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Manu Dibango Re-Uploads

Manu Dibango

“African Rhythm Machine”
( LP Fiesta Records, 1975 )
Compilation 1971-75

A1 – Ashiko go
A2 – I remember
A3 – Hot thing
A4 – Sango pouss pouss
B1 – Sango ( Yesus Cristo )
B2 – Power
B3 – Mbolo
B4 – Yabassi

Original Vinyl Rip.

Original post by Celo (06/10/2007)

Manu Dibango

Original Movie Soundtrack
( LP Fiesta Records, 1977 )

01. Ceddo
02. Les cavaliers
03. Le reve de dior
04. La boisson
05. Marabout
06. Libre ceddo
07. Ceddo 2

One of the rarest Manu Dibango lp.
It’s the original soundtrack of the Movie “CEDDO”
incl. some fantactic funky instrumentals with
great percussion and massive breaks!

Original post by Celo (23/10/2007)

Manu Dibango

“L’ Herbe Sauvage”
Original Movie Soundtrack
( LP Fiesta Records, 1977 )
Catalog # 362 005

A1 Miss Cavacha
A2 Bintou (1)
A3 Abidjan City
A4 Dispute
A5 Bintou (2)
B1 Monsieur, Il N’Est Pas Là
B2 Aya
B3 Palmeraies
B4 Sueurs & Angoisses
B5 Bintou (3)

Format:Vinyl, LP
Original Soundtrack from the movie.

Original post by Celo (23/10/2007)


Manu Dibango is definitely the best known African artist outside Africa. His career is long and full of (musical) adventure. As a boy of 15 years old he was sent to Paris to pursue his school education, but his love for music was stronger, and he studied classical piano and, later, saxophone. In 1956, he went to Brussels, where he played with several jazz bands. From 1961 to 1965 he stayed in Kinshasa and played with le Grand Kalle, one of the pioneers of the new Congolese sound based on the rumba.
Back in Paris, he continued recording singles, and around 1970, a first album came out. His third album, Soul Makossa, especially with its title track (originally the b-track of a single dated 1971), was his international breakthrough in 1973. The success gave him the opportunity to go to the USA and play with some big names in jazz music. A later stay in Jamaica during 1979 inspired him to record some reggae albums. Even throughout the 1980s and 1990s, he continues to look for new inspiration, and he frequently records with other artists. A remarkable man.
Born: 1933 in Douala, as Emmanuel Dibango N'Djocke.

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Sensational! Been looking for more Manu! Can never have too much. Cheers for these, can't wait to hear them. African Voodoo here...

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