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Okyerema Asante “Drum Message”

Okyerema Asante

Drum Message
( LP Black Fire Records, 1977 )
Catalog # BF 19803

1. Drum Message
2. Asante Sana
3. Follow Me
4. Sabi
5. Mother Africa
6. Never Fly Away From the Funk
7. Play a Sweet Rhythm on Them Drums
8. Adowa
9. Sabi (Black Fire Mix)
10. Kazi’s Awakening
11. To the Ancestors

Okyerema Asante: African Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Chants, Whistles, Bells
Plunky Branch: Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax, Shekere, Vocals, Flute
Muzi Branch: Electric Bass, Shekere
Brian Jackson: Piano
Andrea Thomas: Trap Drums
Judy Spears: Vocals
Iceman Ron Wallace: Vocals
Ras Mel Glover: Electric Guitar
Bilal Suni Ali: Flute
Timothy Hall: Piano, Synthesizer
Sister Tee: Violin
Simbo: Berimbeau, Congas

A seminal bit of funky Afrojazz from the DC scene of the 70s! The album features work by percussionist Okyerema Asante, and also includes sax work by Plunky Nakabinde best known as the leader of the group Oneness Of Juju. Plunky’s influence can really be felt strongly on the set and the record has much of the sound of the first two Oneness albums, which were also issued on Black Fire. Lots of funky fusion, with a few really nice drumbreaks, and an excellent spiritual vibe throughout the entire set! Includes the tracks “Asante Sana”, “Sabi”, “Play A Sweet Rhythm On Them Drums”, and “Never Fly Away From The Funk”.

By Celo


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