)

Producer, Arranged By, Written-By - James Brown
Supervised By - Bob Both
James Brown The Hitman The Godfather Of Soul

Format:Vinyl, 7", Promo
Promo Use Only - Not For Sale
Side B: 5:00min
Dynatone Pub. Co. / Belinda Music, Inc. (BMI)
1973 Polydor Incorporated
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Matrix Number: PE 632 A
Other: 2066 416
Matrix Number: PE 632 B

Miriam Makeba "Keep Me In Mind"

Miriam Makeba

"Keep Me In Mind"
( LP Reprise Records, 1970 )
Catalog # RS 6381

A1 - Lumumba
A2 - For What It's Worth
A3 - Brand New Day
A4 - I Shall Sing
A5 - Kulala
B1 - In My Life
B2 - Down On The Corner
B3 - Ibande
B4 - Measure The Valleys
B5 - Tululu

Although a respectable effort, Keep Me in Mind is a bit of an oddity in the context of Miriam Makeba's career. While she's justifiably most known for the records she did with a strong connection to South African music, much of the arrangements, and certainly some of the material, of this 1970 LP indicated that there were hopes of getting her to cross over to the soul and pop audience. The production often had a solid soul feel, and certainly the covers of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth," Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Down on the Corner," and the Beatles' "In My Life" were -- though classic songs all -- not exactly in sync with the kind of repertoire she'd featured throughout most of her discography to that point. Unsurprisingly, perhaps, they're among the weakest selections here, though "In My Life" isn't bad, somewhat recalling Nina Simone's frequent forays into rock/pop/soul hits during the same era. Better by some measure are her outings into fairly gutsy pop-soul on "Brand New Day," the dramatic "Measure the Valleys," and her own composition "Lumumba," though these do sound like tracks that could have been the work of most any above-average Aretha Franklin-influenced soul singer, rather than efforts bearing Makeba's distinctive imprint. Far more of her South African roots come through on her non-English-language originals "Kulala," "Ibande," and "Tululu," and while these aren't devoid of contemporary soul influences, they're the most interesting tracks on the LP. It adds up to a record that has its merits and puts Makeba into a more Americanized pop-soul setting than much of her work, but isn't one to turn to as an example of her achievements as an African music innovator.
By Richie Unterberger (

By Celo

Miriam Makeba "Pata Pata - The Hit Sound Of Miriam Makeba"

Miriam Makeba

"Pata Pata - The Hit Sound Of Miriam Makeba"
( LP Reprise Records, 1972 )
Catalog # 44 046

1 - Pata Pata
2 - Ha Po Zamani
3 - What Is Love
4 - Maria Fulo
5 - Yetentu Tizaleny
6 - Click Song Number One
7 - Ring Bell, Ring Bell
8 - Jo'Inkomo
9 - West Wind
10 - Saduva
11 - A Piece Of Ground
12 - Malayisha - Bonus Track.

This is UK Reissue of 1972 album includes one bonus track, a mono version of 'Malayisha', the original B-side for her international 1967 hit 'Pata Pata'.

Where were you in 1972? If you were listening to the radio, you would surely have heard "Pata Pata", the bouncy number which carried Miriam Makeba's voice all round the world. So it's great to have it back as the title track of Pata Pata, plus 10 other tracks from the original album.
These are triumphant times for the first lady of African music: she recently celebrated her 70th birthday by accepting the Swedish prize whose previous recipients have included Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Wonder. She spent 30 years in exile from her native land, and was re-exiled from the US during that time for her tireless campaign for racial equality; she has survived car crashes, a plane crash, cancer, four divorces and the deaths of her only child and grandson.
But since her return in 1990 her good works have redoubled; they include South African charities for Aids awareness and women's causes. Her art was always sweet and simple, no matter how urgent and combative her message: this record has great charm. Most of the tracks are accompanied by a mélange of guitars and African instruments, over which her voice rides clear and clean, with just the occasional hint of vibrato. There are Cuban moments and pure Kwazulu moments, but it all hangs together in a seamlessly beguiling whole.
By Michael Church (Amazon - UK)

By Celo

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Walter Davis Jr. "Davis Cup"

Walter Davis Jr.

