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Billy Preston ”Live European Tour”

Billy Preston

Live European Tour
( LP A&M Records, 1974 )
Catalog # SLAM 68265

1. “Day Tripper” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) –2:07
2. “The Bus” (Preston, Joe Greene) –10:58
3. “Let It Be” (John Lennon, Paul McCartney) –2:28
4. “Will It Go Round In Circles” (Preston, Bruce Fisher) –3:44
5. “Let’s Go Get Stoned” (Simpson, Ashford, Armstead) –1:36
6. “Space Race” (Preston) –1:57
7. “Amazing Grace” (Traditional, arr. Preston) –4:43
8. “That’s The Way God Planned It” (Preston) –4:05
9. “Outa-Space/Higher” (Preston, Joe Greene) –8:05 (Bonus Track)

Personnel & Credits:
* Billy Preston: All keyboards, melodica, lead vocals.
* Mick Taylor: Guitars, backing vocals.
* Hubert Heard: Keyboards.
* Kenneth Lupper: Keyboards.
* Manuel Kellough: Drums, percussion.

* Billy Preston: Producer.
* Andy Johns: Engineer.
* Robert Ellis: Direction.
* Bruce Wayne: Road Manager.
* Roland Young: Art Direction.
* Junie Osaki: Design.
* Album remixed at A&M Recording Studios,
Hollywood California.

Live European Tour is the first live album by Billy Preston, released in 1974 in Europe & Japan. It was recorded during his opening act stint for The Rolling Stones 1973 European Tour, featuring Mick Taylor on lead guitar & Preston’s own band “The God Squad”. In 2003, A&M Records released this album in Japan, featuring alternative song takes.
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By Pier


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Guy Magic said...

This is a great live album defiantly worth checking out!

Preston sings, plays, and grooves with an exuberance that is absolutely infectious.

Thank you Pier, the Billy Preston the “Black Beatle” rules!!!

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