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Tom Waits & Crystal Gayle "One From The Heart" (OST)

Tom Waits And Crystal Gayle

(LP CBS Records, 1982)
Catalog # 70215

Tracklisting :
01 Opening Montage: Tom's Piano Intro/Once upon a Town
02 Is There Any Way Out of This Dream?
03 Picking up After You
04 Old Boyfriends
05 Broken Bicycles
06 I Beg Your Pardon
07 Little Boy Blue
08 Instrumental Montage: The Tango/Circus Girl
09 You Can't Unring a Bell
10 This One's from the Heart
11 Take Me Home
12 Presents

Review :
One From the Heart is the score to the most misunderstood of Francis Ford Coppola's films. Far ahead of its time in terms of technology, use of color, montage, and set design, its soundtrack is the only thing that grounds it to earth. Coppola's movie is a metaphorical retelling of the exploits of Zeus and Hera set in Las Vegas. Coppola claims to have been taken with the male-female narrative implications of the track "I Don't Talk to Strangers," off Tom Waits' Foreign Affairs album. That cut was a duet with Bette Midler. Midler wasn't available for One From the Heart, however, so Waits chose Crystal Gayle as his vocal foil. The result is one of the most beautifully wrought soundtrack collaborations in history. Along with producer Bones Howe, Waits and Gayle cut their duets largely from the studio floor, live with the small combo-style studio band that included the saxophonist Teddy Edwards, drummer Shelly Manne, trumpeter Jack Sheldon, pianist Pete Jolly, and bassist Greg Cohen, among others. The opening cut, a Waits piano intro that flows into the duet "Once Upon a Town," is a study in contrasts: first there are the stark ivories and the tinkle of a coin falling upon a bar before Waits' then-still-smoky baritone (now ravaged indescribably) entwines with Gayle's clear, ringing, emotionally rich vocal, and then joined by Bob Alcivar's string orchestrations before giving way to a jazzed-out down-tempo blues, where the pair sing in call-and-response counterpoint about the disappointments in life and love. These are echoed a couple of tracks later in another duet, "Picking Up After You," which is the ultimate starstruck breakup tune. And while there are only four duets on the entire set, they are startling in their ragged intimacy, contrasted with a stark yet elegant atmosphere and cool noir-esque irony. Gayle's solo performances on the set, which include the mournfully gorgeous "Is There Any Way out of This Dream," with beautiful accompaniment in a tenor solo by Edwards, and the shimmering melancholy of "Old Boyfriends," are among the finest in her long career. For his part, Waits' "I Beg Your Pardon" and "You Can't Unring a Bell" fit deftly into his post-beat hipster canon, though they are offered with less droll irony and more emotionally honest flair here than they would have if they were on his own solo recordings. Likewise, the piano and vocal duet of "Take Me Home" offers Waits' piano as a canny and intuitive counterpart to the deep sensuality of Gayle's vocal. One From the Heart is a welcome addition to any soundtrack library to be sure, but also an essential one to the shelf of any Waits or Gayle fan.
by Thom Jurek [AMG]

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Melvin Rhyne Trio ''Tomorrow Yesterday Today''

Melvin Rhyne Trio

''Tomorrow Yesterday Today''
( Criss Cross Jazz Records, 2003 )
Catalog # 1252

1. Lover Come Back To Me (Oscar Hammerstein / Romberg)
2. Buffalo (Kenny Dorham)
3. Jingles I (Wes Montgomery)
4. Darn That Dream (DeLange / Jimmy Van Heusen)
5. Niambi (Melvin Rhyne)
6. Five Flat Minor (Melvin Rhyne)
7. Enchantment (Horace Silver)
8. Tangerine (Schertzinger / Johnny Mercer)
9. Easy Living (Robin / Rainger)
10. Jingles II (Wes Montgomery)

Personnel & Credits:
Tad Shull Sax (Tenor)
Kenny Washington Drums
Peter Bernstein Guitar
Melvin Rhyne Organ (Hammond)

Note Info:
A Hammond B3 heavyweight since his days with Wes Montgomery, Melvin Rhyne returns to the fold for his first Criss Cross release since 2000's Classmasters.
His seventh effort for the label as a leader, Tomorrow Yesterday Today features guitarist Peter Bernstein and drummer Kenny Washington on a prime set of standards, with four cuts adding special guest tenorman Tad Shull.
Total Time: 61:50
Recorded December 11, 2003 in Brooklyn, NY, USA by Max Bolleman

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The Winstons ''Color Him Father''

The Winstons

''Color Him Father''
( LP Metromedia Records, 1969 )
Catalog # MD 1010

A1 Color Him Father 3:06
A2 I've Gotta Be Me 2:33
A3 The Chokin' Kind 2:25
A4 The Greatest Love 3:47
A5 A Handful Of Friends 3:05
A6 Everyday People 2:08
B1 The Days Of Sand And Shovels 3:58
B2 Birds Of A Feather 2:44
B3 Only The Strong Survive 3:00
B4 Traces 2:35
B5 Amen, Brother 2:35

Arranged By - Emory Gordy, Jr.
Engineer - Rodney Mills
Other [Album Designer] - Michael Mendel
Other [Art Director] - Sid Maurer
Producer - Don Carroll

Recorded at Le Fevre Sound Studios, Atlanta
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

A Washington, D.C.-based soul act led by Richard Spencer, the Winstons signed to Curtom in early 1968 and lasted there for one single, the rousing "Need a Replacement." They had a sound that was somewhat similar to the Impressions, but were unfortunate enough to have signed with Curtom before the label had national distribution, and the single never got the play it should have. A year after leaving Curtom, they hit for the Metromedia label with a huge single called "Color Him Father," which became a Top Ten R&B and pop hit, just missing number one on the R&B list, and also earned a Grammy for Best R&B Song. It was both a great tribute number and outstanding lead vocal from Richard Spencer, along with Ray Maritano, Quincy Mattison, Phil Tolotta, Sonny Peckrol, and G.C. Coleman. Mattison and Coleman were veterans of Otis Redding's band. The Winstons eventually toured as the backup band for the Impressions, but never again made any noise on the charts.
By Ron Wynn & Bruce Eder (AMG)

Also available here.