( LP Blue Note Records, 1960 )
Catalog # BLP4018
** Also issued on Blue Note BST 84018, B1 32098

01 'S Make It
02 Loodle-Lot
03 Sweetness
04 Rhumba Nhumba
05 Minor Mind
06 Millie's Delight

Donald Byrd - Trumpet
Jackie McLean - Alto Sax
Walter Davis, Jr. - Piano
Sam Jones - Bass
Art Taylor - Drums

Recorded at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey
August 2, 1959

Walter Davis, Jr.’s debut record as a leader for Blue Note is a terrific hard bop session, a driving collection of six original tunes that emphasize the strengths not only of the pianist himself, but also his supporting band: trumpeter Donald Byrd, alto saxophonist Jackie McLean, bassist Sam Jones, and drummer Art Taylor. Apart from the lovely ballad “Sweetness,” Davis Cup moves along at a brisk pace, with the rhythm section urging the soloists to new heights. Byrd has rarely sounded better, and on this date McLean provides ample evidence that he was moving beyond the conventions of hard bop and developing his own unique style. Davis, of course, does more than acquit himself — he contributes an engaging, energetic performance that keeps the music grounded. His compositions are just as captivating, whether it’s the swinging “Rhumba Nhumba” or the darkly invigorating “Minor Mind.” It all adds up to a wonderful straight-ahead hard bop date, one that’s so good it’s a wonder that Davis didn’t receive another chance to lead a session until 1979.
By Stephen Thomas Erlewine
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Note: Highly Recommended!

By Rob

TC James And The Fist-O-Funk Orchestra ''Dance All Over The World'' 12''

TC James And The Fist-O-Funk Orchestra

''Dance All Over The World'' 12''
( 12'' Disco Single, Fist-O Funk Records, Canada, 1978 )
Catalog # FOF-999

A Dance All Over The World 7:06
B Get Up On Your Feet 11:11
C Dance All Over The World (Short Version) 3:50

Arranged By - TC James
Mixed By - Savarese
Producer - Kevin Misevis

Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 1/3 RPM

Grand Funk Railroad Discography

Grand Funk Railroad Discography

I Grand Funk Railroad sono un gruppo hard rock statunitense, per la precisione un terzetto della fine degli anni sessanta e settanta.
Originari di Flint, seconda città del Michigan, il trio inanellò una serie incredibile di successi a cavallo del 1969 e il 1974, vendendo fino a 20 milioni di copie dei loro dischi. Il produttore, Terry Knight, ex d.j. radiofonico di una radio di Detroit, li conobbe ancora molto giovani proprio mentre presentavano un loro demo presso la radio in cui lavorava. Intuendo immediatamente le potenzialità del gruppo, li mise sotto contratto (col tempo i tre poi si resero conto di aver firmato un contratto-capestro) e imbastì per loro una campagna promozionale senza precedenti nella storia del music-business americano ed arrivò a tappezzare la Times Square di New York, un po' il cuore commerciale del mondo, di enormi manifesti con i volti del ragazzi del trio.
La loro produzione è importante poiché rappresentano un rock statunitense in difficoltà in quei tempi di fronte allo strapotere delle band inglesi (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull etc).
I componenti, seppur non eccellendo singolarmente, si rivelarono un ottimo trio ed ebbero in Mark Farner[2] (cantante, chitarrista e autore della maggior parte della loro produzione artistica, insieme a Brewer) il loro leader, soprattutto per la sua voce.
Con il disco We're an American Band, e l'aggiunta ufficiale del quarto elemento alle tastiere, (Craig Frost), la band raggiunge ormai il pieno successo commerciale, ma allo stesso tempo conosce un lento declino d'ispirazione per lasciar posto ad una vena artistica sempre più rivolta agli ascolti. Il loro ultimo album, Good singing good playing, del '76, famoso per l'assolo di Frank Zappa in Out to get you, tra l'altro anche loro produttore, segna la fine di un gruppo ricordato più per rappresentazioni di canzoni di altri autori alle radio dell'epoca (The locomotion o Loneliness), che per i loro meriti effettivi, anche se hanno dato le basi ad altri gruppi rock USA (Aerosmith, Bruce Springsteen...) per la scalata contro la corazzata delle band inglesi.
Dopo lo scioglimento della band nel 1976, il gruppo venne riformato una prima volta nel 1981, con modifiche nella sua composizione, per produrre due nuovi album. Dopo altri anni di inattività artistica, la ripresa avvenne nel 1997.
Terry Knight è morto il 1º novembre 2004 all'età di 61 anni. Dopo aver perso i GFR, aveva provato, nel 1971, a rilanciare le sue convinzioni sull'heavy-rock con i Bloodrock, un sestetto texano con cui pubblicherà sei album, ma senza particolari fortune, se non un 40° posto nelle hits con il singolo “D.O.A.”. Fonderà poi una sua etichetta, la Brown Bag Records per cui incisero Mom's Apple Pie, John Hambrick, Wild Cherry e Faith , anch'essi senza riscontro commerciale, che indurranno Terry a lasciare lo stardome e rifugiarsi nella cocaina; sarà poi ucciso nel suo appartamento dal convivente della figlia in Texas, a seguito del suo intervento in difesa della figlia stessa, aggredita dal compagno tossicodipendente . Verrà comunque ricordato nello show-business americano come uno dei più spregiudicati e talentuosi manager, seppure altamente dispotico e controverso. Mark Farner , dopo la tragedia, ebbe a commentare: "Dopo tanti anni avrei voluto dirgli che lo avevo perdonato, che non gli serbavo più rancore per averci derubato tutti i nostri guadagni... purtroppo adesso è tardi".

