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Fred Wesley & The J.B's ''Damn Right I'm Somebody (Love And Happiness) A Tribute To Disc Jockeys & Radio Stations''

Fred Wesley & The J.B's

''Damn Right I'm Somebody (Love And Happiness)''
''A Tribute To Disc Jockeys & Radio Stations'' (7:35)

From the Promo People LP ''Damn Right I Am Somebody'', 1974
(Catalog#PE 6602)

Written-By - Al Green , Charles Hodges
Presenter - Danny Ray
Producer - James Brown

This promo omits "Going To Get A Thrill' in favour of a Fred Wesley & The JB's recording of Al Green's 'Love & Happiness'. There is no singing on 'Love & Happiness', rather James Brown the band talk over the track and namecheck various DJ's who they thank for playng their music. Fred Wesley has a brief horn solo before it fades out. The first 30 seconds or so of this promo-only track were in fact used as the intro to the song 'Damn Right I Am Somebody'.
(Between each track on the promo LP, emcee Danny Ray announces 'This is a revolution sureshot...')

Thanks to Mr. Blax for this incredible find!

Courtesy of Mr. Blax


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