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Freddie Roulette ''Sweet Funky Steel''

Freddie Roulette

''Sweet Funky Steel''
( LP Janus Records, 1973 )
Catalog # JLS 3053

01 - Smoked Fish 2:55
02 - Joaquin 3:55
03 - Del Conto Shuffle 5:10
04 - Cause And Effect 4:15
05 - Mr. Roulette 3:15
06 - Million Dollar Feeling 3:34
07 - Springtime 4:07
08 - Alleluia 4:30

Freddie Roulette - steel guitar
Don Sugarcane Harris - violin
Harvey Mandel - guitar
Victor Conte - bass
Paul Lagos - drums
Randy Resnick - guitar
Richard Aplanap - sax
Recorded at the Village Recorded, Los Angeles, California

The slack key and steel guitar tradition of Hawaii has been adapted for the blues by Illinois-born and San Francisco-based guitarist Freddie Roulette. Known for his cool tone and intense, high-note, squeals, Roulette provides some of the blues' most unique sounds. His 1978 debut solo album, Sweet Funky Steel, was produced by former Canned Heat guitarist, Harvey Mandel. In addition to recording as a soloist, Roulette has collaborated with bluesmen Earl Hooker and Charlie Musselwhite and guitar wizards Henry Kaiser and Steve Kinmock.
Performing mostly with obscure groups, Roulette supplements his income from music by managing a low-income apartment building in West Berkeley.
By Craig Harris (AMG)

Enticing an idea as a funky steel guitar album may be, only one and a half songs really lived up to the promise. Harvey Mandel produces this album which is a mesh of rock and blues instrumentals. Roullette's steel guitar sound is fetching enough - I like its signature whine - but most of the arrangements don't really live up to the same of "sweet" or "funky". The only one that does is "Million Dollar Feeling" which is a cook, smoky groover and benefits immensely from Victor Conte's bass work. "Alleluia" is an uptempo pacer - not bad, but it's a tad too chaotic. "Cause and Effect" could have been hot too but Don "Sugarcane" Harris' violin ruins the song in my opinion.
From Soulsides

By Pier

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