Friday, 11 September 2009

Notice: Blog Backupped Successfully!

Our ''old'' blog MFS was successfully backupped at

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Some posts are not available (they are in the ''private'' form), but the entire blog is here.



paros said...

thanks for the invite my friends.
my favourite sound the monumental blog on the web.."keep the faith"

soultrane said...

It is a shame MFS is going private.

Thanks for invitation.

xensma said...

my question about the baywords back up is: how to download the files posted there?i didn't see any link and some of the old posts are really interesting.thank you!!!

willem said...

it's a shame it has to go this way.......but what a great job you've done and are still doing !!!

lots of thanks and respect

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

that blog is under construction, it is a hard work re-organizing 2 years of posting...
And if you need some link, like others readers too, send a mail to us and we will provide it.

Sergio said...

Excellent! Thanks for all the wonderful work you're doing. Cheers!

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