In studio
1969 - On Time
1969 - Grand Funk
1970 - Closer to Home
1971 - Survival
1971 - E Pluribus Funk
1972 - Phoenix
1973 - We're an American Band
1974 - Shinin' On
1974 - All the Girls in the World Beware!!!
1976 - Born to Die
1976 - Good Singin', Good Playin'
1981 - Grand Funk Lives
1983 - What's Funk?
1970 - Live Album
1975 - Caught in the Act
1997 - Bosnia
2002 - Live: The 1971 Tour

Informazioni Prese da Wikipedia
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By Celo

Monday, 19 April 2010

Info: ''Hey Ladies!'' (Only For Members)

Click here to view more....and good luck!

The O'Jays ''I Love Music / Love Train'' 12''

To celebrate the return of music to the masses here's one of the best 12" singles I ever purchased. I love music (over 9 minutes long) and the long version of love train as well. Ok it's over 30 years old,been to a lot of parties but ignore the crackly start and get in the groove.MFS and I Love Music,it's just right.Enjoy.

By Andy

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Shirley Scott ''Soul Song''

Shirley Scott

''Soul Song''
( LP Atlantic Records, 1968 )
Catalog # SD-1515

01 - Think (Loman Pauling)
02 - When A Man Loves A Woman (C. Lewis & A. Wright)
03 - Mr. Businessman (Ray Stevens)
04 - Blowin' In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
05 - Soul Song (Shirley Scott)
06 - Like A Lover (Bergman, Caymmi & Bergman)

Personnel & Credits:
-on 01:
Shirley Scott - organ
Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax
Specs Powell - drums
Eric Gale - guitar
-on 02, 05:
Shirley Scott - organ
Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax
Bernard Purdie - drums
Roland Martinez - Fender bass
Ray Lucas - drums
-on 03, 04:
Shirley Scott - organ
Stanley Turrentine - tenor sax
Bob Cranshaw - Fender bass
Ray Lucas - drums
-on 06:
Shirley Scott - vocal & organ
Specs Powell - drums
Eric Gale - guitar

Recorded in NYC, September 6, 7, 9, 10 1968

Organist Shirley Scott's first of three Atlantic LPs (all are very difficult to find these days) was her last recording with her husband, tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, who would soon gain great fame along with a divorce. Although Scott plays well enough and the supporting cast (which includes guitarist Eric Gale) is funky, the material is quite erratic, including Ray Stevens' "Mr. Businessman," "Like a Lover" (which has a rare vocal by the organist), and "Blowin' in the Wind." This collector's item has its interesting moments, but it is one of Shirley Scott's less significant dates.
By Scott Yanow
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By Pier

Hi Tension ''Hi Tension'' 12 Inch Limited Edition

Hi Tension

''Hi Tension''
(12 Inch Limited Edition)

The year was 1978,we'd had enough of Punk,Heavy Metal and Lover's Rock it was time for Brit Funk (Jazz Funk) to stand up and be counted! Was this the record that got us going? I think so.........................................
Island Records 12-WIP 6422-A It's time for Hi - Tension!

