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The Positive Force With Ade Olatunji “Oracy”

The Positive Force With Ade Olatunji

( LP Pamoja Records, 1977 )
Catalog # 7052n5b

1 – Afrikan In Winter
2 – Kupenda Na Kuhitaji
3 – Beautiful Flower
4 – Praise Song
5 – Poem For My Lady
6 – Afrika Needs You
7 – Brothers
8 – Guerilla Warfare
9 – The Weight Don’t Make Things No Lighter

Ade Olatunji (Spoken Word)
Jeribu Gonvi (Bass)
Jay Jones (Soprano,Tenor,Alto Saxaphone,Flute)
Sundiata Keita (Percussion)
Dave Mcmurray (Soprahno,Tenor,Alto Saxaphone,Flute)
Darryl Pierce (Drums)
Matthew Rhodes (Piano)
Seyoum (Percussion)
Debra Channel (Vocal)
Frank Garcia (Vocal)
The Malaika Wachunga (Vocal)
Nyasha Chilombo (Vocal)
Kimba Kuumba (Vocal)
Kafi Malaika (Vocal)
Motisola Malaika (Vocal)
Wambui Malaika (Vocal)

One of the most righteous soul jazz albums of the 70s a unique session of poetry, percussion,and jazz put together by the ultra-hip Positive Force! Not to be confused with the soul group of the same name, this combo was a spiritual jazz ensemble featuring poet Ade Olatunji reciting some of his works, plus additional percussion, piano, bass, and keyboards. The tracks unfold with a simple, easy-going approach that’s really beautiful redemptive, hopeful, and free-thinking with a great vision for the future, and a keen ear to challenge the status quo. Titles include “The Afrikan In Winter”, “Beautiful Flower”, “Praise Song”, “Guerilla Warfare”, and “Poem For My Lady”.

By Celo


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