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The 9th Creation “Bubble Gum

The 9th Creation

Bubble Gum
( LP Rite Track Records, 1975 )
Catalog # RKA-01M

A1 – Bubble Gum
A2 – Learn-N-To Live
A3 – Sexy Girl
A4 – Quit It
A5 – Falling In Love
B1 – Truth, Trust, Love & Happiness
B2 – Rule Of Mind
B3 – Suburban Blue
B4 – We Need Love

Bill Eriksen (Electric Piano,Arp String Ensemble,Clavinet)
Don Ray Allen (Drums,Lead Vocals)
J.D. Burrise (Lead Vocals, Percussions)
Mike Micenheimer (Trombone,Sax)
Steven Rubio (Alto Sax,Lead Vocals)
W. Thad Bourland (Trumpet Background Vocals)
Laurence Holman (Trumpet,Fluglehorn)
Henry Anadon (Tenor Sax,Flute,Baritone Sax)
A.D. Burrise (Bass,Background Vocals)
Robert E. Clark (Electric Guitar)

Essential LP … exist 2 different pressing of this record, but same track listing on other label. here the first Rite track 75′ press out the same year… “Bubble gum” same as “Falling in love”, include the famous “Bubble gum” classic break with its elastic basslines & the atmospheric feel of “Rule of Mind”.

By Celo

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