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Toshiyuki Honda ”Burnin Waves”

Toshiyuki Honda

Burnin Waves
( LP King Records (Japan), 1978 )
Catalog # SKS 8002

1. Burnin’ Waves
2. All-Night Rendezvous
3. Thunder Kiss
4. You Blow My Heart Away
5. Just A Dream Away
6. Havana Candy
7. São Pau-Lo
8. 747 Wind Flight

Personnel & Credits:
Toshijuki Honda (Alto sax, soprano sax, flute, alto flute)
Bob Wilson (drums, percussion)*
Pauline Wilson – (vocals on 6)*
Larry Williams (electric piano, mini moog, oberheim, polyphonic, percussion)*
Jerry Hey (trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion)*
Gary Herbig (tenor sax, alto sax, alto flute)*
Ken Wild (electric bass)*
Bud Nuanez (electric guitar)*
Eji Arai (trombone on 4,6,7)
Tadoami Anai (percussion on 1,3,4,6,7)
Chikara Ueda (arrange, conduct)
* appears trough the courtesy of CTI records
Also 1981 Inner City Records, licensed by King Records Co. Ltd. Japan

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