By Andy

Friday, 16 April 2010

Various Artists ''Disco-Trek''

Various Artists

( LP Atlantic Records, 1976 )
Catalog # SD 18158

A1 Blue Magic - Look Me Up 5:52
Arranged By - Vince Montana
Producer - Norman Harris
Written-By - Al Felder , Norman Harris
A2 Sons Of Robin Stone - Got To Get You Back 4:32
Producer, Arranged By, Conductor - Bobby Eli
Written-By - Bobby Eli , Vinnie Barrett
A3 Sister Sledge - Mama Never Told Me 5:21
Arranged By, Conductor - Tony Bell
Producer - Taylor, Hurtt & Bell (The Young Professionals)
Written-By - Phil Hurtt , Anthony Bell
A4 Clyde Brown - You Call Me Back 4:48
Arranged By, Conductor - Tony Bell
Producer - Taylor, Hurtt & Bell
Written-By - Phil Hurtt , Anthony Bell
B1 Jackie Moore - Time 4:21
Producer - Brad Shapiro , Dave Crawford
Written-By - Dave Crawford
B2 Sweet Inspirations - This World 5:45
Arranged By [Strings And Horns Arranged By] - Wade Marcus
Producer - Brad Shapiro , Dave Crawford
Written-By - Gary William Friedman , Herb Shapiro
B3 Valentinos - I Can Understand It 5:01
Producer - Bobby Womack , Marshall Brevetz
Written-By - Bobby Womack
B4 United 8 - Getting Uptown (To Get Down) 4:27
Producer - Dennis King , Jimmy Douglass
Written-By - Desmond Wray

Artwork By - Abie Sussman
Engineer - Don Murray , Jay Mickey Mark
Engineer [Assistant Engineer] - Arthur Stoppe, Jeff Stewart
Mastered By - José Rodriguez
Mixed By, Edited By - Tom Moulton
Other [Recording Supervisor] - Anita Wexler
Photography - Jerry Abramowitz
(p) © 1976 Atlantic Recording Corporation
Printed in U.S.A.

Format:Vinyl, LP
Re-mixed at Sigma Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA.
Mastered at Media Sound Studios, New York, N.Y.
"A Tom Moulton Mix"
Special thanks for permitting us to edit and revise your handiwork:
Norman Harris, Bobby Eli, Phil Hurtt, Tony Bell, LeBaron Taylor, Brad Shapiro,
Dave Crawford, Bobby Womack, Marshall Brevetz, Jimmy Douglass, Dennis King.

This is a compilation of 1972-1975 singles from Atlantic and its related labels. Despite the title, the lengthened tracks, added congas, and other sound effects, most of the tracks were cut before disco was even a viable genre. That being said, Disco-Trek is an accurate set that spotlights Philly produced songs as well southern R&B, two styles partly responsible for disco's success. The Philly sound, of course, gets the nod for its rhythmic innovations. Blue Magic's "Look Me Up" with Norman Harris producing and Vince Montana arranging, has a melodic, smooth, and effortless sound. It's a track that was made for another musical interpretation, but the Spinners; "I'll Be Around" might have been even better. Disco-Trek also has a few of the more obscure tracks to come out of Philadelphia. Compared to the standard set by Blue Magic, the tracks from Sons of Robin Stone and early Sister Sledge are less of the same. Oddly enough, the song that benefited most from the re-edit and exposure was Clyde Brown's "You Call Me Back." A perfect match of standard-issue lyrics and anonymous but competent vocals, it's likable despite the fact that Brown sings both the title and "Thank ya" over 20 times. Side two features the Southern dance music style from producers like Dave Crawford and Brad Shapiro. Jackie Moore's "Time" and the Sweet Inspirations' cover of "This World" both have more languid rhythms than their Philly counterparts. But again, they aren't "disco," either, despite the remixing. Atlantic meant serious business with this effort. All of the eight tracks were skillfully mixed and edited by Tom Moulton and remixed at Sigma Sound Studios in Philadelphia and then mastered at New York's Media Sound. While the tracks here are more like prized finds in someone's B-plus singles collection, Disco-Trek is one of the best and earliest albums to cash in on the disco craze.
By Jason Elias
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By Pier

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Acoustic Alchemy ''Against the Grain''

Acoustic Alchemy

Another one off cassette tape,the tape appears unplayed.
All songs written or co-written by members of Acoustic Alchemy.

1. Against The Grain
2. Lazeez
3. A Different Kind Of Freedom
4. Lady Lynda
5. Road Dogs
6. Shoot The Loop
7. Across The Golden Gate
8. Papillon
9. Silent Partner
10. Nouveau Tango

By the time of Against the Grain, Acoustic Alchemy's albums had become rather indistinguishable from each other. All of the records contained fine moments, but their gentle, lilting music began sounding a little formulaic. Nevertheless, that doesn't make Against the Grain a bad album -- just not a particularly noteworthy one. ~ Sara Sytsma
Recorded at Mayfair Studios and Winsford Studios, London, England; Hansa Haus, Bonn, Germany. Includes liner notes by Greg Carmichael.

