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Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Sonny Rollins ''Love At First Sight''


Sonny Rollins

''Love At First Sight''
( LP Milestone Records, 1980 )
Catalog # M-9098

01 Little Lu (Rollins) 6:38
02 The Dream That We Fell Out Of (Clarke) 4:14
03 Strode Rode (Rollins) 7:33
04 The Very Thought Of You (Noble) 5:38
05 Caress (Duke) 7:25
06 Double Feature (Clarke, Rollins) 4:51

Personnel & Notes:
Sonny Rollins (tenor sax, lyricon on track 2)
George Duke (acoustic and electric piano, except on track 6)
Stanley Clarke (electric bass)
Al Foster (drums, except on tracks 4 & 6)
Bill Summers (congas, percussion, only on tracks 1, 3 & 5)
Recorded May 9th - 12th 1980. Mixed and Mastered at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley.

Sonny Rollins has an all-star backup band on this 1980 release: keyboardist George Duke, bassist Stanley Clarke, drummer Al Foster and on some selections percussionist Bill Summers. The music ranges from "The Very Thought of You" and a remake of "Strode Rode" to some more lightweight group originals. Decent music but nothing that memorable occurs
Scott Yanow (AMG)


Thursday, 16 December 2010

Lionel Hampton & Friends ''Rare Recordings Vol. 1 (1965 & 1977)''


Lionel Hampton & Friends

''Rare Recordings Vol. 1 (1965 & 1977)''
( Telarc Telarchive, 1965 & 1977 )
(FLAC Format)

EAC RIP | FLAC+CUE+LOG+HQ-Covers(400Dpi) | 375Mb+8Mb
All Tracks were recorded in 1977, except “Stardust”, which was recorded in 1965
For Recording Dates Per Track See Booklet-04

01. Seven Come Eleven
02. Line For Lyons
03. Cherokee
04. So Long Eric
05. I Know That You Know
06. Stardust
07. Cute
08. Sweet Sue
09. Slop
10. Gerry Meets Hamp

Ricky Ford – Tenor Saxophone
Dexter Gordon – Soprano Saxophone
Dexter Gordon – Tenor Saxophone
Lionel Hampton – Vibes
Earl Hines - Piano
Hank Jones – Piano
Thad Jones – Trumpet
Charles Mingus – Bass
Gerry Mulligan – Sax (Baritone
Bucky Pizzarelli – Guitar
Buddy Rich – Drums
Dannie Richmond – Drums
Woody Shaw - Trumpet
Lucky Thompson – Soprano Saxophone
Jack Walrath – Trumpet
Teddy Wilson – Piano
Teddy Wilson Jr. – Drums
Oliver Jackson – Drums
Paul Jeffrey – Tenor Saxophone
Steve Marcus – Soprano Saxophone
Bob Neloms – Piano
Grady Tate – Drums
Candido – Conga
Coleman Hawkins – Tenor Saxophone
George Duvivier – Bass
Clark Terry – Trumpet
Milt Hinton – Bass
J.J. Johnson – Trombone
Osie Johnson – Drums
Barry Kiener - Piano
Peter Matt – Horn
Arvell Shaw - Bass
Tom Warrington – Bass
Tom Warrington – Trumpet
Sam Turner – Conga

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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Lionel Hampton ''Vintage Hampton – Rare Recordings With All-Star Guests''

Lionel Hampton

''Vintage Hampton – Rare Recordings With All-Star Guests''
( Telarc Telarchive, 1977 )
( FLAC Format )

Short comment:
During 1977, vibraphonist Lionel Hampton had the opportunity to record full albums with all-star groups headed by Charles Mingus (a nonet also including Woody Shaw and Gerry Mulligan), Mulligan, Dexter Gordon, Buddy Rich, Teddy Wilson and Earl Hines, among many others. This is another album from these sessions and is highly enjoyable !!!

Ricky Ford - Tenor Saxophone
Dexter Gordon - Soprano Saxophone
Dexter Gordon - Tenor Saxophone
Lionel Hampton - Vibes
Earl Hines - Piano
Hank Jones - Piano
Thad Jones - Trumpet
Charles Mingus - Bass
Gerry Mulligan - Sax (Baritone
Bucky Pizzarelli - Guitar
Buddy Rich - Drums
Dannie Richmond - Drums
Woody Shaw - Trumpet
Lucky Thompson - Soprano Saxophone
Jack Walrath - Trumpet
Teddy Wilson - Piano
Teddy Wilson Jr. - Drums
Oliver Jackson - Drums
Paul Jeffrey - Tenor Saxophone
Steve Marcus - Soprano Saxophone
Bob Neloms - Piano
Grady Tate - Drums
Candido - Conga
Coleman Hawkins - Tenor Saxophone
George Duvivier - Bass
Clark Terry - Trumpet
Milt Hinton - Bass
J.J. Johnson - Trombone
Osie Johnson - Drums
Barry Kiener - Piano
Peter Matt - Horn
Arvell Shaw - Bass
Tom Warrington - Bass
Tom Warrington - Trumpet
Sam Turner - Conga

For Personnel Per Track See Booklet-02b

01. Peggy's Blue Skylight
02. Apple Core
03. Lullaby of Birdland
04. Take the 'A' Train
05. Midnight Blues
06. The Man I Love
07. Blues for Gates
08. Fatha Meets Gates
09. As Long As We're Here
10. Fables of Faubus
11. Blues for Gerry

All Tracks Were Recorded In 1977
Michael Bishop - Digital Remastering
Bill Titone - Producer
Robert Woods - Executive Producer

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Monday, 13 December 2010

Lionel Hampton & The Golden Men Of Jazz ''Live At The Blue Note'' ( Just Jazz, 1991 )

Lionel Hampton & The Golden Men Of Jazz

''Live At The Blue Note''

( Just Jazz, 1991 )
(FLAC Format)

Telarc Jazz Digital Recording | 1991 | Jazz | EAC RIP |
FLAC+CUE+LOG+HQ-Covers(400Dpi) | 306Mb+7Mb
Recorded Live at the Blue Note, NYC, June 11-13, 1991

The second of two volumes by “the Golden Men of Jazz” at the Blue Note in New York, this CD is not at the same level as the first with several almost chaotic spots; listen to how Lionel Hampton tries to hog the spotlight on “Ring Dem Bells.” There are some good moments from Clark Terry, James Moody and Al Grey (although Harry Edison and Buddy Tate show their age a bit) but the earlier release, Live at the Blue Note, is a better performance. Nevertheless it’s a collectors item for the Hampton fans !!!!

