Thursday, 10 September 2009

Gone Private - Welcome to the members!

This blog, due strong pressure of Records Companies (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and the record companies it represents) gone private.


Anyway, the blog not dies. He will return back with new & different editions at:

My Favourite Sound© The Only & Original


So, this blog will be very different in the future...stay tuned!

Welcome to all the private members! thank you for the lovely effort!

The MFS© Equipe.


We Received:

''Blogger has been notified, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), that certain content in your blog is alleged to infringe upon the copyrights of others. As a result, we have reset the post(s) to "draft" status. (If we did not do so, we would be subject to a claim of copyright infringement, regardless of its merits. The URL(s) of the allegedly infringing post(s) may be found at the end of this message.) This means your post - and any images, links or other content - is not gone. You may edit the post to remove the offending content and republish, at which point the post in question will be visible to your readers again.


The IFPI is a trade association that represents over 1,400 major and independent record companies in the US and internationally who create, manufacture and distribute sound recordings (the "IFPI Represented Companies").''


Copyright e brevetti: mali non necessari

”…Nello stesso tempo, la diffusa violazione del copyright senza scopo di lucro sta distruggendo i profitti delle organizzazioni criminali basati sulla pirateria audiovisiva commerciale e sta dimostrando l’insostenibilità dell’attuale regime di copyright…”


Flormega said...

i soliti caproni!!!!!!!hahahah

Bella Pir Grazie 1000000000000000000000000
Spero di Sdebitarmi un giorno....
Intanto faccio un brindisi a voi con del buon Spumante dei colli euganei,Un Abbraccio A Presto .

HeyCee said...

grazie per l'invito Pier!molto apprezzato!a buon rendere

Anonymous said...


Thanks for accepting my invite request!

How sad it is to see how misused copyright laws are these days! The aim with copyright was meant be to maximize the spreading of culture. Instead the music industry (IFPI) and the movie industry (RIAA) has succesfully lobbied politicians into making laws that are creating an artifical scarcity that society is not benefitting from.

Spreading of culture when it is non-profit (like this music blog) should instead be supported by laws, because it is a good deed for society!

Also thanks for not giving up.

/Jazz Organ Fan

Guy Magic said...


Thank you so much for hooking me up with an invite.


In groove we trust,

The Hammond Freak

Terem said...

Thanx for the invite. Blessed! Keep on keepin the dope work. I enjoy it.


Terem said...

Thanx for the invite. Blessed. Keep on keepin' the dope work. I enjoy it.


Sergio said...

Thanks for the invitation. I'm honored to be here. Keep on groovin'!

monsieurwilly said...

Thank you for the invitation !

AmBrOsE said...

Thanx for the invite jazzypier and for all the excellent shares and hard work in the past..good luck!!

katonah said...

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the invitation, this places rocks.
best ... katonah

chano said...

Jazzy Pier grazie per l'invito.

Coolindeed said...

Thank you very much !
Keep on groovin'.

trumpetaaa said...

many many thanks for the invitation to this great blog
i'm really happy to be here

Andy said...

Hi Pier,thanks for letting me in!Looking forward to more favourite sounds and sharing some of my stuff.


Coolindeed said...

Thank you very much !
Keep on groovin'!

Solomon said...

Thank you for the invite and all the great music!

Anonymous said...


Also good to see that you have started using baywords!

I've been pestering you about baywords a couple of times :-) since I learned of all your hassles to stay alive in the fight with IFPI.

Your blog at baywords will not be closed down, no matter how much that damned IFPI screams!

/Jazz Organ Fan

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