Greg Carmichael (guitar)
John Parsons (electric guitar, steel guitar, dobro)
Nick Webb (12-string guitar, steel guitar)
Jerry Douglas (dobro)
Philip Todd (flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone)
Rainer Bruninghaus (piano, keyboards)
Mike Herting, Terry Disley (keyboards)
Bert Smaak (drums)
Luis Jardim (percussion).

Add Notes:
Audio Mixers: Klaus Genuit; Steve Jones .
Photographer: Chet Snedden.
Unknown Contributor Roles: Joseph Moore; Cara Bridgins; Andy Baltimore.
Acoustic Alchemy: Nick Webb, Greg Carmichael (acoustic guitar).
Additional personnel: John Parsons (acoustic & electric guitars, dobro); Jerry Douglas (dobro); Phil Todd (flute, soprano & tenor saxophones); Rainer Bruninghaus (piano, keyboards); Terry Disley, Mike Herting (keyboards); Paul Harriman (bass); Bert Smaak (drums); Luis Jardim (percussion); Iain McArthur (programming).

By Andy

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cedar Walton ''Pit Inn''

Cedar Walton

''Pit Inn''
( LP WEA/East Wind Records, Japan, 1974 )
Catalog # EW 7009 or 9126 010 (France Reissue)

1 Sweet Sunday
2 Con Alma
3 Without A Song
4 Suntory Blues
5 Round Might
6 Fantasy In " D"
7 Bleeker St. Theme

Billy Higgins - Drums
Sam Jones - Bass
Cedar Walton - Piano

Release Date: December 23, 1974
Rare LP recorded in Japan by the pianist together with bassist Sam Jones & drummer Billy Higgins.

By Pier

Who dat?

Monday, 12 April 2010


The Who ''Who's Next'' (Deluxe Edition)

The Who

''Who's Next''
(Deluxe Edition) (2003)
( Original LP released on Track Records, Catalog # 2408 102, UK, 1971 )

Disc: 1
1. Baba O'Riley
2. Bargain
3. Love Ain't For Keeping
4. My Wife
5. The Song Is Over
6. Getting In Tune
7. Going Mobile
8. Behind Blue Eyes
9. Won't Get Fooled Again
10. Baby Don't You Do It (Bonus Track)
11. Getting In Tune (Bonus Track)
12. Pure And Easy (Bonus Track)
13. Love Ain't For Keeping (Bonus Track)
14. Behind Blue Eyes (Bonus Track)
15. Won't Get Fooled Again (Bonus Track)
Disc: 2
1. Love Ain't For Keeping (Live At The Young Vic)
2. Pure And Easy (Live At The Young Vic)
3. Young Man Blues (Live At The Young Vic)
4. Time Is Passing (Live At The Young Vic)
5. Behind Blue Eyes (Live At The Young Vic)
6. I Don't Even Know Myself (Live At The Young Vic)
7. Too Much (Live At The Young Vic)
8. Of Anything (Live At The Young Vic)
9. Getting In Tune (Live At The Young Vic)
10. Bargain (Live At The Young Vic)
11. My Generation (Live At The Young Vic)
12. (I'm A) Road Runner (Live At The Young Vic)
13. Naked Eye (Live At The Young Vic)
14. Won't Get Fooled Again (Live At The Young Vic)

Album Information:
Original Release Date: March 25, 2003
Produced by: The Who
Associate Produce: Glyn Johns
Executive Producers: Kit Lambert, Chris Stamp, Pete Kameron
Violin on ''Baba O'Riley'' produced by Keith Moon
Roger Daltrey: Vocals
Keith Moon: Drums, Percussion
John Entwistle: Bass, Brass, Vocals, and Piano on ''My Wife''
Pete Townshend: Guitars, VCS3 Organ, A.R.P. Synthesizer, Vocals, and Piano on ''Baba O'Riley''
Nicky Hopkins: Piano on ''The Song Is Over'' and ''Gettin' In Tune''
Dave Arbus: Violin on ''Baba O'Riley''

