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John Mayall “The Turning Point”

John Mayall

The Turning Point
( LP Polydor Records, 1969 )
Catalog # 24-4004

01- The Laws Must Change
02 – Saw Mill Gulch Road
03 – I’m Gonna Fight for You J.B
04 – So Hard To Share
05 – California
06 – Thoughts About Roxanne
07 – Room To Move
08 – Sleeping By Her Side
09 – Don’t Waste My Time
10 – Can’t Sleep This Night

- John Mayall: harmonica, slide guitar, telecaster guitar,
tambourine, mouth percussion
- Jon Mark: acoustic finger-style guitar
- Stephen Thompson: bass
- Johnny Almond: tenor and alto saxophones, flutes, mouth percussion

The Turning Point is a live album by John Mayall, featuring British blues music recorded at a concert at Bill Graham’s Fillmore East on July 12, 1969.
John Mayall sings and plays harmonica, slide guitar, Telecaster guitar, tambourine and mouth percussion on the album. Other musicians include Jon Mark (acoustic finger-style guitar),Stephen Thompson (credited as Steve on the album cover, but referred to by Mayall as Steven or Stephen in the intro to the first song) (bass guitar) and Johnny Almond (tenor and alto saxophones, flutes, mouth percussion).

Vincent The Soul Chef of Fufu Stew blog said:
Kudos for yet another tremendous post! I have also had this great record for many years. My wife and I were fortunate enough to meet Mr. Mayall during his 70th birthday concert tour a few years ago which was really cool. Everyone should also check out “Jazz Blues Fusion” which in my opinion is his best work featuring Blue Mitchell as well as Larry Taylor of Canned Heat fame.
Peace and blessings.”

Thank for the comment, Vincent!

By Celo

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