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Hal Singer & Jef Gilson ”Soul Of Africa”

Hal Singer & Jef Gilson

Soul Of Africa
( LP Le Chant Du Monde Records, 1975 )

A1 – Chant Inca
A2 – Mother Africa
B1 – The High Life
B2 – Libertarian
B3 – Garvey’s Strut

Soul Of Africa is regarded as one of the key documents of the Afro-Parisian jazz scene of the seventies and eighties. That isn’t a statement I can in any way qualify or support; it’s just something I read. I gather we’re all comfortable with that scenario? Good, then I can continue to bluff my way through this text. Pianist and composer Jef Gilson teamed up with Hal Singer, a Texan saxophonist who moved to the French capital, finding kinship with Gilson’s affection for African-influenced jazz. The percussion is a dominant force throughout Soul Of Africa. Particularly colourful rhythmic details arise from ‘Mother Africa’, which swings through an overloaded
jumble of drumming and complex upright basslines, while Singer cuts through the chaos with his clarion tenor lines. There seems to have been a good number of high quality spiritual jazz reissues in recent times.

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