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James Brown “Night Train”

James Brown

“Night Train”
( LP King Records, 1962 )
Catalog # King LP 771

1. Hold It – James Brown
2. The Scratch - James Brown
3. Night Train - James Brown
4. The Wobble - The Wobblers
5. Night Flying - James Brown
6. Just A Little Bit Of Everything - Herb Hardesty
7. Doin’ Everything - Henry Moore
8. Suds - James Brown
9. Tonk Game - Hank Marr
10. Switch-A-Roo - Henry Moore
11. Bushy Tail - Clifford Scott
12. Cross Firing - James Brown

6 instrumental tracks by James Brown, plus 6 others by The Wobblers, Herb Hardesty, Henry Moore, Hank Marr, and Clifford Scott. Black label “deep groove” King pressing. Notice that the label reads with the LP title ”Twist Around,” with the same catalog number and track listing.

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