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Oscar Peterson ”Exclusively For My Friends, Vol. 1 & 2''

Oscar Peterson
”Exclusively For My Friends, Vol. 1: Action
Label: Verve

‘At Last Long Love’(Cole Porter)
‘Easy Walker’(Teddi Lastion)
‘Tin-Tin Deo’(Poncho Sanchez)
‘I’ve Got A Crush On You’(George&Ira Gershwin)
‘A Foggy Day’(George&Ira Gershwin)
‘Like Someone In Love’(Jimmy Van Heusen-Johnny Burke)

The Oscar Peterson Trio
|The Trio|
Oscar Peterson-piano
Ray Brown-bass
Ed Thigpen-drums

This trio session is an exceptional one.Recorded during one of the most productive periods of Oscar’s career.The set format is a great one.Oscar was a master arranger for small ensemble settings such as this one.’At Last Long Love’ shoots out of the gates with an ingenious arrangement by Peterson,backed up by the finesse playing of Ray Brown(bass),and Ed Thigpen(drums).’Easy Walker’,a nice layed back blues,with plenty of time for Oscar to stretch out.’Tin Tin Deo’,another superb trio arrangement by Oscar,using the latin and straight-ahead swing approach very effectively.And 2 beautiful ballads ‘I’ve Got A Crush On You’,and ‘Like Someone In Love’,where Peterson displays his unique and innovative command of the harmonic lanquage,he a had very unique sound,with those very large hands of his.If you enjoy Jazz piano trios,this one is for you.Hope you enjoy it.This network is an educational tool for everyone to practice and work on there skills,and have fun doing it.The effort is made.Why not write a review before you push any buttons.It is not the negative vote that is the issue here,it is about producing something.Just had to get that off my chest.In retrospect,of course I should have kept my yapper shut,so be it.All the people who contribute to this network are generous enough to put the effort in,so take your ball and bat and go home.In essence your wasting everyone’s time.Who needs this vacuous dispassionate twaddle.Someone had to bring it up.I say this with the best of intentions,so I hope you accept this in a reasonable manner.


Oscar Peterson
Exclusively For My Friends, Vol. 2: Girl Talk
Label: Verve

1. On a Clear Day (You Can See Forever) – Oscar Peterson, Lane, Burton
2. I’m in the Mood for Love – Oscar Peterson, McHugh, Jimmy
3. Girl Talk – Oscar Peterson, Hefti, Neal
4. I Concentrate on You/Moon River – Oscar Peterson, Mancini, Henry
5. Robbin’s Nest – Oscar Peterson, Jacquet, Illinois

Andy’s Note:
Here’s the start of an Oscar Peterson mega post I’m sure you’ll all like.The vinyl is long out of issue and remains a treasure in my collection,here’s the first two volumes of “My Favorite Instrument” (6 album set).

By Andy

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