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George Benson ”I Got A Woman And Some Blues”

George Benson

I Got A Woman And Some Blues
( LP A&M/CTI Records, 1969 )
Catalog # 9-3025 or 3025

1 I Got A Woman
2 Out Of The Blue
3 Bluesadelic
4 Durham’s Turn
5 Good Morning Blues
6 I Worry ’bout You
7 Without Her
8 She Went A Little Bit Farther
9 Goodbye, Colombus

This mysterious album was supposed to be A&M/CTI’s last release but it lay fallow until 1984 when it came out on A&M’s Audio Master series along with a bunch of A&M/CTI reissues. Why was it shelved? A subjective guess is that it just isn’t that good; it’s as patchy and disjointed as The Other Side of Abbey Road is brilliantly unified. Even the title seems like an afterthought 15 years after the fact. No personnel or arrangers are listed, but some of the tracks sound like outtakes from Tell It Like It Is; the charts have the same sharp reeds/trumpet attack. The best cut by far is Benson’s own Latin-flavored instrumental “Durham’s Turn.” “Out of the Blue” has a rare acoustic/electric guitar duet under Benson’s romantic vocal, and the great guitarist always comes through with something worth hearing when asked. Still, as Yul Brynner puts it in The King and I, a puzzlement.
By Richard S. Ginell (AMG)

Quite a rare one from George Benson — a set recorded during his late 60s run during the CTI/A&M years — but one that wasn’t formally issued until the mid 80s! The style here is a great link between some of Benson’s fuller work of the time, and some of the leaner grooves he’d cut with Creed Taylor once CTI broke ranks with A&M — the funkier Benson that really sparkled nicely in the early 70s. George actually does an early bit of singing here — sometimes scatting with his guitar, sometimes singing the lyrics more directly — all in a really unique way that’s a bit different than his more polished vocals on Warner Brothers. Other cuts are a bit grittier, and almost show a link to funky jazz on Blue Note or Prestige at the time — with some especially heavy percussion on the bottom that really makes things groove. Titles include “Bluesadelic”, “Durham’s Turn”, “Out Of The Blue”, “Good Morning Blues”, “I Worry Bout You”, and “Without Her”.
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