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Richard "Groove" Holmes ''Comin' On Home''

Richard "Groove" Holmes

''Comin' On Home''
( LP Blue Note Records, 1971 )
Catalog # BST 84372

A1 Groovin' For Mr. G. (4:12)
A2 Theme From Love Story (3:41)
Bass [Electric] - Chuck Rainey
A3 Mr. Clean (5:02)
A4 Down Home Funk (5:20)
B1 Don't Mess With Me (6:43)
Percussion - James Davis
Vocals - James Davis
B2 Wave (5:47)
B3 This Here (5:05)

Personnel & Credits:
Richard "Groove" Holmes (org)
Gerald Hubbard (g)
Chuck Rainey (el-b)
Darryl Washington (d)
Ray Armando (cga)
A&R Studios, NYC, May 19, 1971

Theme From "Love Story"
Richard "Groove" Holmes (org)
Weldon Irvine (el-p)
Gerald Hubbard (g)
Jerry Jemmott (el-b)
Darryl Washington (d)
Ray Armando (cga -1/5)
James Davis (tamb, shaker, cowbell, voice)
same location, date

A2 From the Paramount film "Love Story"
Format:Vinyl, LP

For those not familiar with Richard "Groove" Holmes, this album will say it all. One of the worlds greatest electric organ equilibrists, in his funkiest, most groovy moods.The first track "Groovin'for Mr. G", must be the best and most funky recording I've ever heard. It oozes of dynamic power and having a good time.The music of Richard "Groove" Holmes, is sadly not wide known, albeit he is one of the pioneers in funk and acidjazz hybrids. Not quite as experimental as Jimmy Smith and always with a solid link to the classic jazz roots, he nevertheless dabbles in funky constellations as well.

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