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Franz Auffray “Original Popcorn“

Franz Auffray

Original Popcorn
( LP EGG Records, 1969 )
Catalog # 940.015
(Also on Barclay Cat. # KMLP 319 STEREO)

1 – Popcorn Popcorn Hey Hey Eat Some Popcorn Every Day
2 – The Popcorn (Hey Na Na Na)
3 – Popcorn Popcorn
4 – Sweet Popcorn Part I
5 – Salted Popcorn
6 – Sweet Popcorn Part II
7 – Son Of Popcorn The First (The Original)

Featuring – Carl Heinz Schaeffer,
Sam Choueka
Producer – Franz Auffray

Ultra Rare Psych Funk album From France
with incedible breaks and phased drums.
Reissued on Pulp Flavor Recordings
Catalog#DD027LP, 2002.
More infos here.
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By Celo

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