It seems amazing that a band that frequently smashed their instruments and set off smoke bombs on stage would be able to sit down and write a thoughtful and calm album. Even though for some time they were listed as the World's Loudest Rock Band, you wouldn't know it from this album. At a time when The Who were delving deep into the art of musical composition, this record almost seems strangely out of place. Following the successful rock opera Tommy, and immediately preceding another rock opera, Quadrophenia, this conventional rock album doesn't really fit into the direction The Who seemed to be headed in. However, Who's Next is actually partially comprised by a double rock opera named The Lifehouse Project that wasn't finished until year 2000. The Who's Next portion of this project contains the story of total contamination of the world via pollution, and everyone wears ''Lifesuits'' that simulate a life from within the house. A man starts up a rock concert where people do not have to wear 'Lifesuits' due to the fact that they are outside the pollution's range, and when the police storm it, the 'perfect'note is hit, and everyone watching and in the concert disappears. With The Lifehouse Project supposedly a disaster, it turned out to be a great step for The Who, for when Who's Next was released in 1971, it would become The Who's finest hour, as it became the most successful album ever recorded by the band.
Recorded and Mixed by Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios
All songs published by Towser Tunes, BMI
All songs composed by Pete Townshend except ''My Wife'', composed by John Entwistle

''Who's Next'' album cover booklet

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Courtesy of Frs-One

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Blue Mitchell ''Step Lightly''

Blue Mitchell

''Step Lightly''


This is a vinyl copy of album re-issued in NZ 1982 on World Record Club.
Recorded on August 13th 1963. The Blue Note original was never released in NZ.
Catalog # WC 4467

2.Sweet and lovely
4.Step lightly
5.Cry me a river

Blue Mitchell - Trumpet
Joe Henderson - Tenor Saxophone
Leo Wright - Alto Saxophone
Herbie Hancock - Piano
Gene Taylor - Bass
Roy Brooks - Drums

This August, 1963 session was Blue Mitchell's first as a leader for Blue Note, but remained unreleased until 1980, by which time the soulful trumpeter had already passed away. Ironically, it's also never been issued on CD in the US, and this 1994 Japanese edition is currently the only way to own it in that format. While Mitchell's later BN dates with his own working quintet are rightly considered his best, the lineup on STEP LIGHTLY (Joe Henderson on tenor, Leo Wright on alto, Herbie Hancock on piano and longtime Mitchell associates Gene Taylor and Roy Brooks on bass and drums respectively) offers a unique opportunity to hear him fronting what was, in retrospect, almost an all-star band.
Blue seldom composed more than one tune on any of his '60s dates; here he composed none. Instead, just as he would highlight the music of Jimmy Heath on THE THING TO DO a year later, Mitchell here focuses on compositions by the multigifted Henderson. "Mamacita" opens things in a lively Latin fashion which would serve as the template for Blue's own self-penned openers on subsequent sessions; and the title track, recorded here for the first time, has become a classic for its elegantly moody atmosphere. The standards "Sweet and Lovely" and "Cry Me a River" are handled nicely, with Hancock providing the splendid runs and solos (to say nothing of the perfectly tossed chords) so typical of his work at this time. The saxophonists too have many fine moments, but Mitchell is right out in front - and in fine form - most of the time. The brief, bouncing "Bluesville" takes things out on an up note, concluding a session which, the liner notes suggest, may have been rendered obsolete by Blue's discovery of his own musical vision - and his own unit - a few months hence. In any case, fans of Blue Mitchell and/or Blue Note as it was way back then are advised to seek out this album, difficult as that no doubt is to do.

By Andy

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Johnny Lytle ''Done It Again''

Johnny Lytle

''Done It Again''

( LP World Pacific Jazz Records, 1967)
Catalog # PJ-10125 or ST-20125

Done It Again (Johnny Lytle) - 2:27
People (Jule Styne/Bob Merrill) - 3:27
Sunny (Bobby Hebb) - 4:33
Sleepy Dozer (Johnny Lytle) - 4:10
Zote (Johnny Lytle) - 3:19
Jungle Child (Johnny Lytle) - 4:52
If Ever I Should Leave You (Frederick Lowe/Alan Lerner) - 3:25
That's The Way I Feel (Johnny Lytle) - 4:18
The Nearness Of You (Hoagy Carmichael/Ned Washington) - 2:54
Happy Preacher (Bobby Hebb) - 2:27

Jimmy Foster (org)
Major Holley (b)
William "Peppy" Hinnant (d)
Johnny Lytle (vib, xyl)
Don Alias (perc)
Recorded in NYC, 1967 by Rudy Van Gelder

Issues: a-j on Pacific Jazz PJ-10125 (mono), Pacific Jazz ST-20125 (stereo).
Singles: f & a on Pacific Jazz 88142 [45].
Samplers: a also on Blue Note (E) 4940320 [CD] titled BLUE PACIFIC FUNK: WALKIN' ON THE WEST COAST. g also on EMI (Jap) TOCP-65774 [CD] titled INSPIRATIONAL PRESENTS - QUIET NIGHTS OF QUIET STARS. h also on Pacific Jazz ST-20149 titled THIS IS THE BLUES VOL. 1.
Producer: A Cinema Music Production
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Notes: Don DeMichael
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

