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Galactic ''Coolin' Off''


''Coolin' Off''
( Capricorn Records LLC, 1996 )

01 - Go go
02 - Welcome to new orleans
03 - Something's wrong with this picture
04 - Funky bird
05 - Stax jam
06 - Church
07 - On the one
08 - Mystery tube
09 - Doo rag
10 - Percussion interlude
11 - Everybody wants some (part 1)
12 - Everybody wants some (part 2)
13 - Everybody wants some (part 3)
14 - Goodnight

Personnel & Credits:
Produced, recorded, edited and mixed by Dan Prothero for Frog City Productions
guitar: Jeff Raines
keyboards: Rich Vogel
bass: Robert Mercurio
drums: Stanton Moore
vocals: Theryl deClouet
special guests
Erik Jekabson (trumpet)
Mark Mullins (trombone)
Eric Traub (tenor saxofone)

After listening to Galactic's 1996 debut release, Coolin' Off, it's hard to believe that the band isn't comprised of seasoned funk veterans. Instead of showing off their instrumental chops at every given opportunity, the members of Galactic play as an ensemble, who know when to step back and let their soulful music groove and breath on its own. Vocalist Theryl de Clouet is only featured on a few of the album's tracks ("Something's Wrong With This Picture," "Everybody Wants Some -- Part 3," etc.), but his voice often steals the show when it's featured. The majority of Coolin' Off consists of funky instrumentals with a sound straight out of the '70s, but the band knows how to mix it up and avoid monotony. The opening "Go Go" is a good example of Galactic's sound: a prominent bassline is merged with horns and wah-wah guitar, while an organ creates a memorable melody. Other groove-oriented tracks include "Funky Bird," "Stax Jam," "Doo Rag," and "Church." Coolin' Off is an excellent debut from a band that is destined for great things.
By Greg Prato (AMG)

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Courtesy of O Homem Da Gravata Florida


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no pw

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