01 Corner Pocket
02 Just Jazz
03 Body and Soul
04 God Bless the Child
05 Ring Dem Bells
06 Flying Home

Lionel Hampton – Vibes
Harry “Sweets” Edison – Trumpet & Flúgelhorn
James Moody – Tenor Saxophone
Buddy Tate – Tenor Saxophone
Al Grey – Trombone
Hank Jones - Piano
Milt Hinton – Bass
Grady Tate – Drums

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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Johnny Hammond ''Gambler's Life''


Johnny Hammond

''Gambler's Life''
(LP Salvation Records, 1974 )
Catalog # SAL-702 S1

1. Gambler's Life (5:45) [Larry Mizell]
2. Rhodesian Thoroughfare (6:06) [Chuck Davis, Sigidi]
3. This Year's Dream (6:19) [Johnny Smith]
4. Star Borne (7:51) [Larry Mizell]
5. Back To The Projects (5:36) [Larry Mizell]
6. Yesterday Was Cool (6:50) [Larry Mizell, William Jordan]
7. Virgo Lady (6:41) [Johnny Smith]
8. Call On Me (4:30) [Fonce Mizell, Larry Mizell]

Backing Vocals, Arranged By [Vocals] - Fonce Mizell , Freddie Perren , Larry Mizell
Bass - Henry Franklin , Tony Dumas
Clavinet, Trumpet - Fonce Mizell
Congas - King Errisson
Drums - Fritz Wise , Harvey Mason
Guitar - John Rowin , Mel Bolton , Melvin Ragin
Percussion, Vocals - Stephanie Spruill
Piano - Jerry Peters
Piano [Electric], Synthesizer - Johnny Hammond
Producer - Larry Mizell
Saxophone - Carl Randell, Jr
Synthesizer [Solina] - Larry Mizell
Trombone - Al Hall



An amazing bit of jazz funk from Johnny Hammond -- and one of his greatest LPs! This is the first album that Johnny recorded with Larry Mizell, cut right before the pair of them went onto do the landmark Gears album. While this one never became as famous as Gears, it's got some fantastic moments that are every bit as great -- a perfect blend of Mizell's spacey fusion and Hammond's fiercely soulful soloing, with lots of great jazzy changes to keep the pace fresh throughout. Includes the great spacey jazz cuts "Star Borne" and "Yesterday Was Cool", the latter of which is an excellent piece of work by Larry Mizell -- plus the cuts "Back To The Projects", "Gambler's Life", "Rhodesian Thoroughfare", and "Virgo Lady". Plus, the CD features 4 bonus tracks that represent some of Johnny's best work for the Kudu label -- including "Rock Steady", "Higher Ground", "Breakout", and "Who Is Sylvia".

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Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Johnny Hammond ''Gears''

Johnny Hammond

( LP Milestone Records, 1975 )
Catalog # M-9062

A1 Tell Me What To Do 5:16
A2 Los Conquistadores Chocolatés 5:56
Vocals [Recitation] - William Jordan
A3 Lost On 23rd Street 6:36
B1 Fantasy 6:06
Written-By - Hammond, L. Mizell
B2 Shifting Gears 5:19
B3 Can't We Smile 4:35

Hadley Caliman Gears Sax (Tenor)
Johnny Hammond Organ, Main Performer, Performer, Synthesizer, Piano (Electric)
Julian Priester Gears Trombone
Chuck Rainey Bass (Electric)
Roger Glenn Flute, Vibraphone
Kenneth Nash Percussion
William Jordan Recitation
Jerry Peters Piano, Piano (Electric)
Sigidi Gears Conductor
Michael White Violin
Harvey Mason, Sr. Drums
Craig McMullen Guitar
Fonce Mizell Vocals (Background), Producer, Clavinet, Vocal Arrangement
Larry Mizell Arranger, Vocals (Background), Producer, Vocal Arrangement, Solina

Produced for Sky High Productions, Inc.
Recorded at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, July 1975.
Remixed at Sound Factory, Hollywood, September 1975.
Harvey Mason appears courtesy of Arista Records. Roger Glenn appears courtesy of Prestige Records.
Format:Vinyl, LP, Album


Gears was organist Johnny 'Hammond' Smith's 32nd album. A talented player, he'd been recording since 1958, and after many successful years at the Prestige label, he cut a series of increasingly funky releases for Creed Taylor's CTI label in the early 70s.
Gears, his first for the Milestone imprint saw him stretching out his soulful, economic style of playing over six extended workouts. The album is as much about the production and writing skills of Larry and Fonce Mizell (their second collaboration with Hammond) as much as Hammond’s remarkable playing. The Mizells had worked at Motown, and separated from the label to found their own Sky High Productions.
Their work with artists such as Donald Byrd showed them departing from commerciality to create a wild brew of very 70s grooves; synthesisers and striking vocal arrangements that were both in-step with and ahead of their time.
Gears is like a text book for jazz-funk. The rhythm section of Harvey Mason Snr and Chuck Rainey are right there on the one throughout, allowing Hammond, guitarist Craig McMullen and the horn section to go with the Mizzell Brothers' directions.
The funk workout of Los Conquistadores Chocolates, with its chiming guitar, was picked up by David Mancusco at his legendary New York venue, The Loft. Lost On 23rd Street provides a dreamy city soundscape
But it is Can't We Smile that perfectly encapsulates the chilled ethos that courses through Gears. Sounding at least 20 years ahead of its time, it's a slow-moving masterpiece of languid voices and piano, with breathtaking contributions from Michael White on violin. It’s no wonder that DJs such as Mr Scruff compiled this in the 21st Century.
At once sophisticated, joyous and accessible, Gears had a profound influence on UK funkateers, and still sounds as fresh today as it did in the mid 70s.
From BBC Music Reviews

