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Professor X ”Years Of The 9, On The Blackhand Side”

Professor X

Years Of The 9, On The Blackhand Side
( LP 4th & B’way Records, 1990 )
Catalog # 162 444 033-1

A1 The Sleeper Has Awakened (4:27)
A2 What’s Up G? (3:33)
A3 Call A Spade A Spade (4:54)
A4 The Definition Of A Sissy (3:44)
A5 Years Of The 9, On The Blackhand Side (4:23)
Co-producer – Robert Reed
Vocals – Traedonya Taylor Reed Jr.
A6 Ahh! (3:36)
Co-producer – James “Beta” Morton
B1 Vanglorious Crib (5:00)
Co-producer – Charles Rouse
B2 Black Boot Stomp (4:17)
B3 Gorillas In The Mist (3:50)
B4 Reality (4:20)
Co-producer – James “Beta” Morton
B5 Pull Up To The Bumper (4:54)
Co-producer – Robert Reed
Vocals – Afrika Bambaataa, Billy St. James,
Jon Gordon, Liza Figueroa, Sandy Leonard

Engineer – Dan Sheehan , Hugh Aladdin French
Mastered By – Chris Dehringer , Herb Powers Jr.
Producer – Anthony Hardin , Claude Gray,
Jason Hunter, Lumumba Robert Carson
Scratches – The Rhythm Provider Sugar Shaft
Real Name: Lumumba Robert Carson
Profile: On March 17, 2006, Lumumba Robert Carson AKA Professor X, son of Brooklyn activist Sonny Carson, a founding member of X-Clan, and the founder of the Blackwatch movement, passed away after suffering the effects of spinal meningitis.

Format: Vinyl, LP
Country: US
Released: 1990

A New York-based hip-hopper who preached a black nationalist philosophy, Professor X was the founder of the black Muslim organization known as the Blackwatch Committee and the leader of the group X-Clan. X's debut solo album, Years of the 9, On the Blackhand Side, contrasted sharply with the type of graphic, profane gangster rap that had become incredibly popular. You won't find any gratuitous violence or sexually exploitative material on tunes like "Vanglorious Crib," "The Sleeper Has Awakened," and "Reality," which encourage black pride, self-respect and cultural awareness. But while some hip-hop writers were quick to praise the Professor's positivity (especially on the East Coast), this enjoyable setwasn't nearly as big a seller as many of the gangsta rap recordings the West Coast provided in 1991.
By Alex Henderson (AMG)

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