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Duke Pearson ”Sweet Honey Bee”

Duke Pearson

Sweet Honey Bee
( LP Blue Note Records, 1966 )
Catalog # BLP 4252
** Also issued on Blue Note BST 84252, CDP 7 89792-2

1. Sweet Honey Bee (5:00)
2. Sudel (5:43)
3. After The Rain (4:45)
4. Gaslight (6:01)
5. Big Bertha (5:58)
6. Empathy (6:00)
7. Ready Rudy? (6:01)

Duke Pearson: piano
James Spaulding: alto saxophone & flute
Joe Henderson: tenor saxophone
Freddie Hubbard: trumpet
Ron Carter: bass
Mickey Roker: drums

Recorded: at Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs,
New Jersey on December 7, 1966
Producer: Alfred Lion
Engineer: Rudy Van Gelder
Total Recording Time: 39:28

Review (1):
Well-known for his superlative arranging skills for big band as well as smaller ensembles,and as a solid main-stream pianist,this recording is a good testimonial to all of these attributes.I consider SWEET HONEY BEE to be the finest recording during his tenure at BLUE NOTE RECORDS.This sextet is polished,with some great originals by Pearson,top-shelf soloing all around, and a really superb rhythm section,with Freddie Hubbard,James Spaulding,and Joe Henderson taking full advantage of the moment.Standouts for me were the surreal qualities of ‘GAS LIGHT’,which merits a thoughtful and hi-calibre solo by Henderson,and the straight ahead ‘one-two punch’ of ‘BIG BERTHA’.Hubbard,Spaulding and Henderson really ’smoke’this one,with the sparkling drive of Roker,Carter,and Duke spurring them on.On both these tunes Pearson really diplays his remarkable compositional and arranging skills.This comes highly recommended.

Review (2):
Pianist/composer Duke Pearson leads an all-star group on this run-through of seven of his compositions. The musicians (trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, altoist James Spaulding, Joe Henderson on tenor, bassist Ron Carter, drummer Mickey Roker, and the pianist/leader) are actually more impressive than many of the compositions, although the swinging minor-toned “Big Bertha” deserved to become a standard. The frameworks are quite intelligent (and everyone doesn’t solo on each selection), and the improvisations are concise and clearly related to each tune’s melody and mood. Although not quite essential, this reissue has some rewarding music.
By Scott Yanow (AMG)

Pier’s Note:
Listen to ”Gaslight”, please…we recommend!

By Pier

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