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Hank Crawford "Down On the Deuce" (Repost - New Link)

Hank Crawford

( LP Milestone Records, 1984 )
Catalog # 654177
(Repost - New Link)

Personnel :
Hank Crawford - Alto Sax, Baritone Sax
Cedar Walton - Acoustic & Electric Piano
Jimmy Ponder - Guitar (solo on #1 and 5 only)
Melvin Sparks - Guitar
Wilbur Bascomb, Jr. - Bass
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie - Drums
Danny Moore, Martin Banks - Trumpets
David "Fathead" Newman - Tenor Sax, Flute
Howard Johnson, Baritone Sax

Tracklisting :
01 Down On the Deuce
02 Used To Be Love
03 Down Home Blues
04 Through The Years
05 Survival
06 When A Man Loves A Woman

Recorded June 18 -19, 1984 at JAC Studio, New York City.

Reviews :
Although Hank Crawford's second Milestone LP was made in 1984, it's never been available on CD until this 1998 release. It's a welcome, enjoyable date that finds Hank digging into what he does best. There's a bit 'a funk ("Survival"), a bit 'a blues ("Used To Be Love" and "Down Home Blues"), some ballads (the yucky Kenny Rogers hit "Through The Years") and a little boogaloo (the title track). With producer Bob Porter at the helm, a first-rate cast of notable players is on hand too. Jimmy Ponder and Melvin Sparks take turns on guitar, Bernard Purdie rocks on drums and the horn section includes bari-man Howard Johnson and Crawford's longtime partner, David "Fathead" Newman, on tenor and flute. Pianist Cedar Walton is on board too, but (surprisingly) he's not offered the same share of the spotlight the guitarists get and, as a result, sounds a little anonymous here. But that deep, rich, signature sound of Hank Crawford's alto saxophone is a reliable joy; heard to great effect on sessions such as this.As usual, his happy wailing works best at up-tempos or digging in on the blues. Crawford can even redeem the bland ballads he covers (his straight R&B approach to "When A Man Loves A Woman" offers considerable proof). But there's enough of that good Hank Crawford soul to keep Down on the Deuce interesting and worthwhile.
By Douglas Payne [All About Jazz]

This Hank Crawford session was his third for Milestone and follows his appealing soul jazz formula. Crawford's alto is the main voice throughout although there is some solo space for keyboardist Cedar Walton, guitarists Jimmy Ponder and Melvin Sparks, and David Newman on tenor and flute. Crawford is joined by a funky four-piece rhythm section plus four horns and, although the material is not as strong as usual, there are some good performances, particularly on "Down Home Blues" and "When a Man Loves a Woman."

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