Biography by Ron Wynn (AMG)

Organist. He is also known as Johnny "Hammond" Smith to distinguish him from the more famous record producer, executive, and critic and/or his son. An organist in the soul-jazz mode, he had a brief moment in the spotlight with the '70s album Breakout, where his version of "It's Too Late" with Grover Washington, Jr. and Hank Crawford was a huge East Coast radio hit. Hammond is a competent, sometimes funky player.

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Monday, 6 December 2010

Freddie Robinson ''The Coming Atlantis'' (Later Titled "Black Fox")

Freddie Robinson

''The Coming Atlantis''

(Later Titled "Black Fox")
( LP World Pacific Jazz, 1969 )
Catalog # ST-20162

A1 Before Six
A2 The Coming Atlantis
A3 (I'm A) Fool For You
A4 Freddy's Sermon
B1 Black Fox
B2 The Oggum Boogum Song
B3 Rita
B4 Monkin' Around
Bonus Tracks:
After Hours
Black Fox (Alt Take)

Arranged By, Conductor - Monk Higgins
Orchestra arranged and conducted by Monk Higgins

Format:Vinyl, LP
World Pacific Jazz Series

Short Info:
Freddy Robinson was a jazz vocalist, guitarist, and harmonica player. Although a capable solo artist, he worked extensively as a sideman and session musician. In 1978 he converted to Islam and changed his name to Abu Talib.
Abu Talib
f/k/a Freddy Robinson
b. February 24, 1939 in Memphis, Tennessee
d. October 8, 2009 in Lancaster, California


A sweet album of funky guitar tracks, with Freddy Robinson out front over a bunch of tight LA Monk Higgins arrangements. Kind of a sleeper that hasn't really gotten as many props in the groove scene as it ought to, with a great sunny west coast 60s soul jazz vibe running throughout. Joe Sample provides warm keys, Paul Humphrey is snapping nicely on the drums, and the group kicks on tracks like "Before Six", "Black Fox", and "Monkin Around".
© 1996-2010, Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dr. Lonnie Smith & Crash ''The Doctor Is In''

Dr. Lonnie Smith & Crash

''The Doctor Is In''
( Cellar Live Records, 2004 )
Catalog # CL090603

Recorded "live" at the Cellar Jazz Club, Vancouver in 2003.
Format: Album
Country: Canada
Released: 2004

1 Nick`s Kick
2 Lonnie`s commentary #1
3 Lonnie`s Blues
4 Lonnie`s commentary #2
5 Play it back
6 Your Mama`s got a complex
7 Scream
8 Sideman
9 Love Bowl

B3 Organ Dr Lonnie Smith
Bass Mark Humeniuk
Guitar Dave Sikula
Alto Sax Cory Weeds
Tenor Sax Jerry Cook

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By Bill

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The Bob Marley & The Wailers Collection

The artist who made Jamaican music world famous... This is a nearly complete collection of Robert Nesta Marley's music...

Labels: Island Records, Tuff Gong, Studio One, Trojan Records, Upsetter, Maroon.

Info links:
Discogs: Bob Marley, The Wailers, Bob Marley & The Wailers.
Wikipedia: Bob Marley, The Wailers, Bob Marley & The Wailers.
Allmusic: Bob Marley, The Wailers, Bob Marley & The Wailers.

Format: MP3, various bit-rates
Size: ~7.44 GB, 64 RAR files.
Password: U.E.P.M.F.M.F.M.F.E.

Download links:
The Wailers (1965) - The Wailing Wailers
The Wailers (1970) - Soul Rebels
The Wailers (1971) - Soul Revolution
The Wailers (1971) - Soul Revolution Part II
The Wailers (1971) - The Best Of The Wailers
The Wailers (1973) - African Herbsman
The Wailers (1973) - Burnin'
The Wailers (1973) - Catch A Fire
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1974) - Natty Dread
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1974) - Rasta Revolution
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1976) - Rastaman Vibration
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977) - Exodus
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1978) - Kaya
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1979) - Survival
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - Uprising
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1983) - Confrontation
Deluxe Editions:
The Wailers (1973) - Burnin' (Deluxe Edition 2004)
The Wailers (1973) - Catch A Fire (Deluxe Edition 2001)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1976) - Rastaman Vibration (Deluxe Edition 2002)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977) - Exodus (Deluxe Edition 2001)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1984) - Legend (Deluxe Edition 2002)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977) - Early Music Featuring Peter Tosh
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977) - The Birth Of A Legend
Bob Marley (1981) - Chances Are
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1984) - Legend
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1986) - Rebel Music
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1991) - Simmer Down At Studio One Vol 1
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1992) - Songs Of Freedom
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1994) - The Wailing Wailers At Studio One Vol 2
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1995) - Natural Mystic - The Legend Lives On
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1998) - The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 Part 1
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1998) - The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 Part II
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1999) - The Complete Bob Marley & The Wailers 1967-1972 Part III
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2000) - The Complete Upsetter Collection (1970-71)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2001) - One Love - The Very Best Of Bob Marley & The Wailers
The Wailers (2002) - Dub Marley
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2004) - Ammunition Dub Collection
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2004) - Fy-Ah Fy-Ah (JAD Masters 1967-70)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2004) - Grooving Kingston 12 (JAD Masters 1970-72)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2004) - Roots Of A Legend
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2006) - One Love At Studio One 1964-1966
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2007) - Another Dance - Rarities From Studio One
Live (Tuff Gong)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1973) - Talkin' Blues (1991)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1975) - Live! (Live At The Lyceum)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1976) - Live At The Roxy (2003)
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1978) - Babylon By Bus
Live (Other)
The Wailers (1973) - Jah's Love - Live At The Paris Theatre, London
The Wailers (1973) - Live At The Record Plant, Sausalito
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1975) - Live At Quiet Knight Club, Chicago
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1977) - Live In London
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1978) - Live At One Love Peace Concert, Kingston
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1979) - 79' Sunplaza Show
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1979) - Live In Japan
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - In Living Colour
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - Live At Rockpalast
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - Live In Milano
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - Live In Zimbabwe
Bob Marley & The Wailers (1980) - The Last Concert
The Wailers (1993) - The Never Ending Wailers
Bob Marley (1997) - Dreams Of Freedom - Ambient Translations Of Bob Marley In Dub
Bob Marley (1999) - Chant Down Babylon
Bob Marley (2001) - Shakedown - Marley Remixed
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2007) - Roots, Rock, Remixed
Bob Marley & The Wailers (2008) - Remixed And Unmixed