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Bobby Hutcherson ''Montara''

Bobby Hutcherson

( LP Blue Note Records, 1975 )
Catalog # BN-LA551-G

A1 Camel Rise 5:33
Arranged By - Dale Oehler
Bass - Chuck Domanico
Drums - Harvey Mason
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute - Plas Johnson
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Fred Jackson
Guitar - Dennis Budimir
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Ralph MacDonald , Victor Pantoja
Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Trumpet - Oscar Brashear
Written-By - George Cables
A2 Montara 4:57
Arranged By - Dale Oehler
Arranged By, Written-By - Bobby Hutcherson
Bass - Dave Troncoso
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Rudy Calzado , Victor Pantoja
Piano - Eddie Cano
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell , Oscar Brashear
A3 (Se Acabo) La Malanga 4:14
Arranged By - Bobby Hutcherson , Dale Oehler
Bass - Dave Troncoso
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Victor Pantoja
Percussion, Written-By - Rudy Calzado
Piano - Eddie Cano
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell , Oscar Brashear
A4 Love Song 5:35
Arranged By - Dale Oehler
Bass - Chuck Domanico
Drums - Harvey Mason
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Ralph MacDonald , Victor Pantoja
Percussion [Mallets] - Willie Bobo
Saxophone [Soprano] - Plas Johnson
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell
Written-By - George Cables
B1 Little Angel 3:53
Arranged By - Dale Oehler
Bass - Chuck Domanico
Drums - Harvey Mason
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Ralph MacDonald , Victor Pantoja
Percussion [Mallets] - Willie Bobo
Saxophone [Soprano] - Plas Johnson
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell
Written-By - Eddie Martinez
B2 Yuyo 6:40
Arranged By - Dale Oehler
Arranged By, Written-By - Bobby Hutcherson
Bass - Dave Troncoso
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Rudy Calzado , Victor Pantoja
Piano - Eddie Cano
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell , Oscar Brashear
B3 Oye Como Va 5:08
Arranged By - Bobby Hutcherson , Dale Oehler
Bass - Dave Troncoso
Electric Piano [Fender Rhodes] - Larry Nash
Flute, Saxophone [Tenor] - Ernie Watts
Percussion - Bobby Matos , Johnny Paloma , Rudy Calzado , Victor Pantoja
Piano - Eddie Cano
Trumpet - Blue Mitchell , Oscar Brashear
Written-By - Tito Puente

Personnel & Credits:
Artwork By [Art Director] - Bob Cato
Copyist - Hal Brooks
Engineer [Assistant] - Bob Merritt
Engineer [Master] - John Golden
Engineer, Mixed By - Phil Schier
Executive Producer - George Butler
Marimba, Vibraphone - Bobby Hutcherson
Other [Contractor] - Jules Chaikin
Producer - Dale Oehler
Producer [Assistant] - Allen Levy , Nduyanu Bernard Comas

Recorded at the Record Plant, Los Angeles, Ca. on Aug. 12 & 14, 1975. Mixed at Westlake Audio, Los Angeles, Ca. Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, Ca.
Format:Vinyl, LP

With the possible exception of Grover Washington's Feels So Good, no other album captured the spirit of jazz in 1975 like Bobby Hutcherson's Montara. Recorded in his hometown of L.A., Montara is the very sound of groove jazz coming out of fusion, and Latin jazz's tough salsa rhythms coming home to roost in something more warm and effluvial that would meet the populace where it was changing and mellowing out rather than making it sit up and take notice. That said, Montara is, like the Washington record, a masterpiece of the genre even though it isn't celebrated in the same way. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians -- among them Willie Bobo, Blue Mitchell, Bobby Matos, Ernie Watts, Harvey Mason, Plas Johnson, Fred Jackson, Larry Nash, and Chuck Domanico -- Montara is a portrait of Hutcherson's complex gift of subtlety and virtuosity. Whether it's the funky Weather Report dance of "Camel Rise," with Nash's electric piano and the horns weaving around one another in a soulful samba melody, the sweet soulful groove of the title track, where Hutcherson's solo lilts to the point of actually singing, the killer Cuban salsa of "La Malanga," done in complete minor-key frenzy (all the while without losing the easy, slippery grace of soul-jazz), the shimmering echoplexed electric piano and vibes interplay on "Love Song," or the steaming, burning gasoline orgy of Hutcherson's read of Santana's "Oye Como Va," with a killer flute line by Watts winding its way through a knotty bassline and multi-part percussion, the effect is the same: blissed-out moving and grooving for a summer day. Hutcherson's chameleon-like ability to shape-shift is truly remarkable as a sideman and especially as a leader. He never overplays, his charts are tight, and he always creates a band vibe. Almost all of his solo recordings reflect the strengths of the ensemble rather than his strengths as a soloist. Montara is one of the great feel-good jazz albums of the 1970s, one of the great Latin jazz albums of the 1970s, and one of the great groove jazz records. Seek it out without hesitation.
By Thom Jurek (AMG)

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Greetings from England!

Well my "tour" is going very well and I have picked up some great jazz on my travels.I will be home next weekend and will add posts as soon as I have ripped the vinyls.Looking forward to posting them,I know you will like them.

Cheers Andy

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The Jazz Convention "Up Up With The Jazz Convention"

The Jazz Convention

(Schema Records, 1998)

Personnel :
Fabrizio Bosso - Trumpet
Gaetano Partipilo - Sax
Gianluca Petrella - Trombone
Stefano Bollani - Acoustic piano
Giuseppe Bassi - Double bass
Fabio Accardi - Drums

Tracklisting :
01 Argento d'Africa (S. Bollani)
02 Modal Convention (G. Partipilo)
03 Mira (A. Hill)
04 Team Spirit (G. Bassi)
05 Memory of a Dream (G. Bassi)
06 Unit 7 (JJ. ones)
07 Amanda (D. Pearson)
08 Mr. Kenyatta (L. Morgan)
09 That's the Way It Is (G. Partipilo)
10 Saluti Dalla Penisola (S. Bollani)

Recorded at Sorriso Studio Bari Studios 2nd, 3rd, 4th, June 1997

Review :
An overlooked gem from the early years of Schema Records -- a straight jazz set that crackles with classic modal energy! The group's really a great one -- and features some tremendous trumpet from Fabrizio Bosso -- plus trombone from Gianluca Petrella, piano from Stefano Bollani, and saxes from Gaetano Partipilo -- mostly all players who've really gone on to make a name for themselves after this set! There's a really classic feel here -- somewhere between the Italian jazz of the Basso/Valdambrini group, and some of the best hardbop on Saba/MPS. The group falls into none of the cliches that you might expect -- quite a surprise at the mid 90s time of the session, but a bit more common in today's club jazz era -- and the production here is wonderful too, just right for the 60s feel of the record.
© 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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Gary Chandler "Outlook"

Gary Chandler

( LP Eastbound Records, 1972 )
Catalog # LP 9001 Stereo

Side A
Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms)
Side B
The Jet Set
Blue Dues


LABEL- EASTBOUND Records, 9001, distributed by JANUS Records.
Release Date 1972

This is the 1972 white label promo vinyl lp of the Gary Chandler album called Outlook on Eastbound Records #9001. The album includes the tracks Baby Let Me Take You (In My Arms), Flamingo, Kaleidoscope, The Jet Set & Blue Dues. Idris Muhammad plays drums on this album.

