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Various Artists "Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk In 1970s Nigeria"

Various Artists

"Nigeria Rock Special: Psychedelic Afro-Rock & Fuzz Funk In 1970s Nigeria"
( 2xLP Soundway Records, 2008 )
Catalog # SNDWLP011

A1 - Ofege - Adieu (4:11)
A2 - Action 13 - The More Bread To The People (3:08)
A3 - Hygrades - The In The Jungle (Instrumental) (3:08)
A4 - Ofo The Black Company - Eniaro (6:08)
B1 - Wings - The Odenigbo (3:49)
B2 - Elcados - The Ku Mi Da Hankan (5:03)
B3 - Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound - Another Man's Thing (4:07)
B4 - Question Mark (5) - Freaking Out (4:06)
C1 - Tabukah 'X' - Finger Toe (5:23)
C2 - Funkees - The Acid Rock (2:54)
C3 - Colomach - Cotocun Gba Gounke (2:54)
C4 - BLO - Chant To Mother Earth (5:59)
D1 - Mono Mono - Kenimania (4:37)
D2 - Original Wings - Igba Alusi (7:00)
D3 - Tunji Oyelana - Omoba D'Eru Ri (5:45)

Forget the "rock" in the title, and just focus on the "funk" -- because this set of tracks is a massively heavy batch of Nigerian numbers from the 70s -- all with the same solidly soulful feel as more familiar Afro Funk work of the time! There's a definite emphasis on guitars -- which are often used in freaky and fuzzy ways, to offer up a more tripped-out take on the music than you might expect -- but they never go too far into mainstream rock territory, certainly not in an Anglo sort of way. Most of the rhythms are still very much in an Afro Funk mode -- but again a bit more tripped-out than usual -- sometimes with a nice sense of space and laidback timing, which is often augmented by production techniques that pull out some of the cooler aspects of the music. There's a fair bit of keyboards too, often used in ways that are similar to the guitars -- and in a way, the vibe here is often in the mode of British cross-cultural groups of the post-colonial years -- like Cymande or Demon Fuzz, both of whom would sound right at home here. As usual with Soundway, the whole package is put together with a great deal of love and care -- and full notes on all the wonderful music within! 15 tracks in all -- including "Finger Toe" by Tabukah X, "Odenigbo" by The Wings, "Adieu" by Ofege, "In The Jungle (inst)" by The Hygrades, "Freaking Out" by Question Mark, "Omoboa D'Eru Ri" by Tunji Oyelana, "Another Man's Thing" by Joe King Kologbo & His Black Sound, "Acid Rock" by The Funkees, "Kenimania" by Mono Mono, "Ku Mi Da Hankan" by The Elcados, and "Eniaro" by Ofo The Black Company.
©Dusty Groove America

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