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Keiko Matsui ''Night Waltz''

Keiko Matsui

''Night Waltz''
( Sin-Drome Records, 1991 )
Catalog # 761800

1. Night Waltz
2. Moon Sailor
3. White Gate
4. Eyes Were Made to Cry
5. Hope
6. Lake of the White Owl
7. Where Wildflowers Grow
8. Grey Cliffs
9. Seagull

Another off tape and this is a demo tape,sound is fine.Track 10. Morning pasture is missing and track 2. is called Moon Sailor instead of Moonlight Sailor.I have played this a couple of times and I have to say the more I play it the more I like it,I hope you do as well.

If there's such a thing as poetic music, Matsui continues her discovery of it on this effort. For all its beauty ad more aggressive touches, this collection doesn't quite measure up to her previous collection No Borders, but there are moments of fusion in her work here which cook like never before, thanks to Eric Marienthal, Gerald Albright and guitarist Ron Komie. While husband/producer Kazu Matsui adds his mysterious shakuhachi wind to "Grey Cliffs," Matsui spends her time creating soundscapes which range from mainly acoustic to punchy electric pieces like "Hope." Clay Jenkins' flugelhorn is a plus. The two vocals here don't give Greg Walker enough excitement to play with; instead they seem too ambitious. Don't let the flowers on the cover fool you because this disc is anything but fluffy and pastoral in nature.
By Jonathan Widran
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