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Sonny Stitt ”Last Sessions Vol.1 & 2”

Last Sessions Vol.1 & 2
( Muse Records, 1982 )
Catalog # MCD 6003

1 Steamroller
Stitt 4:40
2 I’ll Be Seeing You
Fain, Kahal 5:46
3 Out of Nowhere
Green, Heyman 5:02
4 Sweet Georgia Brown
Bernie, Casey, Pinkard 5:02
5 Keepin’ It
Stitt 4:54
6 This Is Always
Gordon, Warren 3:17
7 Makin’ It
Stitt 5:49
8 Angel Eyes
Brent, Dennis 5:10
9 At Last
Gordon, Warren 5:16
10 Bouncing with Bud
Fuller, Powell 5:56
11 As Time Goes By
Hupfield 4:44
12 Swifty
Stitt 4:17
13 Sugar
Alexander, Mitchell, Pinkard 6:16
14 Jumpin’ the Blues
Brown, McShann, Parker 5:38

It is difficult to believe after listening to this two-record set, that Sonny Stitt only had six weeks left in his life; he already had cancer but did not know it. Switching between tenor and alto, Stitt on the first disc is heard in top form with pianist Junior Mance, bassist George Duvivier, and drummer Jimmy Cobb while the second set (recorded the following day) adds trumpeter Bill Hardman and has Walter Davis in Mance’s place. As was typical of Stitt’s career, the music throughout is high-quality bebop with the saxophonist stretching out creatively over common chord changes. This double record (a straight reissue of two single LPs) shows that Sonny Stitt went out on top.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

By Pier

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