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Houston Person ''All Soul''

Houston Person

''All Soul''
( High Note Records, 2005 )
Catalog # HCD 7146

1 Why not
2 All soul
3 Bossa for baby
4 Wonderland
5 Let it be me
6 So what
7 Time stood still
8 Two RB`s
9 Please send me someone to love
10 Put it right there

Houston Person tenor sax,Per-Ola bass
Randy Johnston guitar
Eddie Allen trumpet
Stan Hope piano
Chip White drums

Recorded at Rudy van Gelder Studios, 2005

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By Bill

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Dr. Lonnie Smith ''The Art Of Organizing''

Dr. Lonnie Smith

''The Art Of Organizing''
( Criss Cross Records, 2009 )
Catalog # 1318

1 When we kissed last night
2 My little suede shoes
3 This ain`t right
4 Polkadots and moonbeams
5 Softly as in a morning sunrise
6 Turning point
7 Night song
8 Too damn hot

Dr Lonnie Smith Hammond b3
Peter Bernstein guitar
Billy Drummond drums

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By Bill

Don Patterson ''Movin` Up''

Don Patterson

''Movin` Up''
( LP Muse Records, 1977 )
Catalog # MR 5121

1 Room 608
2 Bossa de Leon
3 Trenton makes the World takes
4 The World of Susie Wong
5 The good life
6 Harold`s house of jazz

Don Patterson organ,ARP String Ensemble
Ritche Cole Alto Sax
Billy James Drums
Vic Juris Guitar

Produced by Fred Seibert & Richie Cole

This date was produced much more by Richie Cole than me, but I learned a lot during the session. Mostly, it was firsthand experience with the darker side of the jazz life. But I loved the almost pop quirks of Don’s song selection when he gave a wonderful reading of the obscure theme song to the almost forgotten movie of the novel The World of Suzie Wong.

Fred Seibert

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By Bill

Charles Lloyd ''One Night With Blue Note Vol.4'' FLAC

Release Date: 1985
File Type: tracks+.cue + Artwork
Quality: FLAC
Bitrate: lossless
Total Time: 37:00
Total Size: 205 MB

01. The Blessing
02. Tone Poem
03. Lady Day
04. El Encanto
05. How Long
06. When You Wish Upon A Star
07. Jumpin’Jack

Charles Loyd – tenor saxophone, flute
Michel Petrucciani – Piano
Cecil McBee – Bass
Jack DeJohnette – Drums
Stanley Jordan – Guitar (on tracks 06 & 07)

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Gene Ammons ''My Way''

GA_My Wayfront1

Gene Ammons

''My Way''
( LP Prestige Records, 1971 )
Catalog # PR 10022

A1 Chicago Breakdown 9:35
A2 What's Going On 4:18
A3 A House Is Not A Home 3:40
B1Sack Full Of Dreams 6:25
B2 Back In Meridia 4:20
B3 My Way 6:00

Personnel & Credits:
Robert Prado, Ernie Royal (tp -1,2)
Garnett Brown (tb -1,2)
Gene Ammons (ts)
Richard Landry (ts -1,2)
Roland Hanna (el-p)
Ted Dunbar (g -1,2)
Chuck Rainey (el-b -1,2)
Idris Muhammad (d -1,2)
Omar Clay (per -1,2)
Yvonne Fletcher, Patricia Hall, Loretta Ritter, Linda Wolfe (voice -1,2)
Bill Fischer (arr, cond -1,2)
unidentified strings (-1)
Arranged By, Conductor - Bill Fisher
Engineer - Rudy Van Gelder
Producer - Bob Porter

Format:Vinyl, LP
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, NJ, July, 1971


Review by Scott Yanow (AMG):
Few of Gene Ammons's recordings from his final period (1969-74) have been reissued on CD and it is doubtful that many people are waiting anxiously for this one. The great tenor is heard mostly tackling commercial material such as "What's Going On," "A House Is Not a Home" and "My Way" on this R&B-ish effort. While Ammons sounds fine (his tone was never to be denied), the dated arrangements and unimaginative playing by the rhythm section (what is Roland Hanna doing on electric piano?) largely sink this effort.

