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Lyman Woodard Organization "Don't Stop the Groove, Live"

Lyman Woodard Organization

"Don't Stop the Groove, Live"
( LP Corridor Records, 1979 )
Catalog # 1353

1 - Don't stop the groove
2 - Disco tease
3 - Ron's song
4 - Theme in Search of a Sportspectacular
5 - Down lowe
6 - Kimba
7 - Djarum

Personnel & Credits:
Alan Barnes - Sax (Tenor)
Marcus Belgrave - Trumpet
Lorenzo Brown - Percussion, Vocals
Mark Calice - Producer, Engineer, Art Direction, Mixing, Photography
Kerry Campbell - Sax (Soprano)
David Franklin - Art Direction, Photography
Joe Gruszka - Engineer
Ron Jackson - Trumpet
Robert Lowe, Jr. - Guitar, Vocals
Glenn Meadows - Mastering
Lyman Woodard - Organ, Producer

A killer little set from funky organist Lyman Woodard an old bandmate of Dennis Coffey, and one of the standout stalwarts of the 70s Detroit jazz funk scene! The set features Lyman working in a live setting grooving out over some mighty long tracks that blend jazz and soul together, in a style that's a bit like some of the best work on the Groove Merchant label from the mid 70s. Lyman himself plays organ on the set, and the group's a largeish one with some ensemble vocals on a few cuts, but a mostly instrumental sound overall. And if you're worried about the later date of the set, don't be as Lyman cuts a nice lean groove into the whole set coming up with a soulful sound that's expanded more than a smaller combo record, yet which also isn't too slick or overproduced! Marcus Belgrave plays trumpet on one track.
Recorded live in 1979 at Cobb's Corner in Detroit, Mich. LP contains 5 extended smokers, including the extremely funky and quite jazzy "Disco Tease". All-star Detroit jazz band includes Lyman Woodard on the Hammond B3, Marcus Belgrave, Leonard King, Allan Barnes and on guitar Robert Lowe.

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