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Galactic ''Crazyhorse Moongoose''


''Crazyhorse Moongoose''
( Capricorn Records LLC, 1997 )

01 - Hamp's hump
02 - Love on the run
03 - Crazyhorse mongoose
04 - Witch doctor
05 - Metermaid
06 - Change my ways (part 1)
07 - Change my ways (part 2)
08 - Denny's village rundown
09 - Tighten your wig
10 - Cafe declouet
11 - Start from scratch
12 - Quiet please

Personnel & Credits:
Produced, recorded, edited and mixed by Dan Prothero for Frog City Productions
Stanton Moore: drums
Robert Mercurio: bass
Jeff Raines: guitar
Rich Vogel: keyboards
Theryl deClouet: vocals
Ben Ellman: tenor and baritone sax
Jason Mingledorff: tenor and alto sax

New Orleans funksters Galactic return with Crazyhorse Mongoose, the follow-up to their superb 1996 debut, Coolin' Off. While the band takes the same approach as the debut ('70s production, soulful singing from vocalist Theryl de Clouet, long but memorable instrumental jams, etc.), Crazyhorse Mongoose is the better album. Since the band tours constantly, they've grown even tighter musically. And Galactic are one of the few young bands of the '90s that plays as a unit; they know that the most important thing is to keep the song's groove going. As on their debut, de Clouet is limited to showing his vocal talents on just a few tracks ("Change My Ways," "Love On the Run," "Start From Scratch," etc.), while the talented instrumentalists of Galactic never let the red-hot funk cool down. The title track, "Quiet Please," "Meter Maid," and "Tighten Your Wig" are all prime examples of Galactic doing what they do best.
By Greg Prato (AMG)

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Courtesy of O Homem Da Gravata Florida


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