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The Beck Family ''Dancin' On The Ceiling''

The Beck Family

''Dancin' On The Ceiling''
( LP LeJoint Records, 1979 )
Catalog # LEJ 17001

Can't shake the feeling
Nobody but you
Falling in love again
Can you feel it
Dancin' Out The Ceiling
Words And Music


Label : LeJoint
Press : US
Year : 1979

Real Name:Anthony Beck, Mendy Beck, Tyrone Beck, Joanna Beck, Nick Mundy, Donald Wilson
Disco funk lp in a same feeling of LTD or Con Funk Shun.

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High Five Quintet "Jazz for More..."

High Five Quintet

(Via Veneto Jazz, 2002)

Personnel :
Fabrizio Bosso: Trumpet
Daniele Scannapieco: Tenor Sax
Luca Mannutza: Piano
Pietro Ciancaglini: Double Bass
Lorenzo Tucci: Drums

Tracklisting :
01. Ju da
02. Rong time rag time
03. The jody grind
04. Agosto
05. On the way home
06. Easy living
07. Fast mood
08. Waiting for D
09. Dear J

High Five Quintet :
Una lettura critica con approccio scientifico, umanistico, pragmatico all’hard bop. Nel calibrare il gioco delicato e mutevole tra le reazioni chimiche possibili, il quintetto ha saputo cogliere l’estensione spazio-temporale dell’estetica boppistica fino ad elaborare musica originale, che prende l’abbrivio tanto dalla bravura dei singoli, quanto dalla coesione dell’insieme, dall’interplay. I singoli, che sono Fabrizio Bosso alla tromba, Daniele Scannapieco al sax tenore, Luca Mannutza al pianoforte, Pietro Ciancaglini al contrabbasso e Lorenzo Tucci alla batteria, insieme mostrano la rifondazione del metodo della logica storica: il superamento sistematico del concetto di staticità, a fronte dell’affermazione del dinamismo inteso come crescita culturale.Gli High Five rappresentano una delle realtà più solide e ben riuscite dell’attuale stagione del jazz italiano. Il segreto del loro successo risiede nell’aver saputo elaborare una musica originale traendo ispirazione dalle sonorità che affondano le radici proprio nella più sanguigna scuola hard bop, quella degli indimenticati ed indimenticabili maestri come Art Blakey e Horace Silver. Vantano due incisioni per la Via Veneto Jazz-“Jazz For More” (2002) dove al piano era presente Julian Oliver Mazzariello e “Jazz Desire” del 2004 - ed una per la Blue Note - "Five For Fun" del 2008.Nella stagione d’oro del nuovo jazz più aperto e contaminato gli High Five sono artefici inoltre del successo inaspettato del crooner soul Mario Biondi, partecipando attivamente agli arrangiamenti e come formazione sia al disco “Handful of Soul” che alle lunghe tournée promozionali che registrano platee sempre piene. Lo swing, l’energia dell’insieme e la particolare cura per gli arrangiamenti rendono gli High Five un fenomeno unico e di grande valore come dimostra il continuo interesse da parte del pubblico.

Reviews :
Un ottimo quintetto di jazzisti molto giovani, che vede Lorenzo Tucci alla batteria, Pietro Ciancaglini al contrabbasso, Julian Mazzariello al pianoforte oltre a Daniele Scannapieco e Fabrizio Bosso rispettivamente al sax tenore e alla tromba.Sono passati sette anni da quando si è formata questa band, che si è presentata con questo bel CD di hard bop (2002 – Via Veneto Jazz), che strizza l'occhio alle produzioni Blue Note dei tardi anni Sessanta, con grande energia e grinta e con composizioni tutte originali, ad eccezione di "The Jody Grind" di Horace Silver, del blues "Easy Leaving" e della ballad di Rosario Bonaccorso "Agosto".Ottima l'intesa e di conseguenza il sound che ne scaturisce e che rende il cd molto gradevole ed affascinante, soprattutto per la forza dei fiati (Bosso – Scannapieco ) e per la sezione ritmica di grande impatto. Un'ultima nota è per la presenza di un giovane pianista, Julian Mazzariello, che dimostra una classe ed un tocco di scuola Jarrett che ben si amalgama con il sound del resto del gruppo.Un cd che non accusa gli anni passati dall'uscita e che vale sicuramente la pena ascoltare.
Massimiliano Golini

The first album by a really great Italian jazz combo -- a group who bristle with the fire and soul of older Blue Note acts from the 60s! The feel here is more conventional hardbop than some of the more groove-based club jazz coming out of the Italian scene of late -- but that's a-ok with us, because these guys have really go their chops down -- and can make even a straight ahead record like this cook with plenty of energy! Many of the tunes here are original numbers penned by members of the groups -- tracks that hit that mix of modal and soul jazz styles that resonated so strongly on mid 60s work by Hank Mobley and Lee Morgan -- and given the strong tenor work on the set by Daniele Scannapieco and trumpet by Fabrizio Bosso, the album's certainly got plenty of qualities to match the Mobley and Morgan sound!
© 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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Lo Greco Bros "Desire"

Lo Greco Bros

(UjaMM'n/Flying Records, 1996)

Personnel :
Mary Birch - Vocal on "Desire" and "Somewhere"
Licia Russo - Vocals on all tracks
D.I. (Black Machine) - Vocals on "Moving On" and "Brothers For Real"
Enzo Lo Greco - Vocals, Keyboards, Guitar, Bass
Simone Meneghello - Soprano - Alto sax and samples
Gianni Lo Greco - Drums and Percussions
Ronald Brown - Trumpet

Tracklisting :
01 Fall In Love
02 Follow Your Heart
03 Desire (DJ Skizo Remix)
04 Jazz Vibes
05 Just Another Girl
06 Brothers For Real
07 Heaven
08 Don't Let Me Lonely Tonight
09 Woman
10 Street Games
11 When I'm...
12 Somewhere
13 Jazzy Jam
14 Moving On
15 Desire (Original Version)

