Monday, 21 September 2009

Hiatus (or hyatus...)

Hey folks,
i am on hiatus for sometime.

Hope will be back soon.




ryanb said...

Sad to see you go, but look forward to your return!

Tim said...

Hope to see you back in action soon, JP!

Bill said...

Hope all is well with you.I hope you will return as I`m missing you already! Can I still send posts to MFS?
Wish you all the very best and THANK YOU for all the GREAT music you`ve posted.
Looking forward to your return.

Andy said...

Take it easy Pier.See you soon.

Bob said...

have a good one !

motown_jazz said...

Hey Jazzy Pier,

I know it takes a lot to do what you do, and I for one am eternally grateful. You've earned a break. But don't break too long; when you come back from your hiatus, can you re-post The Third Cup by Eddie Fisher? Thank you and may the Lord's blessings be upon you.

Rob said...

@ motown_jazz
Hi mj, you can take a look at this site:
Best Regards

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