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Betty Davis “This Is It!”

Betty Davis

This Is It!
( Compilation Vampi Soul Records, 2005 )
Catalog # VAMPI 055

1 If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up (4:58)
2 Walkin’ Up The Road (2:51)
3 Anti Love Song (4:26)
4 Your Man My Man (3:33)
5 Ooh Yea (3:06)
6 Steppin’ In Her I. Miller Shoes (3:11)
7 Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him (3:54)
8 He Was A Big Freak (4:05)
9 Don’t Call Her No Tramp (4:02)
10 Git In There (4:43)
11 They Say I’m Different (4:12)
12 70’s Blues (4:57)
13 Your Mama Wants Ya Back (3:23)
14 Nasty Gal (4:43)
15 You And I (2:49)
16 Funk (4:25)
17 Getting Kicked Off, Havin’ Fun (3:13)
18 Shut Off The Light (3:58)
19 This Is It (3:32)

Songs 1 to 6 from “Betty Davis”, 1973.
Songs 7 to 13 from “They Say I’m Different”, 1974.
Songs 14 to 19 from “Nasty Gal”, 1975.

Some of the heaviest funk you’ll ever find in one tiny package — all courtesy of the mighty Betty Davis! Betty’s work of the 70s is beyond compare — fuzzed-out, tripped-up, drum-heavy funk that’s been the stuff of legend for years, and which is the kind of music you could play for just about anyone, and have them say “DANG, what the hell is that!?!” This tasty little set brings together tracks from Betty’s 3 albums of the mid 70s — Betty Davis, Nasty Gal, and They Say I’m Different — done with a focus on the hardest-hitting tracks from each set, and put together with a real ear for the kind of tunes that still burn mightily after all these years.
From Dusty Groove America

By Rob

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