Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Nilo Toledo “Jazz In The Sun”

Nilo Toledo

Jazz In The Sun
( LP Hoctor Records, 1976 )
Catalog # HLPS-4204

01 – Ain’t no sunshine
02 – The gold coast
03 – Banana puddin’
04 – Gamblin’ man
05 – Willie and the hand jive
06 – Half breed
07 – Do it (’til you’re satisfied)
08 – Raw sugar
09 – Mainline Florida
10 – Bungle in the jungle
11 – Village at dawn

Review from Popsike:
Nilo Toledo : Jazz In The Sun (Hoctor 4204) 70’s Lp on the infamous dance label…this is pretty much straight funk soul with breaks and without any “dance call” or other weird crap spoken during the music………Band is uncredited, but looks like Nilo is the “Director”..or at least he gets to pose on the cover next to a tree stump?

By Celo

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