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Vince Guaraldi "The Latin Side Of Vince Guaraldi"

Vince Guaraldi

"The Latin Side Of Vince Guaraldi"
( LP Fantasy Records, 1964 )
Catalog # 3360
*Also on Fantasy LP 3360, F 8360, OJCCD 878-2)

01 Mr. Lucky Fantasy
02 What Kind Of Fool Am I?
03 Corcovado
04 Work Song
05 Treat Street
06 Star Song
07 Whirlpool
08 Dor Que Faz Doer
09 Brasilia

Vince Guaraldi, piano
Eddie Duran, Guitar
Bill Fitch, Conga
Jerry Granelli, Drums
Fred Marshall, Bass, Guitar (Bass)
Benny Velarde, Timbales
unidentified string quartet

Review :
The Latin side for Vince Guaraldi means a brush with both the Brazilian and Caribbean strains of Latin jazz, garnished now and then by an outboard string quartet and graced by four of his own delightful tunes. On Brazilian numbers like "Corcovado" and Brazilian-treated tunes like "Mr. Lucky" and Guaraldi's lovely "Star Song," Vince has drummer Jerry Granelli deploy his distinctive brushes-and-rim-shots bossa nova beat. Jack Weeks supplies bittersweet string arrangements as he tries to grant Guaraldi's wish for a "Villa-Lobos sound," which he does, more or less. Other tunes, like Guaraldi's own happy-go-lucky "Treat Street," "Whirlpool," and Nat Adderley's "Work Song," are treated to gentle cha-cha rhythms. [...]
By Richard S. Ginell (AMG)

By Rob

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