The Lo Greco brothers are one of the hottest and closest rhythm sections of the Italian and International scene. They are therefore very sought after Session Men by the best musicians.
During their many years of impeccable professionalism they have added a series of high profile collaborations to their curriculum, to include: Paul Jeffrey, Steve Grossman, Sal Nistico, Jerry Bergonzy, Bruce Gertz, Jhon Abercrombie, Gianni Basso, Massimo Urbani, Larry Nocella, L. Bonafede, E.Cisi, S. Fanni, G. Bedori, G. Baiocco, P. Conte, T. Ghiglioni, R. Sellani, S. Palumbo, M. Rusca, F. Boltro, P. Bassini, F. Olivieri, D. Moroni, G. Manusardi, G. Liguori, G. Cifarelli, A. Donadio, B. De Filippi, T. De Piscopo, J. Senese, T. Esposito, E. Avitabile, P. Fariselli, L. Nocella, P. Della Porta, A. Cappelletti, T.Fontana, F. Cerri, E. Intra, F. Ambrosetti, etc…in brief, the most acclaimed Italian jazz artists. Their international collaborations are just as prestigious: Chet Baker, Brian Auger, Stewe Grossman,Jimmy Glaiser, Tommy Campbell, D. Petrovick, Kurtz Well, Jimmy Owens, Harvey Mason, Mike Melillo, Alex Bally, Julius Farmer, Carl Potter, Bob Moover, Luis Agudo, Tony Scott, Mike Rosen, Sonnie Taylor, George Achedo, Bob Porcelli, Candelo Cabezas, Rachel Zed, Jimmy Ohwens, Whoody Show, and many more.
The Lo Greco Brothers came on the Italian music scene in 1985 with ‘Coca e Rhum’, an album in collaboration with C. Cifarelli. In 1988 they recorded ‘Up Trio, and album in collaboration with F. Boltro, M. CoIombo and C. Cabesaz, in which their instrumental ability which goes beyond virtuousity. In 1990 they recorded ‘Full Time’ with G. Visibelli, D. Faiella, M. Colombo, D. Di Gregorio under the Italian Jazz label Splash Rec.; a piece which takes different directions with personal musical touches.
In 1993 they recorded ‘Segreti d’Autore’, a Cd comprising 13 original pieces which share a sense of melody and rhythm whilst intertwining jazz and some typical Mediterranean sounds, bringing the Greco Brothers back to their roots. Later they recorded ‘The Jazzy Rap Night’, a live CD in collaboration with Radical Stuff, toying with the idea of fusing together two musical cultures which stem from the same ‘Black American’ social structure yet have different places in history. That is: jazz, traditionally a cultured and artistic type of music, and Hip Hop, the manifestation of inadequacy and contemporary social protest. The end result of this historic ‘Live’ is a distinctive blend of music with exceptional and innovative energy.
At this point in their career, their desire to continually renew themselves leads them to England and other Northern European countries such as Holland, Germany, France, Belgium and Scandinavia, with a series of gigs in clubs and theatres, collaborating with the first Nu Jazz, trip hop and Drum n Bass DJ’s on the scene. The result was a record for U Jammin label in London and Flyng Records in Italy, which, considering the time, is and always will remain the first true Nu Jazz album. Mixing a DJ’s vynl grooves with jazz musicians who improvise rythms and solos over melodies such as Coltrane’s ‘Love Supreme’, gillespie’s ‘Night in Tunisia’ or Miles Davis’ ‘Freedom Jazz dance’. The subsequent tours and series of events give birth to more material, and therefore more albums.
Their journey leads them to Luciano Cantone, a renowned editor and producer for Schema Records, whose synergy gives birth to soulstance, a new project comprising four albums: 1.En Route, 2.Act On, 3.Life Zize, 4.Lead the way 5. and a special edition of SHAKTI' (EMI) TRUE SEMPLICYTY And LOVE released in the US. As well as many singles dedicated to the Nu Jazz scene, with hommages to the past like Jobim, In the eye of this musical storm, in a scene inspired by rare album collections to new musical worlds, a new and important collaboration is born with a very prominent figure: Gerardo Frisina, DJ and producer, as well as a fantastic collaborator and friend, with which 3 albums and numerous singles were produced; many remixes for various labels and artists (see G. Frisina) Schema Rec. Meeting and collaborating with Nicola Conte, another Schema Rec. producer and DJ, is as intense and interesting. They worked together on some titles for his first solo project ‘jet sound’ and on various remixes on behalf of other artists and label producers.
At the same time, the Greco brothers never abandon their pure Jazz objectives, and compose ‘reflections’, an album which encloses a thought of great elegance and style matured through the years and a rich baggage of artistic maturity which brings them to the logical progression of the Quintetto Lo Greco with the album ‘Snap count’, which will go on to become their defining achievement in a string of successes.
The latest Lo Greco creation is ‘Vertical Groove’, which goes beyond electro funk and broken beat music and was born from and idea and collaboration with Piergiorgio Capozza - an important dj and producer and organizing of clubnights in the Nu jazz scene ( Their first three tunes are currently gaining recognition with various clubs and Dj’s worldwide, whilst they prepare a high impact album for enthusiasts.

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Various Artists ''The Masters Series-Philly Soul''

Various Artists

''The Masters Series-Philly Soul''
( Compilation Sony Music, 2009 )

1. The Intruders - (Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner
2. The O'Jays - Back Stabbers
3. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - The Love I Lost
4. MFSB - T.S.O.P. (The Sound Of Philadelphia)
5. The Three Degrees - Dirty Ol' Man
6. The Tymes - You Little Trustmaker
7. The Trammps - Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
8. Archie Bell & The Drells - Soul City Walk
9. The O'Jays - Love Train
10. Billy Paul - The Whole Town's Talking
11. The Three Degrees - Year Of Decision
12. MFSB - Love Is The Message
13. The Intruders - I'll Always Love My Mama (Part 1)
14. Archie Bell & The Drells - Let'S Groove
15. Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Is There A Place For Me
16. The Jacksons - Even Though You'Re Gone
17. Robert Upchurch - The Devil Made Me Do It
18. The Trammps - Where Do We Go From Here?

Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: The Masters Series - Philly Soul
Year Of Release: 9 Mar 2009
Label: Sony Music

By Pier

Jimmy Smith ”Six Views Of The Blues”

Jimmy Smith

”Six Views Of The Blues”
( BLue Note Records, 1958 )
Issued in 1999
Catalog # 21435

1 St. Louis Blues [#] Handy 8:38
2 The Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Koffman 3:55
3 Blues, No 1 [#] Smith 6:25
4 Blues No. 3 [#] Smith 7:10
5 Blues No. 4 [#] Smith 10:45
6 Blues No. 2 [#] Smith 9:00

Personnel & Credits:
Donald Bailey Drums
Art Blakey Drums
Kenny Burrell Guitar
Michael Cuscuna Producer, Liner Notes
Alfred Lion Producer
Alfred Lyon Producer
Ron McMaster Mastering
Cecil Payne Sax (Baritone)
Jimmy Smith Organ
Rudy Van Gelder Engineer
Francis Wolff Photography

This is quite an unusual date for Jimmy Smith during his Blue Note years. He leads a quartet with baritone saxophonist Cecil Payne, guitarist Kenny Burrell and either Art Blakey or Donald Bailey on drums, one of the rare occasions he didn’t use Lou Donaldson during this period. Except for a remake of Moe Koffman’s hit “Swingin’ Shepherd Blues,” the remaining music remained unreleased until 1999, possibly because of minor sound flaws and the all-blues play list, according to reissue producer Michael Cuscuna. Regardless, this is great music that needs to be explored. Smith is still the master when it comes to slow blues on his instrument, and both Payne and Burrell contribute strong solos, especially during an extended “St. Louis Blues.” Smith’s four original blues are also very enjoyable. Because this release is a limited edition, pick it up before it disappears for good.
By Ken Dryden (AMG)

By Pier

Jimmy Smith ”Plays Pretty Just For You”

Jimmy Smith

”Plays Pretty Just For You”
( LP Bue Note Records, 1957 )
Catalog # BLP 1563
** Also issued on Blue Note BST 81563

I Can’t Get Started
The Very Thought Of You
Autumn In New York
Old Devil Moon
East Of The Sun
Penthouse Serenade
Jitterbug Waltz
The Nearness Of You

Personnel & Notes:
Jimmy Smith (org)
Eddie McFadden (g)
Donald Bailey (d)
Recorded at Manhattan Towers, NYC, May 8, 1957

By Pier

Sunday, 25 October 2009

S-Tone Inc. "Moon In Libra"

S-Tone Inc.

(Schema Records, 2009)

Tracklisting :
01. Copacabana Soul
02. My Only Man
03. Queen Of The Night
04. How High Is The Moon
05. Lua E Xango
06. Stormy
07. Ponta Da Pedra
08. Universe Of Love
09. Dona Luna
10. Better Than A Lie
11. Stormy (Bossa Mix)

Review :
Great grooves from S-Tone -- the best album so far from Stefano Tirone, thanks to a range of great singers and musicians on the set! There's a warmly acoustic vibe here -- one that's rooted in bossa, but which also has some of the club jazz elements you'd expect from Schema Records -- a mix of live instrumentation and a few rhythm programs -- blended together beautifully with impeccable production that gives the whole record an "instant classic" sort of feel! Horn parts bring in a depth of feeling that we've never heard before on an S-Tone record -- and the singers really open things up too -- adding layers of soul that further expand the warmth at the core of the compositions, taking the music into some really bold territory. Only about half the tracks have vocals -- from singers who include Angie Brown, Rosalia De Souza, Laura Fedele, Daniel Richards, Kai Dos Santos, and Adi Souza.
Dusty Groove America

By Rob

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Cunnie Williams ''Comin' From The Heart Of The Ghetto''

Cunnie Williams

''Comin' From The Heart Of The Ghetto''
( LP Yo Mama's Recording, 1993 )
Catalog # YO 0904-1

A1 Comin' From The Heart Of The Ghetto
A2 I Don't Know Why
A3 What Is Black Music?
A4 My Father's Words
A5 Suddenly It's Magic
B1 I Have A Dream
B2 Settle For My Love
B3 How Can I Make You See
B4 Do I Have To?

Producer - Ralf Droesemeyer

Format:Vinyl, LP

Courtesy of Funkysoul59

Friday, 23 October 2009

Benny Golson ''New Times, New 'Tet & The Best Of '' (FLAC)

Benny Golson

''New Times, New 'Tet & The Best Of ''
( Concord Records, 2009 )

1. Grove's Groove
2. Airegin
3. From Dream to Dream
4. Whisper Not
5. Epistrophy
6. L'Adieu
7. Love Me In A Special Way
8. Gypsy Jingle-Jangle
9. Verdi's Voice
10. Uptown Afterburn

Note Info:
"New Time, New 'Tet", Benny Golson's first new album in several years and already climbing the charts, features a modern version of one of his favorite forms, the sextet -- or as he calls it, the 'jazztet'. This record is his first album since 2004's "Terminal 1" which followed his appearance in the Steven Spielberg's movie "The Terminal". Joining with the legendary saxophonist to form the group and also help bring back his signature 'three horn' sound are trombonist Steve Davis and trumpeter Eddie Henderson, who has the difficult task of emulating long-time Golson collaborator Art Farmer on trumpet and lugelhorn. Filling out the sextet are pianist Mike LaDonne, bassist Buster Williams, and percussionist Carl Allen.The ten tracks include some of Golson's own classic pieces, such as "Whisper Not," here given the added delight of an Al Jarreau vocal, and some newer compositions too. "Uptown Afterburn" is a tune that would have been completely at home in the bebop era of Golson's younger days. Also on board are pieces from other jazz legends, including Sonny Rollins' classic, "Airegin" and "Epistrophy", an outstanding and irresistible rendition that composer Thelonious Monk would have loved. Golson's sax is especially nice here with his breathy style on full display. Golson draws from some eclectic source material, including an elegant but soulful cover of El DeBarge's "Love Me in a Special Way," which features particularly warm solo statements from the leader and Davis."It's interesting to note that Golson has also included a couple of tracks that feature his take on classical music. Good stuff". - Geezmusicclub "New Times New 'Tet" is an album with an implied 'suite', in which Benny Golson joins new compositions inspired by Giuseppi Verdi and Frederic Chopin to a standard jazz repertoire.In fact "his arrangements morph the music of Verdi into the jazz waltz "Verdi's Voice", and Chopin's ballad "L'adieau" into a showcase for Henderson's muted trumpet". - J.B.Spins The artistic result is philosophical musing that erupts into a street party. The album is a uniquely engaging suite of songs that give each member of this juggernaut sextet room to blow. "We've got some serious bop going on here, from new originals to covers of warhorses like Thelonious Monk's "Epistrophy" and Sonny Rollins's "Airegin" to jazz arrangements of pieces by Chopin and Verdi. It's true that Golson, who turns 80 this month, is looking back 50 years with this sextet, but he's also still looking ahead"- Boston Globe The album debuts at # 8 of Billboard Top Jazz Albums.