Courtesy of Bill

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Various Artists ''Blue Funk''

Various Artists

''Blue Funk''
( Compilation, Blue Note Records, 2001 )
Catalog # 7243 5 30855 2 0

1 Blue Mitchell - Who Dun It? 3:00
Written By - Higgins
2 Lou Donaldson - Say It Loud (I'm Black And I'm Proud) 7:41
Written By - Brown
3 Big John Patton - Cissy Strut 6:58
Written By - Nocentelli/Neville/Porter/Modeliste
4 Grant Green - Ease Back 5:47
Written By - Nocentelli/Neville/Porter/Modeliste
5 Jack McDuff - Hunk O' Funk 6:02
Written By - McDuff/Jackson/Steele/Leaford/Parron
6 Candido - Tic Tac Toe 4:04
Written By - Jones/Cropper/Dunn/Jackson
7 Richard 'Groove' Holmes - Down Home Funk 4:13
Written By - Invine Jnr
8 Grant Green - Cantaloupe Woman 5:34
Written By - Dixon
9 Grant Green - I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up The Door I'll Get It Myself) 5:55
Written By - Brown
10 Ronnie Foster - Don't Knock My Love 4:32
Written By - Pickett/Shapiro
11 Lou Donaldson - If There's A Hell Below 9:05
Written By - Mayfield
12 Reuben Wilson - Bambu 8:05
Written By - Sparks
13 Bobby Hutcherson - Family Affair 4:27
Written By - Stewart

Compiled By, Other [Sleevenotes] - Dean Rudland

Format:CD, Compilation
All recordings 1968-1972 except #13 in 2000.
#13 is a previously unissued track.
No durations are given anywhere on the release. The ones listed here are taken from a CD player.

This is a very attractively priced sampler by Blue Note, issued in the early '90s on CD highlighting their deep and funky soul-jazz titles for the beat heads and emergent hip-hop nation that was sampling in earnest at the time. (Little did the label know that collectors and DJs wanted wax, not shiny little plastic.) In any case, this attractively priced sampler of BN acts from the '60s and '70s is all killer, no filler; it's heavy on funk and soul. Sure it's got the big B sharp players from the era, like Groove Holmes ("Down Home Funk"), Jack McDuff (the amazing "Hunk O Funk"), Big John Patton (with a killer cover of the Meters' "Cissy Strut"), Reuben Wilson ("Bambu") and Ronnie Foster ("Don't Know My Love"), but there's way more. Lou Donaldson and Grant Green make up the royalty for this period (the producers still hadn't realized just how happening Donald Byrd was to the emerging hip-hop generation so he's not here) and they are well represented by a few cuts each -- Donaldson's read on James Brown's "Say It Loud (I'm Black and I'm Proud)," is a monster; and Green's take on "Cantaloupe Woman" is simply bad ass. But there is some added class to this mix with Candido's smoking drum funk in "Tic Tac Toe," and Blue Mitchell's set-opening "Who Dun It." But the big surprise comes at the very end when Bobby Hutcherson clocks it all out with his uber funky soulful read of Sly Stone's "Family Affair," setting the vibe just right as a cap. A couple of these Blue Note soul-jazz comps would fuel any bash, and would provide an awesome Friday night jump to Sunday afternoon cruise control and leave the listener without a care in the world.
By Thom Jurek
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By Pier

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Akendengué ''Epuguzu'' 12'' Promo


''Epuguzu'' 12''
( 12'' Promo Disco Mix, CBS Disques, 1983 )
Catalog # SDC 97

A Epuguzu (Version Courte) 3:30
B Epuguzu (Version Longue) 4:47

Producer - Hughes De Courson
Written-By - Pierre Akendengué

WAV Format - Original vinyl rip
Tirage limité réservé à la promotion
Vente interdite au public
Ed. Clouseau Musique
(P) 1983 - CBS Disques
Format:Vinyl, 12"

By Celo

Wynton Kelly "Full View"

