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Info: The Legends Of Acid Jazz List

Legends of Acid Jazz series

24167 Boogaloo Joe Jones (Boogaloo Joe/Right on brother)
24168 Rusty Bryant (Night train now/Soul liberation)
24169 Sonny Stitt (Turn it on/Black vibrations)
24170 Idris Muhammad (Black rhythm revolution/Peace & rhythm)
24171 Melvin Sparks (Sparks/Spark plug)
24175 Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Best of Pucho & the LSB (bits & pieces)
24176 Bernard Purdie (Purdie good/Shaft)
24177 Johnny “Hammond” Smith (Soul talk/Black feelin’)
24178 Don Patterson (Exciting new organ of DP + other trax from session – mainly “Hip cake walk”)
24179 Houston Person (Person to person/The Houston express)
24184 Jack McDuff (Bits & pieces 1965-1969)
24185 Leon Spencer (Sneak preview/Louisiana Slim)
24186 Sonny Phillips (Sure ‘nuff/Black on black)
24187 Richard “Groove” Holmes (The groover/That healin’ feelin’)
24188 Gene Ammons (Black cat/You talk that talk (w Stitt))
24196 Various artists – Hammond heroes (some great stuff in here not issued in the series)
24197 Billy Butler (This is BB/Night life)
24198 Willis Jackson (Blue Gator/Cookin’ sherry)
24199 Red Holloway (The burner/Red soul)
24200 Shirley Scott & Stanley Turrentine (Hip soul/Hip twist)
24208 Trudy Pitts (These blues of mine/Introducing TP (most))
24209 Boogaloo Joe Jones (No way/What it is)
24210 Sonny Stitt/Don Patterson (Funk you DP/Soul electricity SS)
24211 Rusty Bryant (Fire eater/Wild fire)
24212 Various artists – Tenor titans (ditto see 24196)
24218 Willis Jackson (Keep on a blowing/Thunderbird)
24219 Charles Kynard (Afro-disiac/Wa-tu-wa-zui)
24220 Jack McDuff (Brother Jack/Goodnight, it’s time to go)
24221 Houston Person (Truth/Soul dance)
24222 Richard “Groove” Holmes (Spicy/Livin’ soul)
24233 Shirley Scott (Soul sister/Travelin’ light (w K Burrell))
24234 Bill Jennings & Jack McDuff (Enough said/Glide on)
24235 Johnny “Hammond” Smith (Soul flowers/Dirty grape)
24236 Sonny Stitt (Low flame/Shangri-la)
24237 Don Patterson (Four dimensions/(rest of) Hip cake walk + other bits from session)

Related Fantasy twofers
24071 Gene Ammons – Organ combos (Twistin’ the Jug/Angel eyes/Velvet soul)
24118 Gene ammons, Sonny Stitt & Jack McDuff – Soul summit (vols 1 & 2)
24126 Shirley Scott – Workin’/Stompin’
24127 Sonny Stitt/Ervin/Patterson – Soul people (plus bits)
24129 Gene Ammons – The boss is back/Brother jug
24131 Jack McDuff & Kenny Burrell – Crash/Somethin’ slick +1
24133 Richard “Groove” Holmes – Blue Groove (Get up and get it/Soul mist)
24138 Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Tough/Saffron & soul
24141 Red Holloway & Jack McDuff – Brother Red (Cookin’ together + extras)
24142 Shirley Scott & Stanley Turrentine – Soul shoutin’/The soul is willing
24147 Jack McDuff – Live/At Jazz Workshop
24149 Don Patterson – Dem New York dues (Opus de don/Oh happy day)
24150 Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis – Streetlights (I only have eyes for you/Trackin’)
24151 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Talk that talk/Gettin’ the message
24161 Willis Jackson – with Pat Martino (Jackson’s action/Live action)
24164 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – That good feelin’/All soul
24165 Sonny Stitt – Night letter/Soul shack (w McDuff)

24240 Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Cold shoulder (more bits)
24242 Jack McDuff – Silken soul (more bits & pieces)
24244 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – The soulful blues (Ebb tide/Nasty)
24253 Sonny Stitt & Don Patterson – The boss men/Night crawler + bits)
24254 Willis Jackson – Gravy (Grease & gravy/The good life)
24256 Jack McDuff – The soulful drums/Hot barbecue
24257 Charles Kynard – Soul Brotherhood/Reelin’ with the feelin’
24260 Billy Butler – Night life (Guitar soul/Yesterday, today & tomorrow)
24261 Sonny Stitt – Brothers four/Donnybrook (actually a Don Patterson session)
24265 Willis Jackson – Nuther’n like thuther’n (Boss shoutin’/More gravy
24267 Charles Earland – In concert (Live at the Lighthouse/Kharma)
24268 Eric Kloss – About time (Introducing EK/Love and all that jazz)
24269 Rusty Bryant – For the good times/Until it’s time for you to go
24270 Jack McDuff – The concert McDuff plus other live bits
24273 Willis Jackson – Soul night live/Tell it
24274 Jack McDuff – The last good ‘un (On with it + bits)
24276 Sonny Stitt – Goin’ down slow/So doggone good
24277 Bobby Timmons – The (not quite) Prestige trio sessions (Little barefoot soul/Chun-king)
24281 Gene Ammons – Fine and mellow (Big bad Jug/Got my own)
24282 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Good ’nuff (The stinger/Willis Jackson cooks with JHS)
24284 Willis Jackson & Jack McDuff – Together again/Together again, again
24289 Shirley Scott – Trio classics vol 1 (Great Scott!/Shirley’s sounds)
24290 Houston Person – Broken windows empty hallways/Sweet buns & barbeque
24291 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Opus de funk/Stimulation
24292 Richard “Groove” Holmes – Super soul/Soul power
24294 Willis Jackson – After hours (Loose/Soul grabber)
47072 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Black coffee/Mr Wonderful
47089 Johnny “Hammond” Smith – Open house/A little taste
47098 Wild Bill Moore – Bottom Groove/Wild Bill’s beat

British issues on the Beat Goes Public label (Ace – all deleted since Concord)
CDBGPD040 Funk inc – Funk inc/Chicken lickin’
CDBGPD043 Boogaloo Joe Jones – Snake rhythm rock/Black whip
CDBGPD047 Pucho & the Latin Soul Brothers – Heat/Jungle fire
CDBGPD058 Funk inc – Hangin’ out/Superfunk
CDBGPD063 Sonny Phillips – Sure ‘nuff/Black magic
CDBGPD067 Boogaloo Joe Jones – The Mindbender/My fire
CDBGPD093 Charles Earland – Black talk/Black drops
CDBGPD117 Billy Hawks – New genius of the blues/More heavy soul
CDBGPD119 Bobby Timmons – The soul man/Soul food
CDBGPD122 Freddie Roach – The soul book/Mocha motion

And one more essential item, from P-Vine
PCD5621 Rhoda Scott – Hey! Hey! Hey!/Live at the Key Club

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