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Billie Poole "Confessin' The Blues!" (FLAC)

Billie Poole

"Confessin' The Blues!"
(LP Riverside, 1962)
Catalog # RLP 458

Personnel :
Billie Poole - Vocals
Junior Mance - Piano
Kenny Burrell - Guitar
Bob Cranshaw - Bass
Mickey Roker - Drums

Tracklisting :
01 Confessin' the Blues
02 Them Blues
03 God Bless the Child
04 I Worry 'Bout You Mapp
05 Jailhouse Blues
06 Stormy Weather
07 The Man That Got Away
08 Keep Your Hand on Your Heart
09 Ain't That Love
10 Alone Together
11 When Your Well Runs Dry
12 Stormy Monday

* Billie Poole - Confessin' The Blues! (Riverside RLP 458, RS 9458; Fantasy OJCCD 1886-2)

Review :
This set brings back the second of two Riverside albums cut by singer Billie Poole. Other than a single from a few years earlier, the two sets were Poole's entire recording legacy. Poole was an expressive singer who felt most comfortable on blues-oriented material. For this date, she was assisted by an unbeatable rhythm section (guitarist Kenny Burrell, pianist Junior Mance, bassist Bob Cranshaw, and drummer Mickey Roker) and performed mostly vintage material, with a few more recent songs added for variety. Poole sounds fine on such tunes as "Confessin' the Blues," "Stormy Weather," "Alone Together," and even "God Bless the Child."
by Scott Yanow (AMG)

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By Rob

Gene Page ”Love Starts After Dark”

Gene Page

”Love Starts After Dark”
( LP Arista Records, 1980 )
Catalog # 4262

Tracklisting :
Side One
1. LOVE STARTS AFTER DARK ( Leon Silver. Time 5.32)
2.WITH YOU IN THE DARK (Leon Ware, Herb Alpert. Time 4.00 )
3. PUT A LITTLE LOVE IN YOUR LOVIN ( Ray Parker Jr. Time 5.40 )
4. SECOND TIME AROUND (Emmeeett North, Robert Jackson, Tony Churchill. Time 4.50 )
Side Two
1. YOU ARE THE MEANING OF THIS SONG (Leon Siver, Nidra Beard. Time 3.33 )
2. HOLD ON TO THAT GROOVE ( Eddy Watkins, Phillys St. James. Time 5.54 )
3. HOLLYWOOD ( Joe Sample, Wil Jennings. Time 4.35 )
4. I WANNA DANCE ( Gerard, Lon Van Eaton. Time 3.45 )

Personnel & Credits :
DRUMS: Ed Greene.
BASS: Eddie Watkins.
GUITARS: Charles Fearing, Paul Jackson jr., Emmett North, Ray Parker Jr., Thom Rotella, Tommy Tedesco,
Wah Wah Watson.
SINGERS: Alex Brown, Mercy Clayton, Sylvia Cox, Jackye Gerard, Yvonne Hill, Ray Parker Jr., Francy Pearlman, Pat Powdrill,
Dorie Pride, Phyllis St. James, Charmaine Silvers, Sybil Thomas, Carla Vaughn.
KEYBOARDS: Sonny Burke, Gene Page.
PERCUSSION: Jack Ashford,Eddie Brown, Olie Brown, Gary Coleman.
HORNS: Darren Carmichael, Kurt Mc Gettrick, Allen Mc Grier, Edward Meyers, John Mitchell, Wayne Preston,Les Thaler, John Thomas.
CONCERTMASTER: Harry Bluestone.
SYNTHESISERS: Todd Cochran, Steve Caplan.


Info note:
Arranger Gene Page’s appealing orchestrations were a hallmark of million-selling hits by Barry White, various Motown acts, Johnny Mathis Deniece Williams, Whitney Houston, Peaches Herb, Kenny Rogers, the Righteous Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, the Whispers, Gladys Knight, and a slew of others. Page arranged the bulk of Mathis’ LPs of the ’70s and ’80s, with “Feelings” being among the best. Page also scored TV shows and movies.

b. Eugene Edgar Page Jr., 13th September 1938, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
d. 24th August 1998, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
Gene Page was born in Los Angeles.
He was taught piano by his father and went on to win a four-year scholarship to the Brooklyn Conservatory.
Back in Los Angeles he found work arranging demo tapes, and in 1962 was hired by Reprise Records as their arranger.
His early successes included ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’ for The Righteous Brothers and ‘The In Crowd’ for Doble Gray, alongside hits for The Drifters, The Mama’s & The Papa’s, Barbra Streisand and Solomon Burke’s ‘Got to Get You off My Mind,’ number one R & B for three weeks in early 1965.
He also arranged numerous records for the Motown label.
On meeting Barry White, he was hired to work with Love Unlimited, his first collaboration with them being ‘Walking In The Rain With The One I Love’.
Gene went on to co-arrange the strings on every Barry White hit in the 70’s, while also showcasing his own arranging skills through Love Unlimited and The Love Unl imited Orchestra, and eventually his own albums ‘Hot City’ (1975) and ‘Lovelock’ (1976) featuring Merry Clayton and Augie Johnson, for Atlantic Records.
From 1977 to 1980 he recorded as a solo artist for Arista (including a disco single ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’, 1977, and ‘Love Starts After Dark’, 1980).
Gene has arranged strings on a number of hits and classic recordings for artists including Diana Ross (’Touch Me In The Morning’), Diana Ross / Lionel Richie (’Endless Love’), Aretha Franklin (’It Only Happens When I Look At You’), Johnnie Taylor (’What About My Love’ and ‘Just Ain’t Good Enough’), Johnny Mathis, The Four Tops, The Jones Girls, Deniece Williams (’I Found Love’), Jackson Sisters (’I Believe in Miracles’), Nancy Wilson, Natalie Cole, Eloise Laws (’Baby You Lied’), Dionne Warwick, The Gap Band, Carrie Lucas, Carl Anderson, Gerald Alston (’Take Me Where You Want To’), Kiki Dee, Randy Edelman, Lamont Dozier, Anita Baker (’The Songstress’), The Mac Band, Shalamar (’High On Life’ and ‘Take That To The Bank’), The Whispers, Peabo Bryson & Roberta Flack (’Tonight I Celebrate My Love’), Whitney Houston (’You’re Still My Man’) and Elton John (’Philadelphia Freedom’).
He has also written and / or produced for Stanley Turrentine (’Midnight And You’, 1974), Paul Kelly (’Stand On The Positive Side’, 1976) and Maxi Anderson (Maxi, 1977), amongst others.
In the autumn of 1999, two Barry White ‘best-of’ sets that feature Page-arranged tracks, ‘All Time Greatest Hits’ and ‘Greatest Hits Volume 1′, were on Billboard’s Top Pop Catalog Albums charts, due in part to White’s appearances on televisions ‘Ally McBeal’.
Gene Page died from a long term illness in his native Los Angeles in 1998.
From Soulwalking

