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Johnny “Hammond” Smith/Seldon Powell ”Black Coffee”

Johnny “Hammond” Smith/Seldon Powell

Black Coffee
( LP Riverside Records, 1962 )
Catalog # RLP 442
** Also part of Milestone M 47072, MCD 47072-2

1. Black Coffee
2. Monterey Theme
3. I Remember Clifford
4. Far Away Places
5. Rufus Toofus
6. Body And Soul
7. He’s A Real Gone Guy

Personnel & Credits:
Seldon Powell (ts -1,3,5/7)
Johnny “Hammond” Smith (org)
Eddie McFadden (g)
Leo Stevens (d)
Recorded at “Monterey Club”,
New Haven, CT, November 8, 1962

Two of organist Johnny “Hammond” Smith’s earliest gems (Black Coffee and Mr. Wonderful) are reissued in full on a single CD, Black Coffee. Although influenced by Jimmy Smith, this particular organist was also a strong grooving player, able to play both blues and more complicated chord changes. He is showcased with a quartet that includes tenor saxophonist Seldon Powell and guitarist Eddie McFadden, and in a quintet with McFadden, tenor man Houston Person and trumpeter Sonny Williams; in both cases Leo Stevens is on drums. The material (with eight colorful originals including “I Remember Clifford,” “Body and Soul,” and “He’s a Real Gone Guy” among the 15 numbers) has a fair amount of variety, and Johnny “Hammond” Smith is heard at his best throughout this reissue.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Note: Thanks to Heup for the help!

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