Saturday, 6 March 2010

The Mighty Chevelles “Black Gold” Re-Uploaded

The Mighty Chevelles

“Black Gold”
( LP Flaming Arrow Records, 1970 )

A1. Jungle Baby
A2. Jumpin’ With Music
A3. Lovin’ You Is So Hard To Do
A4. Disco Hustle
B1. Black Gold
B2. Shadow Boxing
B3. Tropical With The Moon Light
B4. Gift Of Love

Heavy duty funk from Atlanta!
The Mighty Chevelles were a great
little 70s combo , very tight ensemble funk
with a sound that’s clearly inspired by the
work of Kool & The Gang, but which also has
a deeper southern groove, and more emphasis
on percussion. The album’s a rare gem only
ever issued in a small batch of copies and
it’s filled with great little groovers that
have a solid funky 45 kind of sound! Titles
include “Jungle Baby”, “Black Gold”,
“Shadow Boxing”, and the great “Tropical With Moonlight”.
From Dustygroove

Ripped From Original Vinyl.

Old post by Celo (20/10/2007) here.

By Celo

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