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Splendor ”Splendor”


( LP Columbia/CBS Records, 1979 )
Catalog # JC35798

Side A
1. All Night Long
2. Special Lady
3. Always On Your Side
4. Splendorland
Side B
1. Take Me To Your Disco
2. Sunny Side Up
3. Follow Your Dream
4. A Brighter Day
5. Carnival

Personnel & Credits:
Lead vocals: Sascha Meeks, Robertt Nunn, Richard Shaw, Philip Bailey, Carl Carwell, Dianne Reeves, Maxine Willard Waters, Julia Tillman Waters and Clydene Jackson
Produced by Philip Bailey, Tommy Vicari and Robertt Nunn for Holy Sound Productions.
Executive producer: Gerry Griffith
Mixed by Tommy Vicari, Philip Bailey and Robertt Nunn

Brilliant and sought after disco LP, which features (amongst others) the talents of Earth Wind & Fire’s Philip Bailey. The front cover also has great artwork, showing shoes in the shape of animals falling from the sky over the countryside. Every track is great. Philip’s soaring vocals grace “All night long”, a great uptempo track. “Take me to your disco” follows the theme of many records of that era, with a story of aliens landing and wanting to be taken to a disco rather than “Take me to your leader”.
(From Discomusic.com)

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