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Branford Marsalis Quartet ''Music From Mo' Better Blues''

Branford Marsalis Quartet

''Music From Mo' Better Blues''
( CBS Records 1990 )
Catalog # 467160 2, CK 46792

1 Harlem Blues 4:50
Vocals - Cynda Williams
2 Say Hey 3:18
3 Knocked Out The Box 1:35
4 Again, Never 3:54
5 Mo' Better Blues 3:39
6 Pop Top 40 5:40
Vocals - Denzel Washington , Wesley Snipes
7 Beneath The Underdog 5:06
8 Jazz Thing 4:50
Producer - Branford Marsalis , DJ Premier
Vocals - Gang Starr
9 Harlem Blues (Acapulco Version) 4:47
Vocals - Cynda Williams

Personnel & Credits:
Bass - Robert Leslie Hurst III
Drums - Jeff "Tain" Watts
Piano - Kenny Kirkland
Producer - Bill Lee (tracks: 4, 5) , Delfeayo Marsalis (tracks: 2, 3, 6, 7) , Raymond Jones (tracks: 1, 9)
Saxophone [Tenor], Saxophone [Soprano] - Branford Marsalis
Trumpet - Terence Blanchard

Music from the motion picture by Spike Lee.
Correct Artist name: Branford Marsalis Quartet Featuring Terence Blanchard

Spike Lee's film on the life of a jazz musician features some wonderful music, but in its slapdash construction and melodramatic hokiness, it does little to illuminate the nature of the profession it attempts to explore. Lee, whose father was a noted bass player, has an unquestionably vast knowledge of the jazz idiom and the kind of life that goes with it. But the conflict between a personal and professional life that can become a problem for so many musicians -- as it is for Lee's protagonist, Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington) -- is dealt with in only the most glib and superficial manner. A gifted trumpet player who can't decide which of his two women he cares for, he's reluctant to do the "mo better" when he feels he should be practicing, as though vital musical fluids might somehow be drained from his body. There's some amusing by-play among the musicians, and Wesley Snipes makes a strong impression as Bleek's sax player, but the film contains none of the intensely competitive, hothouse atmosphere of this musical world. The problem of the exploitation of musicians is addressed only in a repulsively anti-Semitic caricature of a pair of Jewish club owners. To top everything off, the film's ludicrous, deus ex machina ending is as bad as anything Hollywood pumps out at its worst. Still, there are some things to like, including the standup comedy of the late Robin Harris, the vibrant camera work of Ernest R. Dickerson, and Terence Blanchard's bracing score.
Michael Costello (AMG)

Also on line:
Covers here.

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Friday, 26 November 2010

The New Mastersounds Featuring: Dionne Charles ''Plug & Play''

The New Mastersounds Featuring: Dionne Charles

''Plug & Play''
( One Note Records, 2008 )

Released: Jun 2008

1. Hole In The Bag (3:22)
2. I Mean It So feat. Dionne Charles (3:45)
3. Thermal Bad (4:09)
4. Looking For An Answer feat. Dionne Charles (3:29)
5. Altitude (5:58)
6. Kuna Matata (3:19)
7. Chrysalis (3:29)
8. Idris (3:49)
9. All We Can Do feat. Dionne Charles (4:45)
10. Beyond The Bleak Horizon (5:14)
11. King Comforter feat. Dionne Charles (3:51)

"Like Fred Wesley & The New JB's, Bobby Byrd, Marva Whitney or Maceo & The Macks in their day, the Mastersounds know groove and furrow it out like hogs on truffles." Jambase Review

"Here's a marriage made in heaven: The New Mastersounds with Dionne Charles." Mark Lamarr - BBC Radio Two

"There is a good reason why these guys are the daddies of the UK scene and it is all in this album. Soul, Afro-funk, New Orleans-Funk and one blinding piece of Soul-Jazz. Plug & Play is simply a non-stop party". Craig Charles Funk & Soul Show

"The New Mastersounds are an organ-heavy group from Northern England who are in love with old American boogaloo records of all stripes (jazz, soul, funk and whatever else gets you on the dancefloor). Beloved for their energetic live shows, the New Mastersounds are joined here (about half the time) by Dionne Charles, a ferocious R&B belter who triumphs on tunes like "All We Can Do" and "Looking For An Answer." While it may initially seem like the band's appeal is limited to mod-suited soul nostalgia, jam rockers, crate diggers and night clubbers will definitely dig the New Mastersounds". Nick Dedina,

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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Houston Person ''Chocomotive'' The CD Re-Issue

Houston Person

( The CD Re-Issue )
( Original on Prestige Records, 1967 )
Catalog # PR 7517

Personnel & Notes:
Frankie Jones (tp, d)
Houston Person (ts)
Cedar Walton (p)
Bob Cranshaw (b)
Alan Dawson (d, vib)
Recorded in NYC, June 14, 1967

Since I Fell For You
Up, Up And Away
You Are Going To Here From Me
Girl Talk
Close Quarters

Some jazz improvisers believe that appealing to R&B and pop fans is beneath them, but Houston Person never had that elitist mentality. The big-toned tenor titan was always a communicator; though he has first-rate chops and can easily sail through difficult bop changes, Person doesn't value pyrotechnics over feeling and emotion. Consequently, albums like Chocomotive have managed to reach a lot of R&B and pop fans who don't necessarily buy a lot of jazz.
Person was 32 when he recorded this excellent LP, which employs Cedar Walton on piano, Bob Cranshaw on bass, Frankie Jones on drums, and Alan Dawson (who was primarily a drummer) on vibes. No organist is employed, but even without the mighty Hammond B-3, Chocomotive is a fine soul-jazz/hard bop date. True to form, Person is as expressive on ballads (including "You're Gonna Hear From Me" and Neal Hefti's "Girl Talk") as he is on a hard-swinging blues like the title track. And the saxman really pours his heart into a blues-drenched performance of Buddy Johnson's "Since I Fell for You." Person also tackles the Fifth Dimension's corny "Up, Up and Away," but don't snicker -- after he gets through with the tune, it becomes a swinging soul-jazz instrumental. Even if "Up, Up and Away" isn't your favorite Fifth Dimension hit, you have to admire Person's ability to give it an interesting makeover.
In 2001, Fantasy reissued five of this LP's seven tracks on a 78-minute CD titled Trust in Me (Prestige 24264), which also contains the Trust in Me LP in its entirety. Due to space limitations, "Girl Talk" and "Up, Up and Away" were omitted from Fantasy's Trust in Me CD. And for that reason alone, collectors who have this LP should hold on to it.
From AMG



We are ever searching for the original LP...if anyone had it, please send a drop to us! Thanks.


Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hot Ice ''No.1''

Hot Ice

( LP Rage Records, 1976 )
Catalog # RHL-022

A1 Disco Summer 5:36
A2 Dancing Free 9:30
B1 Do It Slow 5:42
B2 Up Off Your Ass 6:20
B3 It's Time To Leave The Disco 4:10


Producer - Bobbie Webb
Written-By - S. Sailes

Format:Vinyl, LP
Published by Complex Music.
Excellent self released boogie/funk out of the LA area.


Monday, 22 November 2010

Washington Jamb Band ''Gonna Get Your Cherry''

Washington Jamb Band

''Gonna Get Your Cherry''
( LP Leo Records, 1977 )
Catalog # T-113

A1 Can't Hide The Funk 3:35
A2 Gonna Get Your Cherry 4:10
A3 Midnight Stroker 3:30
A4 Chazz Jazz 2:30
A5 Instrument Soul 3:30
A6 In The Clouds 2:35
B1 Bolo 4:10
B2 Living In Style 3:15
B3 The Funky Get Down 4:05
B4 Who Want To Fall In Love 3:45
B5 People 3:00



Format:Vinyl, LP

Covers here.

Popsike quote here.

Source: Internet

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Chris Joss ''Presents Monomaniacs''

French multi-instrumentalist and music producer extraordinaire Chris Joss is back again with a new album Monomaniacs Volume 1. Like a long lost vintage LP plucked from a time capsule buried sometime in the 1970’s this album brings Joss back to a distinctly traditional and dusty funk groove. Recalling the iconic blaxploitation and grindhouse film soundtracks of that era, Monomaniacs is filled with ricocheting breakbeats, whirlwinds of wah-wah, rubber-band basslines, cosmic organs, and even a few shredding rock guitars to put some hair on your chest.

1 We got some (pts 1&2)
2 Optical
3 Kali flowers
4 Re-Volt
5 Ford Mustard Cutter
6 Keep on diggin`
7 Mo lovin`
8 Shafro
9 Backbeating
10 Highway 75
11 Within
12 Jha Mon

Source: Internet

By Bill

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Cloud ''All Night Long'' 12'' Promo Test Pressing

''All Night Long'' 12''

( 12'' Disco Single, Promo Test Pressing, Flashback Records, UK, 1980 )
Catalog # FLASH 001

All Night Long 12'' (8:02)

Format:Vinyl, 12", White Label
Flash Back Records Swindon
CLOUD ~ All Night Long ~ 12" Single TEST PRESS
Record Size: Single, EP (12-Inch) BRIT-FUNK
Speed: 45 RPM

For your Aural pleasure original Brit Jazz Funk from the 80's All night long - Cloud
Enjoy, Andy

Floyd Smith ''I Just Can't Give You Up'' 12''

Floyd Smith

''I Just Can't Give You Up'' 12''

( 12'' Disco Single, Salsoul Records, 1975 )
Catalog # SZD-2001

A I Just Can't Give You Up (Vocal Version) 4:02
B I Just Can't Give You Up (Instrumental Version) 3:23

Mixed By - Ken Cayre
Producer - Floyd Smith
Written-By - F. Smith

Special 12inch Disco Mix - 45 rpm
Publisher: Trina Jill Music Corp. ASCAP
Mfg. by Salsoul Records
Format:Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Promo

By Pier

Monday, 15 November 2010

Gladys Knight And The Pips ”A Taste Of Bitter Love / Bourgie’, Bourgie”’ 12”

Gladys Knight And The Pips

”A Taste Of Bitter Love / Bourgie’, Bourgie”’ 12”
( 12” Disco Single, Columbia Records, 1980 )
Catalog # AS 803

A Taste Of Bitter Love 4:37
B Bourgie’, Bourgie’ 4:37
C Bourgie’, Bourgie’ (7” Version) 3:31

Credits & Notes:
Producer – Ashford & Simpson
Format:Vinyl, 12″, Promo

By Pier

The Chuck Davis Orchestra ”Spirit Of Sunshine” 12”

The Chuck Davis Orchestra

”Spirit Of Sunshine” 12”
( 12” Disco Single, West End Records, 1977 )
Catalog # WES 12105

A Spirit Of Sunshine (Long Version) 6:25

Credits & Notes:
Format:Vinyl, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM
Engineer – Arthur Stoppe
Mastered By – Jose Rodriguez
Mixed By – Tom Moulton
Written-By – C. Carl Wing
Remixed at Sigma Sound – Philadelphia.
Mastered at Frankford Wayne-N.Y.
Published by Edward B. Marks Music Corp. / Meled Music Corp. – BMI.
West End Music Industries, Inc.

By Pier

Morning, Noon & Night ”Bite Your Granny/Feelin’ Strong” 12”

Morning, Noon & Night

”Bite Your Granny/Feelin’ Strong” 12”
( 12” Disco Single, Roadshow Records, 1977 )
Catalog # RS-DW1055

A Bite Your Granny 7:18
Written By – J. Worthy
B Feelin’ Strong 5:45
Written By – M. Raymond

Arranged By – John Allen
Producer – Michael Stokes

Format:Vinyl, 12″, 45 RPM
From the Roadshow LP “Morning, Noon & Night” RS-LA726-G

By Pier

Willie Bobo ”Always There” 12”

