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Various Artists ''Untinted: Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue''

Various Artists

''Untinted: Sources For Madlib's Shades Of Blue''
( Compilation, Blue Note Records, 2003 )
Catalog # BLU 931632B

1. Look of Slim - Gene Harris, The Three Sounds
2. Distant Land - Donald Byrd
3. Mystic Brew - Ronnie Foster
4. Stormy - Reuben Wilson
5. Please Set Me at Ease - Bobbi Humphrey
6. Stepping into Tomorrow - Donald Byrd
7. Illusion - Andrew Hill
8. Montara - Bobby Hutcherson
9. Song for My Father - Horace Silver
10. Footprints - Wayne Shorter
11. Peace - Horace Silver
12. Dolphin Dance - Herbie Hancock

This is a great introduction to jazz for those who may be brought into the form from Madlib's Shades of Blue. This is the exciting corner of jazz during the mid-late-60s, by some big names if not necessarily the BIG names that even non-jazz fans know. All of these tracks are great selections for this compilation, but Ronnie Foster's "Mystic Brew" stood out most to me. Maybe that's because I hadn't heard it before AND it is a great performance. The Andrew Hill tune, "Illusion", mentioned in the previous review, is also a standout. Heck, I could list every track as a standout, and Madlib did a good job on the sequencing because every song flows after the next in a sensible manner.
If you are new to jazz, this is a safe purchase for you to get a sampling of great music from different artists. If you are a sometimes listener, this will probably convince you to buy more albums by the artists included. If you're a long time fan, you may still want this for the couple of songs you don't have, or to have the collection on one disc. It's that good.
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One of the hippest Blue Note collections ever -- 12 tracks used as the blueprint for Madlib's Shades Of Blue project -- a mixture of funky jazz and killer 60s hardbop numbers! Some of the tracks are core Blue Note numbers, but others are much more left-of-center -- and together, the package makes for a wonderful batch of jazzy grooves -- cuts that slide easily from electric to acoustic, always grooving with a super-dope sort of style! Titles include "The Look Of Slim" by Gene Harris & The Three Sounds, "Illusion" by Andrew Hill, "Distant Land" by Donald Byrd, "Mystic Brew" by Ronnie Foster, "Stormy" by Reuben Wilson, "Please Set Me At Ease" by Bobbi Humphrey, "Peace" by Horace Silver, "Footprints" by Wayne Shorter, "Montara" by Bobby Hutcherson, and "Stepping Into Tomorrow" by Donald Byrd.
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Madlib had an outstanding year in 2003. Various remix projects, releases under his several guises, and a collaboration with fellow hip-hop producer Jay Dee propelled Madlib from underground producer with a cult following to a bona fide powerhouse with a large commercial following. But the crown jewel in 2003's output was easily Shades of Blue, which featured Madlib receiving unfettered access to the massive Blue Note archive to reinterpret and remix several label classics and obscure hits. Untinted contains the source material for Madlib's ambitious project for those not willing to dig in the crates to find many of the releases that were never reissued , with some never being formally released at all. It's an ideal supplement for those who wish to compare/contrast the originals with Madlib's experiments, and a nice blueprint for those uninitiated in the brilliance of the vast Blue Note catalog.
By Rob Theakston (AMG)

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