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Quartetto Gianni Basso ''Quartetto Gianni Basso''

Quartetto Gianni Basso

''Quartetto Gianni Basso''
( LP Vedette Records, 1981 )
Catalog # VPA 8476
Reissue on Rearward/Schema Records, 2009
Catalog # RW133

01 Four Brothers
02 Stormy Weather
03 Vichy
04 Cheek To Cheek
05 My Wife
06 Red & Green

Gianni Basso - Tenor Sax
Mario Rusca - Piano
Lucio Terzano - Double Bass
Giancarlo Pillot - Drums

European jazz sweetness from Gianni Basso and his excellent quartet of Italian scene players -- a masterful early 80s set with real warmth, and a timeless elegance! Basso's ear for classic small combo jazz serves him incredible well on these recordings, with an easy going, but no less accomplished groove that could have been recorded any time in the couple decades it -- Basso feeling no obligation cater to the neon lit, dawn of digital 80s styles. and grooving with grace and beauty. The leader's deep toned tenor is in excellent form out front, with Mario Rusca's piano complimenting it wonderfully, Lucio Terzano on double bass and Giancarlo Pillot on the drums. It's an album of subtle genius that's a huge compliment to all the players, and their impeccable standards for playing jazz.
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