Thursday, 3 September 2009

Info: Laurens Hammond

Laurens Hammond

Laurens Hammond is a hero for me :-) Even if he hardly at gun-point could play ‘Twinkle Little Star’. No, it’s the inventor Hammond that is the hero for me.
His electro-magnetic, electro-mechanic, complex ‘failed pipe church organ on steroids’ is a true marvel of invention, quality and over-engineering. Here we can talk about built to last!
The Hammond B-3/C-3/A-100 went to the Hall of Fame, but not at all the way Mr Hammond could have thought of! As a jazz and rock juggernaut instrument! With Wild Bill Davis at the helm, and then the karate disciple, the one and only, Jimmy Smith. And then came the rest. And the B-3 was almost always connected to that thing Mr Hammond disliked so much, that irritating Leslie!
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Guy Magic said...

Long live the mighty Hammond organ!

The Hammond's distinctive sound is one of the most unique and glorious voices in music. I thank you JAZZYPIER for bringing us the recordings of so many of the greatest Hammond players here at MFS.

Guy Magic
(Organ grinder/Hammond freak)

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