Willie Bobo

”Always There” 12”
( 12” Disco Single, Columbia Records, 1978 )
Catalog # AS 532

A Always There 6:45
B Always There (Mono) 6:45

Producer – Wayne Henderson
Written-By – P. Allen, R. Laws, W. Jeffrey

Format:Vinyl, 12″, Promo, 33 1/3 RPM
Not For Sale
1978 CBS Inc.
Taken From The Columbia Lp: “Hell Of An Act To Follow” JC 35374
Publisher: Fizz Music/At Home Music (ASCAP)/Relaxed Music (BMI)
Produced For At Home Productions Inc., In Association With Bostan, Inc.
Special Disco Version Of The Columbia Single: 3-10862
Original mix on the LP is 5:11; the 6:45 remix was available only on this promo 12″.
Barcode and Other Identifiers
Matrix Number (Stereo): XSS 165126
Matrix Number (Mono): XSP 165125
Other (Deadwax Stereo): XSS-1651261-H A
Other (Deadwax Mono): XSP-165125-1D KENDUN-C A1

By Pier

Various Artists ''John Morales-The M And M Mixes''


01/21. Tony Adderly – I Ain’t Mad At You (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (07:52)
02/21. Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (07:13)
03/21. Curtis Hairston – I Want You (All Tonight) (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (07:25)
04/21. Julia & Company – Breakin’ Down (Sugar Samba) (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (08:55)
05/21. Cubie Burke – Down For Double (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (06:58)
06/21. Universal Robot Band – Wanna Be Your Lover (Demo Version) (04:08)
07/21. La-Rita Gaskin – Never Can Say Goodbye (Demo Version) (05:16)
08/21. Bumblebee Unlimited – Lady Bug (I Just Wanna Be Your Lady Bug) (12'' Version) (07:07)
09/21. Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even (Club Version) (12:45)
10/21. Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (JM 4AM Mix Pt. 1) (10:46)
11/21. First Choice – Happy Love Affair (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (07:26)
12/21. Logg – Lay It On The Line (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (11:17)
13/21. Logg – (You’ve Got) That Something (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (10:23)
14/21. Skyy – Because Of You (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (08:13)
15/21. Inner Life – (Knock Out) Let’s Go Another Round (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (09:58)
16/21. Logg – I Know You Will (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (09:13)
17/21. Funk Deluxe – This Time (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (05:38)
18/21. Instant Funk – No Stoppin’ That Rockin’ (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (06:49)
19/21. Margie Joseph – Move To The Groove (JM After-Session M&M Mix) (07:43)
20/21. Universal Robot Band – Barely Breaking Even (Demo Version) (06:35)
21/21. Inner Life – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough (JM 4AM Mix Pt. 1&2) (17:11)

John Morales is a New York remixer whose name one sees on countless records from the 1980s. Everything from Inner Life's I'm Caught Up In A One Night Love Affair, Class Action's Weekend and Aleem's Hooked On Your Love to Lime's Angel Eyes and Monyaka's Go Dea Yaka so you know he's versatile in his mixing skills.
During these mix sessions John would make several different mixes of the tracks he worked on. Morales has kept all these rare mixes in his home studio for more than twenty years. When I interviewed him for a few years ago, he showed me all these reel-to-reel goodies and my jaw just dropped. Why hadn't anyone released these rarities? Well, the wait is over as the British label, BBE has finally given John Morales the respect he deserves by releasing the two-disc set; John Morales - The M&M Mixes. The selections are great and taken directly from John's masters so the sound from what I've heard on this disc are very good. Can't wait to actually hear the full two disc commercial pressing in January!
This single disc promotional CD featured here contains selected highlights from the final double compact disc, which will contain a total of nineteen (19) tracks and be released in early 2010.

This compilation came about by chance. Dimitri from Paris was putting together the "Nightdubbin’" collection, the focus of which was the innovative dub remixing techniques of pioneering wizards from the 1980s. John Morales is one of those legends. The more BBE turned to John for masters of mixes from his vast archive, the more it became inevitable that his story needed to be told. Few can match John Morales contribution to the world of the enthusiast turned remixer come producer. Although familiar with John’s work - his epic mix of Universal Robot Bands boogie anthem is the source from which BBE Records got its name - no attempt had been made to summarise the pinnacle of John's work. This release is a history lesson in dance music. With the late Sergio Munzibai he formed M+M productions whose output of over 650 mixes will be unmatched by many celebrity big name remixers today. From the Rolling Stones to Gloria Estefan, The Temptations to Hall & Oates, Aretha Franklin to BBE - all have been moulded by John’s everlasting influence.

Click here to buy this CD from Amazon (US)
Click here to buy this CD from Amazon (UK)

Source: Internet

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Ari Borger Quartet ''AB4''

Ari Borger Quartet


1 Trip Song
2 Na Pressao
3 Blind Man
4 No Caminho do Bem
5 Nem Vem Miles
6 Senor Blues
7 Acid Groove
8 B3 Solo
9 Blue Monk
10 Tributo a Oscar Peterson
11 Soul GI

Source : Internet
Link in comments

By Bill

MFS Radio Presents: ''A Mess Of Odds & Sods'' (The Tracks)

MFS Radio Presents:

''A Mess Of Odds & Sods'' (The Tracks)

1 Monty Alexander Spunky
2 Bobby Timmons/Johnny Lytle Trick Hips
3 Dave"Baby" Cortez I know who you been sockin` it to
4 Paul Butterfield One more heartache
5 Brian Auger Happiness is just around the bend
6 Kenny Clarke & Francy Boland Um Grao de Areia
7 Ray Charles The Sidewinder
8 Harvey Averne Dozen The Think Drink Theme
9 Stanley Turrentine Baia
10 Ari Borger Blind Man
11 Dave Pike Jet Set
12 Sam Paglia Fried Noodles
13 The Merced Blue Notes Thompin`
14 Holland & Dozier Come on Home

Selected & Compiled By Bill
A My Favourite Sound© Production, 2010

DL/Listen here.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Various Artists ''The Acid Jazz Test Part 4''

Various Artists

''The Acid Jazz Test Part 4''

( Compilation Moonshine Music Records, 1996 )

