Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Milano Jazz Dance Combo "Lo Greco Bros presents: Milano Jazz Dance Combo"

Milano Jazz Dance Combo
(Record Kicks, 2009)
Catalog # RKX027

Tracklisting :
01. Much More feat. Colonel Red
02. Don't Cry feat. Dionne Charles
03. Feelin Good feat. Katherine Ruestow
04. Just In Time feat. Alice Ricciardi
05. Sam Blues
06. Goodbye feat. Felix
07. Broken Rose feat. Roxie Ray
08. Iperbole
09. Please Don't Go feat. Katherine Ruestow
10. Turn Up The Heat
11. Sweet Love feat. Dionne Charles
12. Beat Under My Skin feat. Roxie Ray
13. Changes feat. Colonel Red

Press Release :
Produced by Lo Greco bros (Soulstance / Schema Records) together with Nick Recordkicks, Milano Jazz-Dance Combo is a new project heavily inspired by the great UK Jazz-dance scene of the early 80s and by all the real dancefloor jazz movements of the past 3 decades. Gianni & Enzo Lo Greco (aka Lo Greco bros) are prominent figures of Milano's new jazz scene. As Soulstance and Quintetto Lo Greco they've released 5 albums on Schema Records, produced 3 albums for Gerardo Frisina, worked amongs the others with Nicola Conte, Rosalia De Souza, produced Mario Biondi's smash single This is what you are as well as collaborated with international acts like Jobim and Lalo Shifrin. For this new project Gianni & Enzo brought together in their Milan studio, located in the fancy Isola neighbourhood 50 mt from the legendary Blue Note club, some of the best musicians from the city's jazz scene. On vocals we're pleased to welcome some truly talents of today's funk & soul scene like Colonel Red (Bugz in The Attik / Flowriders), Dionne Charles (Baby Charles), Alice Ricciardi (Nicola Conte), Roxie Ray (Dojo Cuts), Katherine Ruestow (The Diplomettes) and Felix. On the album you'll find 13 tracks of hot, fast and furious jazz-dance madness, full of rhythm, horns, percussions and groove. This is dancefloor jazz for true music lovers.

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Great post,only just released and it`s here!! Thanks for a fantastic post.I love the Le Greco Bros stuff.

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