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The Earth Disciples ”Getaway Train”

The Earth Disciples

Getaway Train
( LP Solid State Records, 1969 )
Catalog # 18064

1 Getaway Train
2 La Bahemia
3 Life Cycle
4 Earth Island Ferry
5 Bitter End, Pt. 1
6 Native Planet
7 Spirit of the Bells
8 Rollin’ Over
9 Serenade of a Summer Butterfly
10 Bitter End, Pt. 2

Personnel & Notes:
Jimmy Holloway – Guitar (& poss keys too)
Reggie Austin – Bass
Reggie Harris – Drums
Rudy Reid – Piano
Recorded in NYC in ‘69, produced by Dave Pell

The Earth Disciples are a group veiled in the mystery of time, allowing their music to speak for them. Which is to say that, despite my best googling efforts, I can find absolutely squat about the band behind this release.
What I can tell you is that the album is one of the rarest records on Solid State but still seems to turn up reasonably often on Ebay. You could describe the music as Soul-Jazz, Jazz-Fusion,Rock-Fusion or a number of other relatively meaningless terms but at the end of the day all that really matters is the music and I love this album to pieces.
I’m not ashamed to admit that I had a momentary face melt the first time I heard Life Cycle. Starting with a funky rock riff the track seems to be settling into a groove before it breaks down into the first of many sublime tempo changes. Building on a piano led theme the band develop the mood with layer upon layer, reverb taking the listener off on a journey before the groove brings them back down to earth. This track is absolutely fantastic by any measure.
Bitter End Pt 1 is a more straightforward jazzy number featuring some nice breakdowns and excellent playing from the band once again.
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By Pier

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