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Alan Hawkshaw "Mo' Hawk - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975"

Alan Hawkshaw

"Mo' Hawk - The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975"
( LP RPM Records, 2003 )
Catalog # RPM 256

01.Senor Thump (By The Mohawks) (2:49)
02.Beat Me 'til I'm Blue (By The Mohawks) (2:38)
03.Move Move Move (2:51)
04.Girl At The Top (1:51)
05.Hastle (2:06)
06.The Millionairess (3:08)
07.Beat Boutique (1:33)
08.Piccadilly Night Ride (1:24)
09.Dr Jekyll & Hyde Park (By The Mohawks) (1:37)
10.Sweet Motion (By The Salon Band) (3:46)
11.Blue Note (4:11)
12.Girl In A Sportscar (1:40)
13.Dave Allen At Large (1:50)
14.Raver (2:32)
15.Drive On (2:58)
16.Action Man (1:10)
17.Rocky Mountain Roundabout (By The Mohawks) (2:11)
18.Powerboat (1:32)
19.Rumplestiltskin (By Rumplestiltskin) (3:22)
20.Hawkwind And Fire (3:02)

A treasure trove of funk from one of the greatest unsung heroes of the genre! Alan Hawkshaw was one of the coolest cats in the British studio scene of the 60s and 70s -- a period that had him doing countless recordings for TV, radio, film, and other commercial sources. Alan's probably best known to the world for his one-off album under the name of The Mohawks, but during the same period, he also cut a huge amount of great funky tunes of a similar nature -- most of which have never been properly reissued before! This bountiful collection is one of the first to really do justice to Alan's genius -- and its filled with great tunes that crackle with hot Hammond organ licks, sweet electric piano bits, and a mad mix of easy and funk that always satisfies, and makes our jaws drop when we consider how much great work Hawkshaw had a hand in! 20 tracks in all, and titles include "Beat Boutique", "The Millionairess", "Hastle", "Move Move Move", "Girl At The Top", "Powerboat", "Raver", "Drive On", "Girl In A Sportscar", "Senor Thump", "Rubplestiltskin", "Hawkwind & Fire", "Blue Note", and "Dave Allen At Large".
From Dusty Groove America, Inc.

By Celo


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