1. Jhelisa - Whirl Keeps Turning
2. Sound Assembly - Deep
3. Outside - Journeyman Part 1
4. A One - Up There
5. Toledo - Beat Up Thunderbird
6. Oversoul 7 - Whats The Deal
7. Jalal - In The Shade Of The Light
8. I Speak - Warm Reception
9. Chop Shop - Brooklyn Keeps On Taking It
10. Cool Breeze - Cant Deal With This
11. Broun Fellinis - Soulogik Syntax

Michael D. Ahearn (Producer)
Matt Cooper (Conductor)
Matt Cooper (Producer)
Matt Cooper (Engineer)
Matt Cooper (String Arrangements)
Lee Hamblin (Mixing), Imani (Vocals)
Steven Levy (Arranger), Steven Levy (Executive Producer)
Steven Levy (Art Direction)
Steven Levy (Compilation Producer)
Danny Saber (Producer)
Adrian Sherwood (Producer), Yogi (Producer)
Jhelisa (Producer)
Jhelisa (Performer)
Charlie Lexton (Producer)
Jono Podmore (Engineer)
Outside (Performer)
The Broun Fellinis (Producer)
The Broun Fellinis (Performer)
Toledo (Performer), A-One (Performer)
Chop Shop (Performer)
Duncan Millar (Producer)
Rome (Producer)
Jalal (Performer)
Cool Breeze (Performer)
Sound Assembly (Performer)
Jeff Aguila (Artwork)
Jeff Aguila (Design)
Adam Pendse (Guitar (Acoustic))
Kevin Gordon (Arranger)
Kevin Gordon (Producer)
Andreas Allen (Engineer)
Andreas Allen (Mixing)
Alex Myers (Engineer)

Release Date: February 06, 1996

Outside's "Journeyman" and Jhelisa's "Whirl Keeps Turning" are a few of the highlights on the overdone fourth volume of the Acid Jazz Test series from Moonshine.
By Keith Farley, All Music Guide

Source: Internet

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Various Artists "Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery: The Original New York Disco 1973-77"

Various Artists

"Nicky Siano's Legendary The Gallery: The Original New York Disco 1973-77"
( 3xLP, Soul Jazz Records, 2004 )
Catalog # SJR LP 100

Nicky Siano born in Brooklyn, New York, in March 18, 1955 and is a pioneer of the dance music scene in the early seventies.
In 1971 at the age of 16 he got his first djing gig, with the help of Robin Lord, and in 1972 he opened The Gallery in SoHo, Manhattan with his older brother Joe Siano. At the time he was considered to be the best DJ in the city and this helped the club attain its legendary status.
NY Daily News named him “the city’s best DJ,” Women’s Wear Daily called him “a genius behind the turntables,” and New York Magazine called his club, The Gallery, “one of the five most visually breathtaking nightspots of our time.”

It was no coincidence that when Steve Rubelle opened Studio 54 he chose Nicky as one of the two original DJ’s, the other was Ritchie Cazor, who has since passed. Continuing his work at the Gallery on the weekends, Nicky weaved his magic during the week at Studio and other many legendary clubs, including Le Jardin, The Grand Ballroom, Galaxy 21, The Limelight, Enchanted Gardens, Hurrah, and The Botel.
When the Gallery closed in 1977 he took his regular Saturday night party to The Buttermilk Bottom where it continued for the next three years. He played for Bianca Jagger's legendary birthday party at , Studio 54, where she rode in on a white stallion.
Having been one of the most successful DJs of his time, Nicky went where many DJs have since gone, into production. He knew what the crowds wanted and so was brought in to help produce records that would set the dancefloor on fire. He inspired and launched the careers of Grace Jones, D.C. La Rue, Loleatta Holloway, Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles, to name a few.

The start of the 1980s proved a rocky time for Siano with him dropping out of the scene and popular consciousness. From 1984 until 1998, Nicky worked with people with AIDS. In 1993 he wrote the best selling AIDS manual "No Time to Wait".
He returned to the turntables at "Body and Soul" for Larry Levan’s Birthday celebration, July 1998. That one appearance returned him to music full time. Since then he has played records steadily, most consistently at the smash hit party, Twelve West in New York, at Cheetah.
In 2004, Soul Jazz Records released the first Gallery Compilation, which is an incredible historic package, that includes rare photo's and narration by Nicky, in an impressive casing.

Nicky is featured in "Maestro", the documentary playing around the world chronicling the life and times of Larry Levan. In Tim Lawrence's epic book, "Love Saves The Day", the definitive book on the seventies dance music scene, Nicky's career is chronicled in some detail.
In MTV/VH1's "The Day Disco Ruled The World", Nicky is the comic relief and shines threw the many big names on this project. The special is being shown on music channels around the world.
A film shot at the Gallery 1975-77, featuring dance scene's that cannot be recreated today, interviews, and the story of one of the patrons, is being edited for release, 2008. "A Night At The Gallery", will actually take the viewer in, and guide him threw a night at the legendary club, in 5.1 surround sound. This is the project Nicky concentrates on now in 2008, as he prepares for the next phase of life.

01) Genie Brown - I Can't Stop Talking
02) Undisputed Truth - Big John Is My Name
03) The Temptations - Law Of The Land
04) Vernon Burch - And You Call That Love
05) Loleatta Holloway - We're Getting Stronger
06) The Isley Brothers - Get Into Something
07) Pointer Sisters - Yes We Can Can
08) Exuma - Exuma, The Obeah Man
09) The Trammps - Love Epidemic
10) Zulema - Giving Up
11) Bobby Womack - I Can Understand It
12) Gloria Spencer - I Got It
13) Bar-Kays - Sang And Dance
14) The Supremes - I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do The Walking
15) Bill Withers - Harlem
16) Bonnie Bramlett - Crazy 'bout My Baby
17) Brenda & The Tabulations - A Little Bit Of Love

On Line:
Nicky Siano @
Nicky Siano |

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