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Richard “Groove” Holmes ”Soul Mist!”

Richard “Groove” Holmes

Soul Mist!
( LP Prestige Records, 1966 )
Catalog # PR 7741

1 Autumn Leaves
2 There Is No Greater Love
3 Denise
4 Things Ain’t What They Used to Be
5 Up Jumped Spring

Personnel (on the tracks):

Richard “Groove” Holmes (org)
Gene Edwards (g)
Freddie Waits (d)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, March 15, 1966
Up Jumped Spring

Blue Mitchell (tp -2,3)
Harold Vick (ts -2,3)
Richard “Groove” Holmes (org)
Gene Edwards (g)
George Randall (d)
Recorded at Rudy Van Gelder Studio,
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, July 7, 1966
1. Autumn Leaves
2. There Is No Greater Love
3. Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

A standards-heavy date, 1966’s Soul Mist is one of Richard “Groove” Holmes’ most relaxed and swinging discs. Exploring the higher registers of the Hammond B3 instead of the familiar funky bass sound, Holmes’ playing actually resembles the electric organ version of Dave Brubeck’s familiar melodic piano sound, although the lightfooted cover of “Autumn Leaves” owes a lot to Bill Evans’ readings of the tune. Side one (in the original vinyl configuration; reissue versions tend to scramble the track order) is Holmes in his comfortable organ trio setting, with Gene Edwards’ guitar and Freddie Waits’ drums providing just the right accompaniment. Side two’s two extended tracks, “There Is No Greater Love” and “Things Ain’t What They Used to Be,” add trumpeter Blue Mitchell and tenor saxophonist Harold Vick, whose frisky sparring with Holmes’ alternately bluesy and sanctified organ riffs gives the album a fresher and more melodic spin. An often-overlooked gem in Richard “Groove” Holmes’ extensive catalog, Soul Mist is well worth seeking out.
By Stewart Mason (AMG)

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