Monday, 7 September 2009

Blaze “25 Years Later”


25 Years Later
( LP Motown Records, 1990 )
Catalog # LP MOT-6301
Also on Motown Rec. MOTD-6301

01 Get Up
02 So Special
03 Miss My Love
04 You Don’t Really Love Me
05 Anything for Your Lovin’
06 We All Must Live Together
07 I Wonder
08 Gonna Make It Work
09 All That I Should know
10 Missing You
11 Lover Man
12 Love Is Forever *
13 Broad and Market, NWK *
14 The Hope Song *
* Bonus tracks

A fantastic bit of soul and house that was woefully overlooked at the time of its release — and one of our favorite albums of the past 25 years! The Blaze production team had been hitting the underground club scene hard for a few years with their raw New Jersey house singles — then Motown grabbed them in the studio, and had them cut this classic album of soul tracks that pays homage to a set of greats that runs from Leroy Hutson, to Donnie Hathaway, to Norman Harris, and a host of others — all with a sense of soulfulness and depth that goes way past their standard work for the clubs! The dancefloor tracks are great, but the album’s also got some wonderfully mellow moments too — with tracks that include “So Special”, “We All Must Live Together”, “Missing You”, and “Get Up”. This record version has the added bonus of being a bit of a “mini-opera” — with spoken bits that have a narrative quality, linking the tracks together in a way that didn’t occur with the LP.
Dusty Groove America, Inc.

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