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Barney Wilen & His Amazing Free Rock Band “Dear Prof. Leary”

Barney Wilen & His Amazing Free Rock Band

Dear Prof. Leary
( LP MPS/BASF, 1969 Germany )
Catalog # MPS 15191

01 – The Fool On The Hill
02 – Dear Prof. Leary
03 – Ode To Bllie Joe
04 – Dur Dur Dur
05 – Why Do You Keep Me Hanging On
06 – Lonely Woman
07 – Respect

Barney Wilen – tenor- and soprano-saxophone
Jochaim Kuehn – piano, organ
Mimi Lorenzini – guitar
Guenther Lenz – bass, electr. bass
Aldo Romano – drums
Wolfgang Paap – drums

A quintessential MPS session a tribute to the psychedelic influences of Timothy Leary, put together by the famous French tenor player Barney Wilen in an amazing mix of funk, jazz, and jamming! The sound is incredible a perfect illustration of the mindblowing genre-blurring sound going on at the MPS label during these key years recorded with top-shelf production that really makes the whole thing explode! Wilen plays here with his “Free Rock Band” — an electrified collective that features Aldo Romano on drums, Joachim Kuhn on organ, Mimi Lorenzini on guitar, and Gunter Lenz on bass all working in a similar vein to some of Dave Pike’s wilder albums, or the legendary Oimels album by Wolfgang Dauner! The band performs an incredible stoner funk version of “Ode To Billy Joe”, a wildly spacey take on “The Fool On The Hill”, the tight funky jammer “Dur Dur Dur”, and a haunting moody electric version of Ornette Coleman’s “Lonely Woman”. The whole thing caps off with a wild avant funky version of Otis Redding’s “Respect” and the record’s a stone winner all the way through! (Amazing LP sleeve edition)
From Dusty Groove America, Inc.

By Celo

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