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Bobby Pierce ”New York”

Bobby Pierce

New York
( LP Muse Records, 1973 )
Catalog # MR 5030

a. a-01 New York – 4:28 (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
b. a-02 Children Are The Creator’s Messenger – 9:16 (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
c. a-03 Hurray For The Children – 1:58 (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
d. b-01 Too High – 5:18 (Stevie Wonder) / arr: Bobby Alston
e. b-02 Sleep Baby – 5:04 (Bobby Pierce) / arr: Bobby Alston
f. b-03 Minority – 8:57 (Gigi Gryce) / arr: Bobby Alston
All titles on: Muse LP 12″: MR 5030 — New York

Personnel & Credits:
Bobby Pierce (ldr)
Frank Strozier (f, as)
Billy Mitchell (ss, ts)
Bobby Alston (t)
Ted Dunbar (g)
Bobby Pierce (ep, cel, org, v)
Bob Cranshaw (eb)
Freddie Waits (d)

Date: November 13, 1973
Location: RCA Studios, New York City

By Pier

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