Published: 27.12.07

By Pier

Gene Page ''Hot City''

Gene Page

''Hot City''
( LP Atlantic Records, 1974-'75 )
Catalog # SD 18111

A1 All Our Dreams Are Coming True 4:00
A2 Jungle Eyes 4:50
A3 She's My Main Squeeze 3:58
A4 Gene's Theme 3:28
A5 I'm Living In A World Of Gloom 3:33
B1 Don't Play That Song 4:25
B2 Satin Soul 4:23
B3 Cream Corner (Get What You Want) 3:44
B4 To Be Bone

Personnel & Credits:
Arranged By, Conductor - Gene Page
Artwork By [Art Direction, Design] - Basil Pao
Artwork By [Lettering] - Gerard Huerta
Bass - Wilton Felder
Concertmaster - Jack Shulman
Congas - Joe Clayton
Drums - Ed Greene
Engineer - Frank Kejmar
Flute [Solo], Saxophone [Solo] - Ernie Watts
Flute, Saxophone - Ernie Watts
Guitar - David T. Walker, Dean Parks, Melvin (Wah Wah) Ragin, Ray Parker, Jr.
Keyboards - Barry White , Clarence McDonald, Gene Page
Other [Music Preparation] - George Annis, Jack Shulman
Other [Orchestra Management] - Olivia Page
Percussion - Gary Coleman
Photography - Chris Callis
Producer - Barry White

Recorded at Whitney Studios, Glendale, California
1974 Atlantic Recording Corporation
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album

Arranger Gene Page's appealing orchestrations were a hallmark of million-selling hits by Barry White, various Motown acts, Johnny Mathis & Deniece Williams, Whitney Houston, Peaches & Herb, Kenny Rogers, the Righteous Brothers, Aretha Franklin, Elton John, the Whispers, Gladys Knight, and a slew of others. Page arranged the bulk of Mathis' LPs of the '70s and '80s, with "Feelings" being among the best. Page also scored TV shows and movies.
Born in Los Angeles, Page studied classical music during his youth. Winning a scholarship to the Brooklyn Conservatory, Page moved to New York. His first big break in the recording field was doing the string arrangements for the Righteous Brothers' "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'," which parked at number one pop for two weeks and hit number three R&B on the Billboard charts in late 1964, early 1965. He also arranged Dobie Gray's "The In Crowd," number 11 R&B, and Solomon Burke's "Got to Get You off My Mind," number one R&B for three weeks, both early 1965.
Page first met Barry White when he and the future "Icon of Love" co-arranged Bob and Earl's "Harlem Shuffle" for Marc Records, number 44 R&B, late 1963. In the mid-'60s, when White was hired by Bob Keane for his Bronco/Mustang labels, he hired Page to do arrangements.
In 1968, Bronco/Mustang folded and White started doing freelance independent production. Though White recorded sides for Larry Marks on BMC, Malcolm Hayes on OKeh, and Brendetta Davis on Liberty, and wrote and produced songs for NBC-TV's Saturday morning kids show The Banana Splits, they were lean times. Page helped him out by giving him arranging assignments and non-repayable loans.
White's fortunes began to turn for the better after he met the female singing trio of Glodean & Linda James and Diane Taylor at a recording session where they were doing background vocals. After he renamed the trio Love Unlimited, he worked with them for over a year, developing their vocals, writing songs for them, and recording their tracks.
Meanwhile, Page's busy recording career was now being augmented by film and TV work. He scored the soundtrack for Sid & Marty Krofft's H.R. Pufnstuf, which premiered on NBC-TV's Saturday morning lineup in September 1969. His brother Billy Page wrote "Some Beautiful," the first single from Pufnstuf star Jack Wild's debut album, The Jack Wild Album on Capitol. Page also composed the soundtrack for the 1970 Robert Altman movie Brewster McCloud, released on MGM Records.
Billy also produced Gene's Music From the Original Soundtrack Blacula. Originally issued by RCA Records in the summer of 1972, the soundtrack to the classic horror film starring Shakespearean actor William Marshall and Ketty Lester was one of Gene's first efforts as a recording artist. The Hues Corporation of "Rock the Boat" fame were featured in the movie and on the LP. It was reissued by Razor & Tie in summer 1998.
Larry Nunes, a friend of White's, took one of the recordings to Russ Regan, who was the head of the Uni label owned by MCA. "Walkin' in the Rain (With the One I Love)," with White "phoning" in his part, went gold, peaking at number six R&B, number 14 pop on Billboard's charts in spring 1972. Love Unlimited's From a Girl's Point of View became a million-seller. Soon after, Regan left Uni for 20th Century Records. Without Regan, White's relationship with Uni soured.
With his relationship with Uni in chaos and Love Unlimited contract-bound with the label, White decided he needed to work with another act. He wanted to work with a male artist. He made three song demos of himself singing and playing the piano. Nunes heard them and insisted that he re-record and release them as a recording artist. They argued for days before Nunes somehow convinced White to do it, and White signed with 20th Century Records where Regan was president; Page did the arrangements on his early '70s hits. This decision led to White having a gold- and platinum-laced recording career. White got a contractual release from Uni for Love Unlimited and they joined him at 20th Century.
On Love Unlimited's second 20th Century album In Heat, issued in fall 1974, Gene Page arranged the majestic ballad "I Belong to You," which went to number one R&B in late 1974. In Heat, Love Unlimited's most exciting album, featured the same top-notch studio band heard on White's hits, Page's and White's dynamic arrangements, the follow-up single "Share a Little Love in Your Heart" (number 21 R&B, spring 1975), the standout tracks "Move Me No Mountain" and "I Needed Love-You Were There," a long version of "I Belong to You," and "Love's Theme" -- with lyrics. White continued to use Page's talents on his productions for himself, Love Unlimited, and the Love Unlimited Orchestra.
Gene Page recorded several albums, with the 1978 Arista LP Close Encounters being the most successful. The title track, a disco cover of the John Williams theme from the 1977 Steven Spielberg/Richard Dreyfuss movie, charted at number 30 R&B in early 1978.
In fall 1999, two Barry White best-of sets that feature Page-arranged tracks, All Time Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits Volume 1, were on Billboard's Top Pop Catalog Albums charts, due in part to White's appearances on Fox-TV's Ally McBeal.
Gene Page died in his native Los Angeles in 1998.
By Ed Hogan (AMG)