Wynton Kelly

(Milestone Records, 1966)
Catalog #: MLP 1004

Personnel :
Wynton Kelly Piano
Ron McClure Bass
Jimmy Cobb Drums

Recorded at Plaza Sound Studios, NYC; September 2, 27 and 30, 1966

Tracklist :
01 I Want a Little Girl
02 I Thought
03 What a Diff'rence a Day Made
04 Autumn Leaves
05 Don't Cha Hear Me Callin' to Ya
06 On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever)
07 Scufflin'
08 Born to Be Blue
09 Walk on By

* Wynton Kelly - Full View (Milestone MLP 1004, MSP 9004; Fantasy OJCCD 912-2)

Review :
Pianist Wynton Kelly's next-to-last set as a leader (he would record a slightly later date for Delmark) featured him at a time when his influence was waning and he was overshadowed by more advanced players. However, Kelly's impact would begin to grow again after his death, when the Young Lions movement began in the early '80s; certainly pianist Benny Green was greatly touched by Kelly's conception. This Milestone trio set, reissued on CD, matches Kelly with bassist Ron McClure and drummer Jimmy Cobb on a fine program mostly filled with standards but also including the then-recent Burt Bacharach hit "Walk on By" and Kelly's original "Scufflin'."
by Scott Yanow [AMG]

By Rob

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Johnny "Hammond" Smith ''Nasty!''

Johnny "Hammond" Smith

( LP Prestige Records, 1968 )
Catalog # PR 7588

If I Were A Bell
Song For My Father
Speak Low
Unchained Melody
Four Bowls Of Soup

Personnel & Notes:
Houston Person (ts)
Johnny "Hammond" Smith (org)
John Abercrombie (g)
Grady Tate (d)
Recorded in NYC, June 18, 1968
** Also part of Prestige PRCD 24244-2

On this quartet session, Johnny "Hammond" Smith was accompanied by a young John Abercrombie on guitar, Grady Tate on drums, and Prestige mainstay Houston Person on tenor sax. With the exception of "Unchained Melody," the musicians gave the tunes space, with all of the other five tracks clocking in at about seven to nine minutes. Yeah, in a sense it's run-of-the-mill as far as Prestige late-'60s soul-jazz goes: quite fine grooves, a dependable yet somewhat predictable house sound, and a reliance upon cover versions for much of the material (two-thirds of the songs, in this case). It's solidly executed, though, in a lean fashion that, to its credit, runs counter to the more excessive arrangements that were creeping into soul-jazz around this time. Smith hits a comely slow-burn groove on his version of Horace Silver's classic "Song for My Father," does a surprisingly swaggering and infectious job with the overdone "Unchained Melody," and gets down into his funkiest and bluesiest mode on the title cut, a nine-minute original composition. In 2000, this and a March 1967 session, Ebb Tide, were combined onto one compact disc titled The Soulful Blues.
By Richie Unterberger
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By Pier

Johnny "Hammond" Smith ''That Good Feelin'''

Johnny "Hammond" Smith

''That Good Feelin'''
( LP Prestige/New Jazz Records, 1969 )
Catalog # NJLP 8229

Autumn Leaves
My Funny Valentine
Bye Bye Blackbird
I'll Remember April
Billie's Bounce
That Good Feelin'

Personnel & Notes:
Johnny "Hammond" Smith (org)
Thornel Schwartz (g)
George Tucker (b)
Leo Stevens (d)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, November 4, 1959
** Also part of Prestige PRCD 24164-2

A standards-heavy set from 1959, Johnny "Hammond" Smith's That Good Feelin' is indicative of his early style. Recorded in a simple quartet setting with guitarist Thornel Schwartz (best known for his earlier work with Jimmy Smith), bassist George Tucker, and drummer Leo Stevens, all of whom provide understated but effective support -- Schwartz in particular throws in a few concise and swinging solos in the style of early Wes Montgomery -- these seven tracks are surprisingly close to the cool, cerebral style of pianists like Bill Evans or Lennie Tristano, far afield from the funky, blues-based styles of most jazz organists of the time. Part of that feel comes from the song selection, weighted toward ballads like "Autumn Leaves" (a Bill Evans favorite as well), "I'll Remember April," and the evergreen "My Funny Valentine." Smith's playing is typically excellent, though he throws some unexpected curves like a herky-jerky solo in "I'll Remember April" that sounds more like the futuristic whirrs and bleeps of a '50s science-fiction movie soundtrack than a "Brother" Jack McDuff workout. This is good to great stuff, and a welcome change from the soul-jazz clichés that would overtake organ jazz in the '60s. [The 1996 reissue of That Good Feelin' starts off with seven tracks originally released as Smith's All Soul LP, also from 1959.]
By Stewart Mason
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By Pier

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