By Pier

South Froggies "Nu Jazz Factory"

South Froggies
(Blue Flame, 2007)

Tracklisting :
01 South Froggies Street
02 Basin Street Blues [Remix 07]
03 London Swinging
04 Jazzion
05 Transition
06 Nu Jazz Connection
07 Jazz Per Tutti
08 Lounge & Kitch-End
09 Dub Jazz
10 Saved in Downtown
11 Spectacle
12 Jazzion [Remix]
13 South Outro

Notes :
Nati nel 2000 grazie a Jean-Luc Prosperi, alias Dj Rubio, membro della band latin-underground Cormano y el su Grupo, i South Froggies esplorano il mondo di nu jazz ed elettronica. Il gruppo è anche composto dal giovane dj francese sulla cresta dell'onda Alan Parker Lewis, da Colonel Nico, chitarrista della band reggae francese Poupa Claudio negli anni '80, e da Christophe Guiraud, più noto come Mr. Cheb, che si era fatto notare sin dai tempi del conservatorio a Marsiglia dove è stato premiato come miglior musicista jazz. Dopo aver partecipato a numerose compilation, tra cui anche l'album "Saint Germain Café; vol. 1", nel 2005 la band dà il benvenuto a William Davood, un virtuoso giovane sassofonista capace di apportare al gruppo il suo fantastico talento e le sue profonde influenze di jazz classico. Mentre molta della musica elettronica prodotta ai nostri giorni sembra essere obsoleta sin dalla sua nascita, in "Nu Jazz Factory" possiamo sentire qualcosa di veramente nuovo che attinge all'esperienza dei giganti del jazz. Ideale per allietare l'atmosfera di casa o per dare un po'sollievo all'i-pod, l'album scorre sensuale tra ritmi ed atmosfere jazzy con beats guidati dalla potente linea di basso. Il risultato è irresistibile: classe pura.

South Froggies was formed in 2000 by Jean-Luc Prosperi alias DJ Rubio. He had been a member of Cormano Y El Grupo, a Latino underground band. DJ Rubio wanted to explore electronic nu-jazz and so he founded South Froggies.He first collaborated with a young popular French DJ from the south, Alan Parker Lewis. Later on they were joined by mixing engineer Colonel Nico, who had been a guitar player for the French reggae band Poupa Claudio in the 80's and would now bring his magic touch. Colonel Nico introduced DJ Rubio to guitar player Christophe Guiraud alias Mr Cheb, who was a grand prize winner in the jazz section at the Marseille Conservatory. When the band isn't playing Mr Cheb is very sought after by many French artists for live as well as studio recordings. Between 2001 and 2005 the band produced tracks for various compilations including the very popular Saint Germain Cafe Vol.1. In 2005 the band welcomed William Davood, a young virtuoso sax player and a grand prize winner of the Toulon Conservatory who brought his fantastic talent and very strong classical jazz influences. Finally in 2006, DJ Rubio and his childhood friend, music and movie producer Laurent Hatchwell decided to create their own label in order to provide complete creative freedom to the SOUTH FROGGIES. While much electronic music seemingly comes with an expiration date and built-in obsolescence, the sound of South Froggies on "Nu Jazz Factory" is enduring and undoubtedly takes a cue from the jazz masters in terms of longevity. Smooth, down-tempo grace flows through the veins of their music.

By Rob

Willis Jackson & Richard "Groove" Holmes ''The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Live On Stage''

Willis Jackson & Richard "Groove" Holmes

''The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions: Live On Stage [Live]''
( Black & Blue Records, 2003 )
Catalog # 957

1. Y' Understand Me 7:43
2. Body And Soul 6:34
3. More 9:10
4. Satin Doll 12:08
5. My One And Only Love 6:25
6. The Head Tune 8:58
7. The Man I Love 8:09
8. Bar Wars 8:34

Personnel & Credits:
Xavier Brunetière Digital Remastering
Brigette Charvolin Photography
Jean Marc Fritz Graphic Design, Direction
Steve Giordano Guitar
Richard "Groove" Holmes Organ
Roger Lee Humphrey Drums
Willis "Gator" Jackson Sax (Tenor)
Gerhard Lehner Engineer
Bernard Niquet Liner Notes
Jean Michel Proust Graphic Design, Direction

By Pier

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Magic Of Pirates

Lalo Schifrin ''Piano Strings & Bossa Nova'' (FLAC)

Lalo Schifrin

''Piano Strings And Bossa Nova''
( LP MGM Records, 1962 )
Catalog # SE 4110
Also Reissued on Verve Records 589 763-2

1. Wave, The
2. Insensatez
3. You And Me (Voce E Eu)
4. Lalo’s Bossa Nova (Samba Para Dos)
5. Silvia
6. Murmurio (Murmur)
7. Maria
8. Rapaz De Bem
9. Samba No Perroquet (Parrot Samba)
10. Rio After Dark
11. Time For Love
12. I’m Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover

Lalo Schifrin (arranger, piano)
Jim Hall (guitar)
Chris White (bass)
Rudy Collins (drums)
Carmen Costa, Jose Paulo (percussion)
Recorded in New York, New York on October 24-25, 1962. Originally released on MGM (4110). Includes liner notes by Leonard Feather.

PIANO, STRINGS AND BOSSA NOVA is packaged in a miniature LP sleeve featuring artwork from the original vinyl release.

Review :
A wonderful album from Lalo Schfrin! This one mixes together bossa piano and sweeping string arrangements — in a style that’s incredibly dark-edged and driving, with a sound that’s at once spooky and lovely — a dancing groove that makes the best tracks really sparkle! The album’s light years away from other “piano with strings” albums of the time — proof that Schifrin was easily one of the most imaginative forces of his generation, and an arranger who really helped reshape music in the 60s.
© 1996-2009, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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